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Product Review - Scissors - Evergreen Supply

I know that I will not be able to find these soon - that is the way it works in my house - scissors are here one minute and gone the next - So I took them out of the box as soon as I got them and gave them a try - my husband cut thought 16 sheets of paper without a problem and they are sharp-

They came in a heavy box with the blades in a protective cap. They are heavy and feel well made - they are sharp and easy to use - be careful or you could be missing some skin - that is how shape these scissors are - high carbon steel means nothing to me but they are heavy and expensive feeling - you know when something is well made and heavy it feels pricy - these feel that way and they cut that way also -

We are impressed with these scissors and give them 5 stars - great scissors and now if I can just hide them from everyone else and not forget where I put them - that would be a miracle for sure -

I received this item for an honest review -

Description:  Professional 9-inch High Carbon Stainless Steel Scissors
TIRED OF FIGHTING YOUR SCISSORS? Dull blades? Cramping Hands? Struggling to make your cut? You have found your solution.

At Evergreen Supply we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality product and giving you what you need:

• Premium Industrial Grade Materials - High carbon steel is harder and stronger than the competitions standard stainless

• Razor Edge Retention - Blade stays sharp, even after running through the toughest materials

• Extreme Ergonomically Designed Comfort Grip - No more harsh metal grips. Rubberized handle hugs your hand comfortably for the quick precise cuts you need, without the pain

• Cut-Flat, Slanted Handle - The angled handle allows you to remain flat on the surface for easy, accurate cutting

• All Purpose- From the office to the workshop, for artists to students. From cutting paper, to fabrics, to leather, this is your tool

• Superior Quality & Technology - Built with supreme craftsmanship, these were made to last you a lifetime

Unbeatable Warranty
Evergreen Supply's Professional High Carbon Stainless Steel Scissors will be the LAST pair of scissors you will need.

We stand behind our product and we provide you with a

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you are not completely satisfied!

  • ✔ HEAVY Duty Industrial Grade Materials - High Carbon Stainless Steel - Stronger and harder than the standard stainless steel used in other shears
  • ✔ SUPERIOR Blade Edge Retention - Premium build shears stay razor sharp longer than the competition's scissors
  • ✔ ERGONOMIC Comfort - Black rubberized handle grips your hand for no stress cutting, and for all day comfort
  • ✔ EFFORTLESS Cutting Power - Premium materials and craftsmanship ensure a smooth cut, every time, for years to come
  • ✔ PERFECT Size - 9 inch Shears - Comfortably fits in your office drawer, yet strong enough to cut through the heaviest materials, fabrics & leather

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Book Review - A Spell for Chameleon - Piers Anthony

Title:  A Spell for Chameleon

Author:  Piers Anthony

Review:  Well I read this in college and then re-read it again and I have to say that it just gets funnier every time I read it - the puns hit me differently then they did when I first read the book.  I enjoy this authors writing and the complete series - every book I have read makes me laugh out loud and I keep coming back - 

This is an author that any age would enjoy - I am trying to get my teens to read this series if I can pull them away from the XBOX - this is a great series and I hope you get a chance to read it - Give it a try - I think you will enjoy it - 

Synopsis:  Xanth was the enchanted land where magic ruled--where every citizen had a special spell only he could cast. That is, except for Bink of North Village. He was sure he possessed no magic, and knew that if he didn't find some soon, he would be exiled. According to the Good Magician Humfrey, the charts said that Bink was as powerful as the King or even the Evil Magician Trent. Unfortunately, no one could determine its form. Meanwhile, Bink was in despair. If he didn't find his magic soon, he would be forced to leave....

Mass Market Paperback, 344 pages
Published February 12th 1977 by Del Rey (first published 1976)
Piers Anthony
Author Information:   Though he spent the first four years of his life in England, Piers never returned to live in his country of birth after moving to Spain and immigrated to America at age six. After graduating with a B.A. from Goddard College, he married one of his fellow students and and spent fifteen years in an assortment of professions before he began writing fiction full-time.

Piers is a self-proclaimed environmentalist and lives on a tree farm in Florida with his wife. They have two grown daughters.

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Product Review - Samsung Galaxy S5 Charger Cable

Win One - Comment or email me with why you need this item in your life to win.
Product:  Samsung Galaxy S5 Charger Cable & Samsung Note Charger Cable - Allows for the Fastest Possible File Transfer & Charging Speeds - 3'0" OEM Certified Samsung Micro USB 3.0 Cable. **Lifetime Warranty**
by That Is Just Genius

Review:  A good cord for your Samsung Galaxy S5 - it seemed to charge faster but I always charge at night so not sure about that - I use my phone but not as much as other people so I could go almost 2 days between charges but I always just plug in at night -

A good cable to have for your phone - this is designed for this phone and so it is a great idea to have the cable the phone was made to use - I do not use my phone all the time - I am still getting use to having it and all the things it can do - I need a class - maybe called "What your smartphone can do for you " that would be helpful since I just use the basics and nothing fancy - I think that is why it is always charged - my kids tell me to play games but who has time for that I am sure that all this technology is not just for playing games - I do check my email but prefer a larger screen like the computer screen -

That said the cable is charging my phone - so win win in my opinion -

I am a reviewer and received this item for an honest review.

Description:  The Samsung Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are two of the most advanced mobile devices on the market today, but if you really want to see how impressively they perform, you can't settle for any ordinary Note 3 or Samsung Galaxy S5 charger cable. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 Charger & Samsung Note 3 Charger from That Is Just Genius, you'll be able to use your mobile device sooner and get data transferred at lightning fast speeds.
This Galaxy S5 and Samsung Note 3 USB cable doesn't just say "Genius" on the outside; it features truly genius technology on the inside. An OEM-certified charger, the Samsung Micro USB 3.0 cable allows you to fully benefit from the USB 3.0 capabilities of your device while consuming less power and protecting your Note 3 or Galaxy S5 from damage due to overheating.

With an ordinary Samsung Galaxy S5 car charger, 2.0 Samsung Note 3 cable or 2.0 Samsung Galaxy S5 cable, you have to wait for 6 to 8 hours for your device to go from 0 to 100% battery power. Who has that kind of time? The Genius Technology featured in this Samsung Galaxy S5 charging cable slashes charging time in half, so you're ready to talk, text, surf and more in just to 2 to 3 hours!

Transferring large video files and audio playlists from your computer to your mobile device can take forever with a basic cable, leaving you wondering if it's worth it to sync that data at all. Our Genius Technology gets even huge files from your hard drive to your mobile device in seconds.

Our ingenious cable is backed by an 18-month warranty to fully ensure your satisfaction. You have nothing to lose but charge and transfer wait time!

Use your mobile device to the fullest and experience faster charging and file transfer times than you ever thought possible. Upgrade to this Samsung USB 3.0 Cable by Adding this Note 3 and Samsung S5 charger cable to your cart now!

FULLY CHARGE IN HALF THE TIME - Why be without your phone for longer than necessary? The Samsung Micro USB 3.0 cable is twice as fast as a standard 2.0 USB Samsung Note 3 or Samsung Galaxy S5 cable. Get your phone fully charged in 2 or 3 hours!
GET DATA TRANSFERRED IN SECONDS - With other Samsung Note 3 cable & Samsung Galaxy S5 cable models, it can take minutes to load songs & videos to your phone. Our Genius Fast Sync Technology gets the job done in a fraction of the time
INCREDIBLY VERSATILE SOLUTION - Use as a Samsung Note 3 charger, a Samsung Galaxy S5 charger or a charging cable for any other device with a Micro USB 3.0 connector
SAVE POWER, SAVE YOUR DEVICE - Genius USB 3.0 technology improves charging efficiency to reduce power consumption whenever you use you Samsung Note 3 or Samsung Galaxy S5 charger cable. Plus, the cable helps to protect against overheating, which can shorten the life of your device
GUARANTEED SATISFACTION - With full Samsung OEM certification and a "Lifetime Warranty" warranty, our Samsung Note 3 USB cable & Samsung Galaxy S5 USB cable is guaranteed to provide the absolute best experience

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Product Review - Organic Turmeric Supplement Complex with 95% Curcumoids - The Best Organic Turmeric Supplement - by NativOrganics

Product:  Organic Turmeric Supplement Complex with 95% Curcumoids - The Best Organic Turmeric Supplement on Amazon - 120 Capsules - Organic Turmeric Curcumin and Black Pepper (Bioperine) by NativOrganics
from NativOrganics

Review:  A friend of ours tried this product and this is what she had to say about it -

This is a great anti-inflammatory for you to use - I would always check with a health care professional to be sure this is OK for you - everyone if different and can tolerate things differently - but turmeric had been shown to really cut down on inflammation of the body with they are blaming for everything bad that happens in our health - aging - arthritis - pain - etc - inflammation in bad and this can help cut that down in your body.

These pills are easy to swallow and stay down for me - some pills chock me and seem to keep coming back up- these are simple and the smell is very slight of the spice that fills Indian cuisine -

Give this a try - this is fast acting and with the Curcumin it is absorbed better by your body so that it can actually help you instead of getting peed out as many supplements do - this is for inflammation and pain in your body - it also has other health benefits - it is a strong herb - I believe that all the worlds pains and diseases can be cured by what we have on his Earth so maybe this is for you-

I received this item for an honest review -

Description:  Turmeric Supplement Organic Approved by the USDA! Are you looking for the best Organic Turmeric Curcumin on Amazon?

Your search is over, finally a turmeric supplement organic approved by the USDA! NativOrganics Organic Turmeric Curcumin contains 95% curcuminoids blended with Bioperine to maximize bioavailability for optimal absorption of the active ingredient.

Do you value your health, and in addition to following a healthy lifestyle, you would like a natural boost of antioxidants?

If so, Nativ Organics Turmeric Curcumin is the ideal, all natural, super potent supplement to give yourself a healthy boost! Turmeric Curcumin is naturally derived from turmeric root, and is scientifically proven to deliver significant anti-inflammatory benefits throughout the body, in addition to preventing cognitive decline and improving cardiovascular health.

Trusted Quality

NativOrganics Organic turmeric capsules organic certified by the USDA and produced in a GMP Certified, FDA approved facility in the USA, guarantees NativOrganics Turmeric Curcumin is the safest, purest formulation on the market.

Buy Now

When you click the "Buy Now" button your order will arrive at your door in a few days or less, and your proactive journey to greater well-being will begin.

THE BEST ORGANIC TURMERIC SUPPLEMENT ON AMAZON!- NativOrganics turmeric curcumin supplement is the most potent, certified organic turmeric supplement on the market. Extracted from organic turmeric root for the strongest anti-inflammatory boost in every capsule.
SUPER POTENT AND MAXIMUM BIOAVAILABILITY - Our formula contains 95% curcuminoids for an ultra potent dose of the anti-inflammatory complex, providing up to 500 mg Turmeric in every capsule with Bioperine to maximise absorption of the active ingredient, for the highest bio-available turmeric curcumin in every serving.
UNMATCHED PURITY - Turmeric powder organic certified and produced in the USA in a GMP certified facility, free from artificial colours, fillers, GMOs and soy, for the purest, safest turmeric curcumin supplement money can buy.
ULTRA LONG LASTING SUPPLY - 120 veggie capsules of organic turmeric powder in every bottle, eliminates constant re-ordering. Veggie capsules provide a convenient, easily absorbed, stomach friendly method of absorbing the active ingredient, for the fastest acting turmeric curcumin on the market.
ORDER NOW - Choose the best anti-inflammatory and antioxidant organic turmeric capsules with the NativOrganics guarantee! 120 capsules of our Organic Turmeric Curcumin supplement will be on your doorstep within days after clicking the "Buy Now" button.

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Product Review - Aloe Vera Gel - La Lune Naturals

Product:  Aloe Vera Gel - 12 Oz - 99.75% Organic Aloe Vera Gel made from 100% Pure Natural Certified Organic Aloe Vera Plant - FREE eBook 20 Recipes & Uses - Aloe for Face, Hair, Skin, Sunburn, Acne, Eczema
from La Lune Naturals

Review:  Smells fresh and clean and like the aloe vera I remember as a child - my mom used aloe vera for everything in our house - we had several plants growing in the windows at our home and this was the go to remedy for almost any aliment - psoriasis was an issue with a friend of mine so I gave her this to try and she reported that her skin looks clearer then it has in a long time - her daughter got sunburned and she used this on in and the burn was cut and her daughter was able to sleep through the night and the burn was bad - too much lake fun -

This is great for so many things - This works great as a makeup remover with a nice smell and feel to boot - also works great as a antibacterial gel for your hands and it will not dry them like the traditional gels we use at work and school - this also is a good mouth wash when mixed with water and used sparingly since too much will cure constipation - aloe vera gel is a miracle in a bottle and everyone should have some on hand for all of life's mishaps and burns -

Love it - a great product for everyone - you need this at home for so many things and just in case -

I am a reviewer and received this item for an honest review

Description:   At La Lune Naturals, our entire family of products is dedicated to letting nature nourish your beauty in a pure and natural way.

- 99.75% organic, cold pressed Aloe Vera, grown and bottled here in the USA
- Excellent on skin; a natural and very safe moisturizer, softener. Our Aloe is rich in vitamins A, E, C, and B vitamins which nourish the skin
- Absorbs rapidly, leaving your skin smooth and silky, no oily or sticky residue

Our anti-bacterial aloe vera gel has endless uses, including:

- Sunburns
- Acne and blemishes
- Minor cuts and scratches
- Pesky insect bites
- Razor bumps
- Eczema
- Wrinkles
- Insect bites
- Scratches

We offer a 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee on all of our La Lune Naturals products.

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Product Review - Paw Choice Dry Dog Shampoo

Product:  Dry Dog Shampoo, Waterless, No Rinse Foam Mousse - Best for Bathless Cleaning of Coat and Removing Pet Odor - Mango & Pomegranate Scent, Natural with No Harsh Detergents, Made in USA, 100% Guaranteed
by Paw Choice

Review:  My dog smells great and he is usually so stinky I stay away from him - we can bathe his 2 times a week and he still stinks within a day of the bath - he is a cute tiny little guy who loves to roll in stinky stuff and lick himself with his stinky breathe - but we love him - but he is stinking up the house and we are giving him a bath constantly. Our other dog smells fine and he gets a bath once a month in the summer and not many in the winter -

Well he hurt himself the other week and now wears a cone and his head is not to get wet - yuck for us if he cannot be bathed as often as needed - everyday - so we opened this stuff up and gave it a try - we used it on his whole body and he smells so good - he smell better then when he gets a bath - my stinky dog is smelling nice and fresh - YEAH!!!!!

Love it and will continue to use it on him -

I received this item for an honest review -

Description:   The Fastest and Easiest Way to Clean Your Dog and Remove Odor Without A Messy Bath

- Requires No Water or Rinsing
- Cleans Skin and Coat, Removes Odor
- Fresh Mango and Pomegranate Scent
- Mild, Natural Coconut Derived Formula
- For All Fur Types and Sensitive Skin

A bath isn't always convenient or an option, but our dogs can quickly get dirty and stinky! Paw Choice waterless foam shampoo will get your furry family clean and smelling fresh without the hassle or mess of a bath.

Lots of Different Ways to Use

- Keep Active Dogs Fresh
- Extend Time Between Baths
- Great for Pets That Don't Like Baths
- Use Anytime, Anywhere!

The Paw Choice Difference

- Made in USA
- Premium Natural Ingredients
- A Commitment to Safety
- Veterinarian Formulated
- Super Customer Service

We are so confident in our products, give us a shot and if for any reason at all it's not right for you and your dog, you have 30 days to let us know and we'll give you a refund - no questions asked!

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Product Review - Royal Honey Yohimbe Maca - Royal Honey -

Product:  Royal Honey Yohimbe Maca and other Natural Herbal Aphrodisiacs for Him Made for Mens Health Horny Goat Weed (5 Royal Honey Stimulating Servings)
from Royal Honey

Review:  It worked like it claimed and WOW - a review by one of my reviewers - they stated that: My husband took a vial of this - he said it was sweet like honey and very thick - he swirled water in the vial to get the stuff still sticking to the sides - He swallowed and then waited about 20 minutes - we then retired to the bedroom and one thing lead to another and everything worked like it should and that has not been the case of late - but this time it went off with a BANG!!!!

I am not sure what ingredient did it for him - but it worked and it worked well - it is not something you want to talk about but we are getting older and things are not working as well as they used to work and we have tried a few things to get back to normal - the little blue pill and other items have been attempted with good results - but what a pain to plan ahead all the time - but that is the price of aging I guess -

This worked just like it said it would - we have only used it once and will be using it again to confirm our results - if they are not this good or better I will let you know - Happy for now and pleased that we found something else that works for us - it is a pain to get older - but it is better then the alternative that is for sure.

I am a reviewer and received this item for an honest review.
Description:  DESCRIPTION Restore your Libido and Sex Drive back to the aggressive fervor your once possessed with Honey Bee Hard all natural male sexual enhancer...
Our ancient blend of honey and yohimbe will increase your sexual pleasure and deliver rock hard results when you need them most, every time, time after time...


Become a masculine force of unbridled energy when you take her to the bedroom and show her the real you that she's been wanting for years. Be the man she's wanted, and receive the pleasure you've longed for...
Feel the intense sensation where you want it most, and pass that pleasure back to her again and again and again...

You WILL see the difference in how she reacts to you - the confidence, aura and animalistic desire within your will be that power when you use Honey Bee Hard...
• Honey
• Yohimbee Extract
• Vitamin B

All contained in an easy-to-open vial
After taking this enhancer you WILL have to contain your sex drive and you WILL feel the hardened urge to be sexually active. IF YOU GET AN ERECTION THAT LAST MORE THAN 4 HOURS, consult a doctor. Honey Bee Hard is potent and effective. You and you ALONE are responsible for the decisions you make while using it...

100% GUARANTEED TO IMPROVE YOUR SEX DRIVE OR YOUR MONEY BACK - if you don't think this is the most effective natural aphrodisiac sexual enhancer, simply ask Amazon for a complete and full refund with just one click. Get your money back directly from Amazon - no questions asked.

ADD A BUZZ BACK TO YOUR LIBIDO & ENHANCE YOUR PERSONAL PLEASURE - Feel in your body that raw intensity that has been suppressed inside of you for far too long. Honey Bee Hard is the all natural formula that will increase your pleasure and hers too - get back to those supernatural sensations you once had together. Regain that insatiable appetite of your younger days AND feel it pulsate stronger than you ever have before. Embrace the power of age by unleashing your experience in a complete and utter bedroom fury, making you an unstoppable force that can give her enough, and then so more. All of the raw sexual power you own is buried within you - Bring it out in full force of ecstasy by talking just one sip...

HAVE HER FEEL YOUR DESIRE LIKE SHE USED TO when you start possessing a sexual enhancement she hasn't seen since you first met. Your woman will immediately love and crave the difference in the way you carry yourself knowing that have a ROCK HARD self assurance in your abilities again. Your lust and zeal will explode like you've always imagined - become the leader in your bedroom that women yearn for, the sex candy she wants to taste. Don't just see the bite of her lip as you dive into ecstasy - LIVE IT IMMEDIATELY and see her eat up your every move. Create an electric synergy in the bedroom that she can hop on and embrace fully. Restore HER confidence in YOUR abilities, and be prepared to engulf her like she hasn't felt in years...

HARNESS THE RAW, PROVEN POWER OF ZEUS'S IRON HAMMER - This all-natural honey extract recipe has been used for millennia dating back to the stone sculpted Greek warriors. Use this ancient, proven elixir to enhance your sexual appetite again and attract your woman like you once did. Honey aphrodisiac was prescribed as a sexual stimulant and supplement by Hippocrates, the father of Greek medicine. Feel your senses awaken before you even make your first move and bathe in sexual pleasure as it increases. AND feel the PELVIC RUSH as Yohimbe increases blood flow to the further reaches of your body where you want to feel the MOST PLEASURE, and know that it will last all night again and again, strong and reliable. Trust Honey Bee Hard's yohimbee knowing this PROVEN honey mix is your secret weapon. It's real, it's natural and it works..
RESTORE YOUR LIBIDO AND TAKE BACK YOUR SEX LIFE - You'll have a sex drive that fires up when you consume the first drop. With a simple drink of our special honey blend you'll begin feeling and seeing a change in how your body reacts to your thoughts and desires. NO DRUGS are used in this formula. It's natural and it's safe... STOP SPENDING MONEY on dangerous tablet drugs like original Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and generic medication brands that increase your blood pressure and heart rate. Use a NATURAL choice that has been organic to male sexual health as long as the earth has known... Don't be fooled by fake perfumes, body oils and creams, magic pills and potions, empty capsules, and voodoo candle and chocolate tricks that you know are ineffective. Make the smart choice for your sex life and don't look back..
100% GUARANTEED TO IMPROVE YOUR SEX DRIVE OR YOUR MONEY BACK - If you don't think this is the most effective natural aphrodisiac male sexual enhancer, with the most potency, best taste, and rock hard results available on Amazon, simply ask Amazon for a complete and full refund with just one click. Get your money back directly from Amazon - no questions asked. We use Honey Bee Hard ourselves and swear by it; we want you to swear by it too. MADE & TESTED IN THE USA. Unleash the potent sexual power still within you TODAY - CLICK Add to Cart NOW...

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Book Review - The Art of Ruining a Rale - Emma Locke


Title:  The Art of Ruining a Rake

Author:  Emma Locke

Review:  This is a historical romance with a twist to the plot. Miss Lucy Lancester is a lady on a mission. She has been compromised previously by Roman Alexander, Lord Montborne whom she has known from childhood. The story begins with him compromising her for a second time and causes her to lose her position running a school for young ladies. While she loves him deeply she feels that he does not love her. After all he is a rake known for his many conquests. She is very much afraid to commit to him as she is very green eyed. He is impoverished and unknown to her his pockets are for rent, to rich females, of the ton, who have kept him in the style he desires. Will they both able to overcome their mutual fears and achieve mutual happiness and fulfillment? After much soul searching and anguish by both parties an answer is found.

This is the first book I have read by this author and I liked the story and the manner in which it was told. It did not follow the normal path of the historical romance and made a pleasant change.

I gave this book a four star rating.

I received this book from Netgalley for my unbiased review.

Thanks Frank for this review/

Synopsis:   HE WANTS HER...
Practiced rake Roman Alexander never meant to seduce his best friend's sister. He certainly never intends to do it again. The handsome scoundrel has never felt more compelled to be a better man. But the damage has been done, for his buttoned-up spinster refuses to marry a bounder like him—and maddeningly, she doesn't seem to like him. Nevertheless, he can't seem to forget her, or her passionate response to his kisses. How much danger could there be in one more try?

Practical headmistress Lucy Lancester naively believes her charming rogue has moved on to his next conquest, leaving her free to cherish their one night together for the rest of her bluestocking days. Until the afternoon he arrives at her school intent on proving their one night together wasn't enough—and this time, the scandal can't be contained. Well, two can play at that. How hard can it be to ruin a rake?

Paperback, 325 pages
Published July 21st 2015 by Intrepid Reads
Emma Locke
Author Information:  Emma Locke is a writer and engineer living in the Pacific Northwest, where she loves hiking with her dog, hot yoga and riding out the annual 330 days of rain. Hiking and yoga give her time to plot, the lack of sun makes for perfect writing weather, and as for her day job, the dichotomy seems to work: her analytic side ensures her passionate, satisfying love stories don't mulch under her bed, and her author side forces her to keep writing more. You can Like Emma on Facebook at or check out her books and appearances at

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Product Review - Advanced Age-Defying Face Cream By Anaiti

Review:   A good anti-aging cream that will keep your face hydrated all day and feeling smooth and soft - It had me at "age-defying."  I have used a lot of these types of creams. What I like about this one is that it keeps my face hydrated all day. I didn't feel like it wore off. It also made my skin feel very smooth, which is a plus. I would buy this.

The list of ingredients is impressive and needed to help with aging skin - which by the way all of you will have someday even if you don't think so at this point - everyone ages even the best of us!!  Be prepared - start taking care of your skin now - sun screen is a must for everyone out there - 

Every product I have used with Matrixyl I love - it feels good it looks great - this has that ingredient - this is guaranteed so give it a try and be amazed how good you can look even with the aging you are going through which sucks - 

I had to get glasses this week - I feel like my body is revolting and I have taken good care of it all these years - along with sun block and good skin care regime - OH well give this a try I think you will thanks me - 

I am a reviewer and received this item for an honest review.


- Noticing new lines/wrinkles, or a loss of firmness?
- Not ready for costly, painful solutions but wanting powerful results?


A one-stop shop for addressing the inevitable signs of aging. Easily applied at home, it works deep into the skin's layers boosting your natural 'protect & repair' functions.


It's not just an anti-wrinkle cream but the most complete single skin care product and at-home alternative to cosmetic injections.

* HYALURONIC ACID - this 'Fountain of Youth' is a phenomenal moisturizer, holding 1000 times its weight in water

* RENOVAGE - can lessen pigmentation by 56% after 6 months, with skin becoming 35% firmer in 30 days.

* MATRIXYL - stimulates fibroblasts to keep your skin smooth and reduces wrinkle depth by 68%.

Research shows our blend of patented skinceutical ingredients can improve the look of aging skin. Our customers love Anaiti!

** Imagine a younger looking YOU **


These select ingredients have been clinically tested to yield visible results.


- Increased skin hydration/elasticity
- Less pigmentation/skin redness/visible wrinkles
- Smaller pores


We stand by our Advanced Age-Defying Face Cream's quality, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!


Click the 'Add To Cart' button now - your skin will thank you.

IMPORTANT: We apologize in advance if this item is Temporarily Out of Stock due to High Demand.

SAVING YOU TIME, EFFORT & MONEY our all-in-one anti-aging cream targets the visible signs of aging through its comprehensive formulation of active ingredients. A less painful and more economical solution than facial injections.
OUR STATE-OF-THE-ART FORMULA, USING NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS, uses advanced techniques to increase the skin's hydration and moisture balance. Containing HYALURONIC ACID, MATRIXYL and RENOVAGE this anti-aging trio works at a cellular level.
CHOOSE QUICK RESULTS: Customers report results within weeks. We have used years of research and a unique combination of fast-acting ingredients to develop a formula that rivals similar alternatives. Overall skin health is improved.
CHOOSE HEALTH: Made in certified facilities in Canada - cruelty-free, non-toxic and paraben-free. Using naturally-derived ingredients, this is a light, oil-free & highly absorbent face cream. It suits those who prefer naturally-derived and certified cosmetic products.
RISK FREE SHOPPING: Backed by a No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee. Buy with confidence as a gift to yourself or for someone you care about.

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Product Review - Travelsafer - Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Product:  Travelsafer Digital Tire Pressure Gauge-Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, and Bicycles-4 Ranges: Psi, Bar, Kg/cm2, and Kpa. Illuminated Nozzle, Easy-to-read LCD Display. Feel Safe & Secure on the Road
by TravelSafer

Review:  Works well accurate and easy to read - so much better then a manual one that I have in my glove compartment - this is better and accurate so you do not over or under will the tires - I use this in my car and with my kids bikes so that I know how much air is in the tires and not give them too much or too little -

It illuminates so that you can read it anywhere at anytime of the day or night - year because the tire pressure alert only seems to go off at night around here and I do not need to get my phones flashlight out to read the gauge- yeah!!!! You are going to love that about this gauge -

It turns its self off and so it saves battery power and the best part is that it is ready out of the box to use - it has batteries already installed and you can use it as soon as you open the package - a great item for every tire owner -

Great gift for the new driver in your life - Gift idea!!!!

I am a reviewer and I received this item for an honest review.

Description:   Experts recommend checking your vehicle's tire pressure every month to ensure a safe, comfortable ride and maximum fuel efficiency. But if you've ever struggled with awkward, difficult-to-read tire pressure gauges at your local gas station then you know what a hassle that can be.
Now, thanks to the TravelSafer digital tire gauge, you can quickly and easily check your vehicle's tire pressure from the comfort of your own garage or driveway - any time day or night!
Key Features & Benefits:
• Illuminated tire nozzle and LCD display screen - No more fumbling in the dark with awkward, hard-to-read analog tire gauges!

• Switch between four measuring ranges at the press of a button - Instantly receive an accurate tire pressure reading in psi, bar, kg/cm2, and kpa all at the press of a button!

• Ready to use right out of the box - Includes a 3 volt lithium battery and a built-in "auto shut off" feature to conserve battery life.

• Compact but sturdy design - We've created a digital tire gauge that is compact enough to easily fit into your glove box or backpack, but sturdy enough that you'll be able to depend on it for the long haul!

• Backed by an airtight 100% Satisfaction Guarantee That's how confident we are in the quality of the TravelSafer digital tire gauge.

Grab Yours Today Completely RISK FREE!

Why worry about your vehicle's tire pressure when you don't have to? Order your TravelSafer digital tire gauge today completely risk free and enjoy the safety and peace-of-mind you deserve while out on the road.

Your purchase is backed by a lifetime guarantee so you risk absolutely nothing when you order your TravelSafer digital tire gauge right now.

DRIVE SAFE ANY TIME DAY OR NIGHT -Easy application with the illuminated nozzle and LCD screen

ACCURATE READINGS EVERY TIME -No need to struggle with awkward gas station gauges

SAVE MONEY & IMPROVE PERFORMANCE -Improve fuel efficiency & road handling, and extend tire life

EASY TO USE -Compact and light to use with one hand and easily fits into a glove box or backpack

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE offered for your TravelSafer Digital Tire Gauge purchase

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Product Review - Fusion 4K High Speed HDMI Cable - Fusion 4K

Product:  Fusion4K High Speed 4K HDMI cable - Professional Series Ultra HD (3 Feet)

Review:  Great product for the money - it is braided and not just rubber which I have seen on other cables like this cable - plugged this into my TV and the picture improved it was a nice improvement - being only 3 feet also works well for keeping the cables from taking over the back of the TV -

Anti tangle so that you keep the cables straight when you need to know which is which - I hate that and this cable is easy to distinguish from other cables behind the TV - the cable fits snug and stays where you put it -

A great cable and a great value for the money 5 stars all the way -

I received this item for an honest review.

Description:  Professional Series Fusion4K HDMI cable (3 Foot) 

● 4K and 2K Resolution Support: enables video resolutions far beyond 1080p, up to 3840x2160 and 480 Hz, giving ultimate video enjoyment. 
● Bandwidth up to 18 Gbps, 32 audio channels, and up to 4 times the clarity of 1080p video. 
● Ultra 3D Over HDMI: defines input and output protocols for major 3D video formats, paving the way for 3D home theater. 
● Audio Return Channel: allows HDTVs with a built-in tuner to send audio upstream to surround sound audio receiver. 
● HDMI Ethernet Channel: adds data to the HDMI cable enabling high-speed bi-directional network communication. 
● Deepest Color Space: expanded 48-bit color that supports x.v.Color, sYCC601, and Adobe RGB. 
● Oxygen Free Copper: 99.9 % pure copper ensures maximum signal transfer and data bandwidth. 
● 24-Karat Gold Plated Connectors: Superior transfer rates and lifetime corrosion protection. 
● 1 year replacement warranty.

  • 4K ULTRA HD RESOLUTION (3840x2160) provides maximum data throughput to work perfectly with new 4k ultra HD televisions.
  • 18 Gbps ULTIMATE HIGH SPEED RATED providing enough bandwidth for the highest quality 4k ultra HD video & audio
  • CONNECTS 4K BLU-RAY PLAYERS, SMART 3D, MEDIA PC, Apple TV, PS4, PS3, XBox one, Xbox 360, Roku, computers and other HDMI-enabled devices to 4k TVs & displays, Ultra HD A/V receivers and more
  • HDMI 2.0 SUPPORTED which increases bandwidth and is 4k and Ultra HD compatible.
  • ULTRA 3D COMBINED WITH 32 AUDIO CHANNELS makes every sound come to life in a dramatic way.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Book Review - A Lesson in Murder - Matthew Costello and Neil Richards

Title:  Cherringham A Lesson in Murder 
Author:  Matthew Costello and Neil Richards

Review:  This is a short novel that can be read in 1 hour easily. It is well written and made one feel that they were actually at the private girls school in Cherringham England. The main characters are Jack Brennan, a former NYPD homicide detective and Sarah Edwards, web designer whose husband has left her and their two children. They have established a ad hoc private investigations business in the small town of Cherringham and do investigations that their customers want to keep quite. This story dealt with a several incidents that cumulated in the death of a teacher at the school. The ending came together very well although they did not exactly explain how they arrived at their conclusions.

I enjoyed the story immensely and gave it a four star rating. The characters worked well together and could easily be adapted to a television series which the british do so well.

I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley for my unbiased review.

Thanks Frank for this review - 

Synopsis:  When Jack and Sarah are called in to investigate mysterious pranks at an exclusive girls' private school, it seems at first that it might be the work of a few mean pupils with a grudge. But things quickly turn serious when a popular teacher meets a sudden, violent death. Now, with murder in the air, Jack and Sarah have their own lessons to learn about the Cherringham Girls School, its dark secrets... and who wanted that teacher dead before they learned the truth. 

-- Cherringham is serial novel à la Charles Dickens, with a new mystery thriller released each month. Set in the sleepy English village of Cherringham, the detective series brings together an unlikely sleuthing duo: English web designer Sarah and American ex-cop Jack. Thrilling and deadly - but with a spot of tea - it's like Rosamunde Pilcher meets Inspector Barnaby. Each of the self-contained episodes is a quick read for the morning commute, while waiting for the doctor, or when curling up with a hot cuppa. 

-- For fans of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple series, Lilian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who series, Caroline Graham's Midsomer Murders, and the American TV series Murder She Wrote, starring Angela Lansbury. 

-- Co-authors Neil Richards (based in the UK) and Matthew Costello (based in the US), are known for their script work on major computer games. The Cherringham crime series is their first fictional transatlantic collaboration. 

Kindle Edition, 103 pages
Published March 9th 2015 by Bastei Entertainment
Neil Richards
Author Information:  Neil Richards has worked as a producer and writer in TV and film, creating scripts for BBC, Disney, and Channel 4, and earning numerous Bafta nominations along the way. 

He's also written script and story for over 20 video games including The Da Vinci Code and Starship Titanic, co-written with Douglas Adams, and consults around the world on digital storytelling.

His writing partnership with NYC-based Matt Costello goes back to the late 90's and the two have written many hours of TV together. Cherringham the series is their first crime fiction as co-writers. 

An American and an Englishman writing crime stories with an American and an English hero - what took us so long?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Product Review - KUUK - Drum Grater

Product:  Kuuk Drum Grater for Cheese, Hash Browns, Coleslaw, Nuts, Salads, Chocolate and more
by Kuuk

Review:  Super Easy to use - just pop in the blade size you want - it comes with 2 sizes one for larger pieces and one for smaller pieces - just put the blade in the grater and be sure it is connected and turns when you turn the handle - it is really that easy - put the food item to grate in the hopper and push it down with the green plunger - finger protector - easy peasy lemon squeezy -

Easy to clean and you will not grate your finger tips or knuckles - I don't care how careful you try to be I am always grating my fingers when I use a straight grater - this is so much better -

 I am an blogger and received this item for an honest review,

Description:   Sick of grating for hours on end with a that old square grater? The Kuuk drum grater is an easy-to-use alternative that allows you to grate all manner of ingredients quickly and without hassle. Take your cooking to the next level-no extra effort required!
Fast and easy-grate in seconds!
Place the Kuuk hand rotary grater on a flat surface, lock the lever, and insert the circular blade. Then place your piece of food in the chute, press down, turn the handle and you will have fresh, finely grated produce ready for you, your family, or your guests to enjoy.
Two blades allow for many cooking options
Grate thin, fine cheese for pasta with the fine grater, or grate larger, thicker pieces to fill tacos with the grove grater. Both drums are easily interchangeable and feature razor-sharp, stainless steel rotary blades. Create thin strips of grated beets for a salad, and then grate thicker onion for use in the main dish. Whether its thick or thin grating you want, this hand drum grater has got you covered.
Simply turn handle to grate
Tired of endlessly grating on the old square grater? It can be time consuming to grate large amounts of produce-especially hard items like nuts or parmesan cheese and especially for large families or big groups of people. The Kuuk drum grater allows you to easily grate as much ingredient as you want-even for the whole family or large parties of guests.
Not limited to just cheese-grate anything you want!
Sure, this drum grater can help you grate as much cheese as you want in a short period of time. But it can also grate beets, carrots, onions, nuts and more! Whether it's the ingredients for a salad or the topping on your latest dish, rest assured you can create it easily with this wonderful kitchen appliance.

  • Grate cheese, vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, nuts, onions and more with this hand-powered rotary grater. Great for hash browns and grating for coleslaw.
  • Simple hand crank turns drum and creates perfectly grated ingredients
  • Includes 2 easily interchangeable drums for different cooking options
  • Suction base ensures solid grip and stability on flat surface
  • Drums are equipped with razor-sharp, stainless steel rotary blades

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Product Review - Stylus Pen - Signature Touch 6-in-1 Combo Versatile Universal Stylus Pen - SILVER by Rebelite

Review:  2 rulers make this a 7 in 1 pen that you see advertized everywhere and my son cannot stop talking about - he loves gadgets and this is one he has wanted to own for at least a year - he has shown me video after video on these pens and this one has everything those on the videos have - 

1. Stylus 
2. Flat head screwdriver
3. Phillips head screwdriver
4. level
5. ruler in metric
6. ruler imperial
7. pen at the end 

A great idea for anyone on your gift giving list - this will bring a smile to everyones face - such a fun item to have and to use for small electronics that have small screws that need to be removed for battery changes - they are difficult to find but here is one that will work great so give it a try - buy one for you and one for someone you know wants one - 2 of my sons love this item so I will need to get another really soon.  At $7.99 it is a good value for your gift giving list - 

I am a reviewer and received this item for an honest review.

Description:  ONE TOOL, SO MANY USES Stylus pen combo includes a ballpoint pen, a flathead screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a level and a 4" ruler!

READY TO TRAVEL There are no loose pieces or heads to carry with you! Everything is packaged into one stylus pen

USE WITH ANY DEVICE Universal stylus pen can be used with iPads, Surface and Nexus tablets and all smartphones. PERFECT FOR IT PROFESSIONALS Use these stylus pens for tablets & smartphones and have all the tools needed for repairs within easy reach

DURABLE & EASY TO USE Ergonomic shape makes the stylus pen for touch screens comfortable to grip; Heavy-duty aluminum can stand up to wear and tear with ease

Manufacturer Guarantee for 365 days [1 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY]. Shop with confidence. No hassle returns & refunds

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Product Review - U.S. Art Supply 9" x 12" Premium Manga-Marker Paper Pad, 60 Pound (100gsm), Pad of 24-Sheets byUs Art Supply

Review:  This is shiny paper that will not bleed through - my daughter used this paper with Sharpies that bleed through normal paper every time she uses them - this paper will not bleed through.  24 pages in the pad and since it is made for markers it should be great with other types of markers also - the video shows the bleed through on regular paper - 

Great pad of paper that anyone who loves to draw - sketch - doodle - zentangle would love to have - nice size and heavy weight paper for all projects - this pad works great on a easel and is fun to work with.  Works great with Sharpies - my daughter loves to draw and doodle with Sharpies so this is the perfect paper for her to use - -

With paper that doesn't bleep through you can use both sides of the paper for separate drawing with no worried of ruining either pitures.

I am a reviewer and received this item for an honest review,

Description:  9 in. x 12 in. (22.9cm x 30.5cm)
  • Acid Free, Neutral pH, Natural White Sheets, Ideal for Sketching and Mixed Dry Media
  • Marking Pen Paper with a Smooth Uniform Surface that is Virtually Bleedproof
  • Ideal paper for Drawing with Ink Pens, Water and Permanent Markers & All Pencils

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Book Review - Broslin Creek Boxed Set (Books 1-3) Kindle Edition by Dana Marton

Title:  Broslin Creek Boxed Set (Books 1-3) Kindle Edition

Review:  Well I bought these for my vacation trip - and I enjoyed them all - the writing reminds me of Linda Howard - who I miss reading since we have not heard from her in awhile -

Fast moving and a good mystery - the books kept me turning the page and reading late into the night - I bought the 1st book - read this and then ordered the set 1-3 books - and read them in 3 days - romance - suspense and a good story for all 3 books - the characters reappear in the books from the 1st and that was fun to read about.

If you enjoy suspenseful - romance - this is for you - I purchased these on Amazon for my Kindle - for only 99 cents at the time I bought these 3 books - so a really great deal - I am waiting for the other books to go on sale so I can read the rest - I am not on another vacation for a bit so it is OK to wait even though  I would like to read them right now!!!

Good books - some sex - some violence - loads of longing looks and sexy kisses.

4 stars for the set -

Synopsis:  -3 bestselling romantic suspense novels ON SALE for a limited time from USA Today bestselling author, Dana Marton.--

Book 1: Deathwatch


The only person who can identify the most notorious hit man in the country, Kate Bridges is running for her life. Murphy Dolan is in the Army Reserves, returning from his 2nd tour of duty, only to find a stranger hiding in his house. She's scared spitless. He's completely burned-out on violence. Neither of them has any trust left to give.

Book 2: Deathscape


After a near-death experience, artist Ashley Price is compelled to paint visions of the dead, and fears she's gone crazy. Then she paints a man buried alive and, recognizing the surroundings, she rushes to save him.

Instead of being grateful to her for rescuing him, Detective Jack Sullivan accuses her of being in league with a serial killer. He swears he will put her behind bars. Except, the more time he spends with her, the more he falls under her spell. Can he trust her, or is he walking into another deadly trap?

Book 3: Deathtrap


She'd been "the sick girl" for most of her life. She refused to go straight to "the weird girl". Heart-transplant recipient Sophie Curtis has been in her own antiseptic bubble for so long, she just might not be able to venture out into the real world again. Her spooky body memories are scary enough, but then she finds herself in the cross hairs of a killer.

"Love was blind, people said. But lust was blind, deaf and reckless." Ethan Bing hadn't been a great romantic before he became a cop. Whatever shred of optimism he had left after becoming Broslin Chief of Police had been seared out of him by the unsolved murder of his wife two years before. A new case brings the killer within reach just as Sophie pops into his life. She gets through his defenses like no other before, but soon it becomes clear that she's been selected as the killer's next victim.
Kindle Edition538 pages
Published November 13th 2013 by Dana Marton

Author Information:  Dana Marton writes fast-paced action-adventure romances that take her readers all over the globe. She is a Rita Award finalist and the winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence. She loves writing stories of intrigue, filled with dangerous plots that try her tough-as-nails heroes and the special women they fall in love with. Her books have been published in seven languages in eleven countries around the world. 

Disclaimer for all reviews sent by the publisher, publicist or author for review.