Monday, November 30, 2020

Book Review: Dark Highway (Jessica Shaw #3) by Lisa Gray


Title: Dark Highway (Jessica Shaw #3) 

Author: Lisa Gray

Stars: 4 stars


Dark Highway would have gotten 5 stars but the authors style of writing or choice of writing from so many different points of view will have readers trying to remember what happened or read the same scene over again with a "Different point of view." Really its the same story and nothing much was added to the story.  The flash backs sometimes helped move the story forward but most of the time just stalled out the movement of the story.

Readers will enjoy the lead characters and be able to enjoy the read. 

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of Lisa Gray Dark Highway.


LA-based artist Laurie Simmonds disappeared two months ago, her campervan abandoned on the isolated Twentynine Palms Highway, miles from anything—or anyone. With the police investigation stalled, her parents put all their faith in private investigator Jessica Shaw to find out the truth of what happened.

Jessica and her partner Matt Connor discover that two other women are missing, their disappearances connected to the same highway. When a link emerges between these women and a group of former college friends, Jessica feels certain they’re closing in on their target.

But no sooner do they follow this up than Laurie’s parents get spooked and drop the case. Jessica is blindsided but determined not to give up: three women are missing, and many more may be at risk. She can’t turn her back on them. But the more she pulls at the threads of the truth, the closer she comes to danger. Can she find out who’s behind these crimes before they come for her?

Kindle Edition318 pages
Published November 19th 2020 by Thomas & Mercer

About The Author:

Lisa Gray is a writer and journalist, and the author of the PI Jessica Shaw thriller series.

She decided at a young age that she wanted to write features for magazines and somehow ended up working as a football journalist for 14 years instead.

After too many winters spent freezing at matches and worrying about dodgy wi-fi connections, Lisa gave up football to work as a content writer at a national newspaper, where she had a spell as their books columnist.

An avid reader, she was hooked on Sweet Valley High and Point Horror books as a youngster, before turning to crime. Her favorite authors include Michael Connelly, Lee Child and Karin Slaughter.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Book Review: The Awakening (The Dragon Heart Legacy #1) by Nora Roberts


Title: The Awakening (The Dragon Heart Legacy #1) 

Author: Nora Roberts 

Stars: 4


Nora Roberts is able to bring readers into her new world of supernatural discovery. Breen is the female lead which the story revolves around and her new found discovery.  Readers struggle along with her in her journey that she isn't sure is real at times.

Keegan the male lead is a little hard to like due to his strong desire to protect everyone pushing the unknown Breen away.  

There are many different side characters that will bring readers into this amazing story and world demanding the next book in the series from this author.

If readers have never been interested in the supernatural/Paranormal this series will change their minds.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of Nora Roberts The Awakening.


When Breen Kelly was a girl, her father would tell her stories of magical places. Now she’s an anxious twentysomething mired in student debt and working a job she hates. But one day she stumbles upon a shocking discovery: her mother has been hiding an investment account in her name. It has been funded by her long-lost father—and it’s worth nearly four million dollars.

This newfound fortune would be life-changing for anyone. But little does Breen know that when she uses some of the money to journey to Ireland, it will unlock mysteries she couldn’t have imagined. Here, she will begin to understand why she kept seeing that silver-haired, elusive man, why she imagined his voice in her head saying Come home, Breen Siobhan. It’s time you came home. Why she dreamed of dragons. And where her true destiny lies—through a portal in Galway that takes her to a land of faeries and mermaids, to a man named Keegan, and to the courage in her own heart that will guide her through a powerful, dangerous destiny

Hardcover448 pages
Expected publication: November 24th 2020 by St. Martin's Press

About The Author:

Nora Roberts is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than 200 novels, including Hideaway, Under Currents, Come Sundown and coming in November 2020 -- The Awakening -- the first book in The Dragon Heart Legacy. She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D. Robb. There are more than 500 million copies of her books in print. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Book Review: Custom Built (Fast & Fury #1) by Chantal Fernando

 Title: Custom Built (Fast & Fury #1) 

Author: Chantal Fernando

Stars: 1 1\2  stars


The beginning of the book starts of well and soon falls apart into a mess. The story is completely a disconnected with the loss of individual characters are we suppose to care about but are never given a chance to.  Towards the end of the book it skips time by months and years which gives a lack of cohesion to to complete the story.  Bronte is an odd duck that readers could enjoy if the author had a better editor.  The characters are flat and boning at best.  Yet the characters are a in a biker gang which you would think would have a element of action or even suspense.

This story made absolutely no since with its lack of direct, flat characters, zero drive as to why or the reason why the characters are on the pages.  The writing could use another once over with an editor to fix mistakes that cause the story to slow down or well at times make zero since.

Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher of the advance copy of Chantal Fernando Custom Built.


After losing her job, saying goodbye to a lifelong dream and having an all-around cruddy year, Bronte Pierce needs a break. A job at Fast & Fury might be just the thing to reset her life, even though she knows nothing about custom motorcycles. But taking a job isn’t the same as keeping it, and her fresh start quickly turns into a fresh nightmare.

Starting with her boss. Crow is hardheaded, stubborn and brutally honest. He may be easy on the eyes, but he runs with an MC and he’s anything but friendly to Bronte. She suspects he has a softer side—just not for her.

Her whole life, Bronte has known that the only person she can truly count on to save the day is herself. But when a single murder turns into a conspiracy and the threat to her life is more than she can handle alone, it’s Crow who comes through—and her newfound family might just become her greatest strength.

Published November 23rd 2020 by Carina Press

About The Author:

New York Times, Amazon & USA Today Bestselling Author Chantal Fernando is thirty years old and lives in Western Australia.

Lover of all things romance, Chantal is the author of the best selling books Dragon's Lair, Maybe This Time and many more.

When not reading, writing or daydreaming she can be found enjoying life with her three sons and family.

Book Review: Wolf Untamed (SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #11) by Paige Tyler


Title: Wolf Untamed (SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #11) 

Author: Paige Tyler

Stars: 4


I have to admit that I like Paige Tyler's take on Werewolves.  She is able to bring a believable side to the supernatural world. The author explains the difference between the wolf packs and bring readers up to date in the world some are just starting to read and other will love the story that continues. 

The mothers reactions and love for her son is naturally written.  

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of Paige Tyler Wolf Untamed.


SWAT werewolf Diego Martinez has always had a protective side, so when he meets a newly turned teenage werewolf, and the kid's intriguing mother, he readily offers to help Brandon learn what it means to be a werewolf. He also readily falls for for Brandon's mother, Bree, and the attraction is mutual.

But as SWAT's biggest case starts to converge with Bree's family, Diego and Bree find themselves in danger they could never have imagined. It'll take everything they've got to discover the truth and keep each other safe.

Paperback320 pages
Expected publication: November 24th 2020 by Sourcebooks Casablanca

About The Author:

Paige Tyler is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy, romantic suspense and paranormal romance. She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby (also known as their dog). Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kick-butt heroines who fall in love with them.

Represented by Courtney Miller-Callihan of Handspun Literary

Book Review: A Broken Bone (Widow's Island #6) by Melinda Leigh


Title: A Broken Bone (Widow's Island #6) 

Author: Melinda Leigh 

Stars: 4 1\2


Melinda Leigh is a talented author with a gift of story telling in this short novella series. Each story builds on the next so if you missed one in the series you will be completely lost.  

The story is quick pace and a whirlwind story that readers will be able to enjoy in a afternoon. 

The characters will come to life and readers will fall in love with each one.  Even the island plays a character in the books.

Thank you to Netgalley for the advance copy of Melinda Leigh A Broken Bone.


On Widow’s Island, the secrets are dark…and everybody has one. So when Deputy Tessa Black responds to a call about an explosion in a quiet neighborhood, she gets more than she bargained for: the body of a teen who went missing weeks ago.

Until recently, Gavin was living in a reputable foster home. But now that he is found dead—Tessa can’t help but wonder if sinister forces are at play. Who would want to hurt him, and why?

With the help of her partner, Park Ranger Logan Wilde, Tessa tries desperately to decipher what happened to Gavin before another life is cut short. Someone on Widow’s Island knows the explosive truth. Will Tessa find the answers she needs before someone else turns up dead?

Kindle Edition90 pages
Published November 3rd 2020 by Montlake

About The Author: 

 Melinda Leigh is a fully recovered banker who learned that writing books is way more fun than analyzing financial statements.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Book Review: The Mutant Project: Inside the Global Race to Genetically Modify Humans by Eben Kirksey

 The Mutant Project: Inside the Global Race to Genetically Modify Humans

Title:  The Mutant Project: Inside the Global Race to Genetically Modify Humans

Author: Eben Kirksey 

Stars: 5


The Mutant Project bring readers into the real work of genetic research and the questions that need to be asked before we try and even more detail gene editing in the world. What would a perfect human be? Well it before everyone who only the wealthy nations to choose who is deserving of the research and science. 

As a teen many of have read the book Brave New World and if that book taught us anything at all is that no matter the "protection of information" it will never be as peaceful or perfect as people will hope for.

The author looks at all sides of the debate the pros and cons as well as the many different political, financial, religious aspects of  gene editing. 

The author is able to bring readers to find their own decision though the research that has been done.

This book is for science nerds to stay at home moms because some day this will effect everyone.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of Eben Kirksey The Mutant Project 


At a conference in Hong Kong in November 2018, Dr. He Jiankui announced that he had created the first genetically modified babies—twin girls named Lulu and Nana—sending shockwaves around the world. A year later, a Chinese court sentenced Dr. He to three years in prison for "illegal medical practice."

As scientists elsewhere start to catch up with China’s vast genetic research program, gene editing is fueling an innovation economy that threatens to widen racial and economic inequality. Fundamental questions about science, health, and social justice are at stake: Who gets access to gene editing technologies? As countries loosen regulations around the globe, from the U.S. to Indonesia, can we shape research agendas to promote an ethical and fair society?

Eben Kirksey takes us on a groundbreaking journey to meet the key scientists, lobbyists, and entrepreneurs who are bringing cutting-edge genetic engineering tools like CRISPR to your local clinic. He also ventures beyond the scientific echo chamber, talking to disabled scholars, doctors, hackers, chronically-ill patients, and activists who have alternative visions of a genetically modified future for humanity.

The Mutant Project empowers us to ask the right questions, uncover the truth, and navigate this brave new world.

ebook288 pages
Expected publication: November 10th 2020 by St. Martin's Press

About The Author:

EBEN KIRKSEY is an American anthropologist and Member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. He has been published in Wired, The Atlantic, The Guardian and The Sunday Times. He is sought out as an expert on science in society by the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Democracy Now, Time and the BBC, among other media outlets. He speaks widely at the world’s leading academic institutions including Oxford, Yale, Columbia, UCLA, and the International Summit of Human Genome Editing, plus music festivals, art exhibits, and community events. Professor Kirksey holds a long-term position at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Book Review: Murder in Old Bombay by Nev March

 Title: Murder in Old Bombay

Author: Nev March 

Stars: 4.5


I always enjoy reading books, historical or otherwise, that are located in an area I have visited. This book is no exception as it takes me back to a beautiful area during the day of the British empire. The death of two wealthy young Indian ladies fails to be resolved by the British authorities and justice is not seen to be done. A recently retired Indian Captain, of the British Army, is hired by the husband of one of the ladies to investigate for a period of 6 months. As he begins to investigate a series of events unfolds which puts him on the right track to find the killer(s). The story is masterfully told and the descriptions, of both the locations and people, are vivid and believable. It makes you feel you, the reader, are there on the hunt for justice. The ending is both happy and sad at the same time. I will leave it to you to decide which is the one you feel.

I have rated this book 4.5 stars and recommend it to anyone who enjoys both mysteries and romance stories.

I was provided an electronic Advance Readers Copy (ARC) by Netgalley for my unbiased review. The above review is my honest review and is not influenced in any way.


In 1892, Bombay is the center of British India. Nearby, Captain Jim Agnihotri lies in Poona military hospital recovering from a skirmish on the wild northern frontier, with little to do but re-read the tales of his idol, Sherlock Holmes, and browse the daily papers. The case that catches Captain Jim's attention is being called the crime of the century: Two women fell from the busy university’s clock tower in broad daylight. Moved by Adi, the widower of one of the victims — his certainty that his wife and sister did not commit suicide — Captain Jim approaches the Parsee family and is hired to investigate what happened that terrible afternoon.

But in a land of divided loyalties, asking questions is dangerous. Captain Jim's investigation disturbs the shadows that seem to follow the Framji family and triggers an ominous chain of events. And when lively Lady Diana Framji joins the hunt for her sisters’ attackers, Captain Jim’s heart isn’t safe, either.

Based on a true story, and set against the vibrant backdrop of colonial India, Nev March's Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award-winning lyrical debut, Murder in Old Bombay, brings this tumultuous historical age to life.

Hardcover400 pages
Expected publication: November 10th 2020 by Minotaur Books

About The Author:

Leaving a long career in business analysis in 2015 she returned to her passion, writing fiction. She is a member of MWA, the Hunterdon County Library Write-Group and volunteers with non-profit organizations.

A Parsee Zoroastrian herself, Nev lives with her husband and two sons in New Jersey. Murder in Old Bombay is her debut novel.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Book Review: They're Gone by E.A. Barres


Title: They're Gone

Author:  E.A. Barres 

Stars: 3 1\2


They're Gone starts off quickly pulling readers in with lots of different characters with different backgrounds that will make for a interesting read until a little over halfway through the story things change.  Leaving readers wondering if they are reading the same book? The twist wasn't WOW its was more head scratching and what the purpose of the twist.

The more "Twist" the more the story puzzle pieces didn't fit together. Somewhere so left field leaving this review and reader confused as to why. If the author was looking for reaction from readers the one "BIG" reveal or twist didn't work and will leave readers wondering this books was written in parts and pulled apart and put back together.

Thank you to Netgalley for the advance copy of E.A. Barres They're Gone


Two men from vastly different backgrounds are murdered one after another on the same night, in the same fashion with two bullet wounds: one in the head, another in the heart. The two slayings sends their wives on a desperate search for answers--and a desperate attempt to save their families' lives.

Grief takes a heavy toll on northern Virginia freelance editor Deb Linh Thomas when she learns of her husband's murder. And utter dismay sets in when, just a week after the funeral, she discovers that he had been the subject of an FBI investigation after withdrawing a large sum of money from their shared accounts.

Elsewhere, Baltimore bartender Cessy Castillo is less bereft when her abusive husband, ex-cop Hector Ramirez, is killed. But it turns out that he was deep in hock--and now Cessy's expected to pay up.

Deb and the FBI agent assigned to her case start digging into her husband's murder and learn that he had been the target of criminals. As Deb and Cessy join forces to learn the truth, their investigation reveals an ever-darker web of clues, but if they're not careful, they may just end up like their husbands.

About The Author:

E.A. Barres' most recent thriller, The Unrepentant, was published in 2019 by Down and Out Books (written under E.A. Aymar). His other thrillers include the anthologies The Swamp Killers (March 2020) and The Night of the Flood (March 2018); in both anthologies, he served as co-editor and contributor. His column, "Decisions and Revisions," appears monthly in the Washington Independent Review of Books, and he is also the Managing Editor of The Thrill Begins, ITW's online resource for aspiring and debut thriller writers; he also serves on the Board of ITW as the Vice President of Author Programs. In addition to ITW, he is a member of the Mystery Writers of America, Crime Writers of Color, and SinC. Barres also runs the Noir at the Bar series for Washington, D.C. He was born in Panama and now lives and writes in the D.C./MD/VA triangle.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Book Review: Shades of Darkness (Guardians of Eternity #16) by Alexandra Ivy


Title:  Shades of Darkness (Guardians of Eternity #16)

Author:  Alexandra Ivy

Stars: 3 1\2 


I love Alexandra Ivy Romantic Suspense series.  I have tried a few of her Supernatural\Paranormal suspense series and found each one is completely different from each other even though its the same author.

Chaaya isn't as likeable as her other characters you will meet in this book.  She is trying to be carefree after protecting everyone aad her one stop is straight to Las Vegas.  I struggled with this character because she went from protecting to not caring what happened to things around her.  She just wants to live for the first time.

Every supernatural character comes out in this book after all its Las Vegas.  

The story works with the Alpha Male that decides to protect the woman he wants.

Thank you to Netgalley for the advance copy of Alexandra Ivy the Shades Of Darkness 


Chaaya endured centuries as a sacrifice, protecting her people from an evil that could destabilize all magic. At long last, her servitude is over—and she’s raring to have some fun. The baddest ghost-girl in Las Vegas has a talent for causing mayhem. And for getting under the skin of her solid, silent bodyguard, the vampire Basq . . .

Basq doesn’t let anyone close. He’s learned the costs of companionship. But reckless, disrespectful Chaaya, with her fiery temper and her fierce loneliness, isn’t like anyone else. Staying near her isn’t just a duty, it’s a hunger. When a prisoner of Chaaya’s last battle escapes, possibly seeking Chaaya’s nemesis, Basq isn’t letting her chase through a hellscape mirror London alone. But when the choice is between abandoning everything that’s kept them alive, or each other, survival will take not only desire—but trust .

About the Author:

I'm not exactly sure when I fell in love with books. Probably on my mother's knee listening to her read Dr. Seuss to me. I do remember that I was barely old enough to cross the street by myself when I discovered the delights of the local library. Could anything be more wonderful than spending summer days surrounded by stacks of Nancy Drew mysteries? Over the years I fell in love with Victoria Holt, Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, and J.R.R. Tolkien just to name a few. I read poetry, essays, biographies, and plays. In fact, I read anything I could get my hands on.

Years later (no, I'm not admitting how many) I'm still an avid reader, and my tastes are still as varied as they were in my youth, which I suppose helps to explain why I enjoy writing regency historicals under the name of Deborah Raleigh, as well as my contemporary paranormals as Alexandra Ivy. For now that is enough to keep me busy, but who knows what the future might hold!

I do have a few other loves in my life besides reading and writing, the most important being my unbelievably patient husband, David, and my two sons, Chance and Alexander. Without their constant support and belief in me, I never could have been able to follow my dreams. They are truly my heroes.

Disclaimer for all reviews sent by the publisher, publicist or author for review.