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Throwback Thursday Book Feature - My Enemy's Tears: The Witch of Northampton - Karen Vorbeck Williams

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Book Feature - My Enemy's Tears: The Witch of Northampton - Karen Vorbeck Williams

My Enemy's Tears: The Witch of Northampton
Title: My Enemy’s Tears

Author: Karen Vorbeck Williams

After 20 years of research and writing, Karen put her family history into novel form. My Enemy’s Tears: The Witch of Northampton is based on the historical record of her 11th great-grandmother Mary Bliss Parsons and Mary’s arch enemy Sarah Lyman Bridgeman. Their lives trace the journey of not only the English Separatists to the New World and the growth of the first settlements along the Connecticut River from Hartford and Springfield to Northampton, but the lives of women in 17th century New England as well.

The Puritans in Hartford find the wilderness a terrifying place full of warring natives, pestilences and floods, blazing comets, earthquakes and hurricanes—all portents of God’s anger - or a witch’s meddling curse.

The two women spend their married lives in the villages of Springfield and Northampton, where a youthful disagreement festers into a reason to hate and then fear each other. In a time when a woman’s worth and a man’s wealth were counted in sons, Sarah’s sons died in infancy as Mary gave birth to six sons, one after another. Sarah believed that since Mary was a witch, she made a trade-off with the Devil – her living children for Sarah’s dead children. As the years pass, Sarah accuses Mary of murder by witchcraft, prompting a trial before the Court of Assistants in Boston in 1675—17 years before the Salem witch trials.

My Enemy’s Tears looks at two lives—one blessed and one cursed—and the transcendent power of forgiveness.

Praise:   "Beautifully written, well researched, riveting."
—Patricia  Cumming, poet, founding member of Alice James Books

Other reviews:

Publisher:  Published October 15th 2011 by Wheatmark (first published January 1st 2011)
ISBN:  9781604946284
Pages: 450

Synopsis: In the 1630s two young girls fresh from England settle with their families in the Connecticut River Valley. There, on the frontier of a terrifying wilderness surrounded by warring natives, they must face the rigors of life among the Puritans -- a people steeped in superstition and piety. Based on the lives of Mary Bliss Parsons and Sarah Lyman Bridgeman and the men they loved, this fictional account of a true story transports us to a land founded on a dream, where life was uncertain, and where fear and jealousy would lead to ruin.

Author Biography:  KAREN VORBECK WILLIAMS has lived more than thirty-five years in New England where she found the inspiration, settings, and spirit for "My Enemy's Tears: The Witch of Northampton," historical fiction based on the life of her ancestor Mary Bliss Parsons. This is her first novel. She's been an editor for fourteen years and is a prize-winning photographer.

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This week as gotten away from me. Thank you for your support

I am so sorry this week got away from me and I had saved all the reviewers instead of publishing them.  Next several weeks are packed with reviews not to mention Giveaways.  Watch for the giveaways on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram.
The Month Of October is a busy one for this mommy with a 14 days break from school, Storybook Pumpkin decorating contest at school and getting ready for the greatest day in Candy history Halloween.

SHHHH I swear all my kinds candy stays in their pillow cases.  Yup started them out young with the pillow case begging for candy in my neighborhood.  Most everyone here gives away pencils, chip bags and goldfish.  Last year I found Mustard, ketchup and salt packets from McDonald in the kids pillow cases.  We had a few good laughs as mom and dad than we searched carefully though each bag to make sure we didn't find anything else crazy.

14 days just me and the 4 tiny army I created while dad works long hours. Hiking is planned, camp outs, horse back riding and yes a few trips to museums and the zoo.  Why you might ask because I am crazy like that.

Next week Reviews, giveaways and since no one came up with ideas you will just have to be surprised at what I throw at you.

Thank you for your support and listening to my crazy reviews and ideas on what I like to read.


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Bookr Review: Doubt in the 2nd Degree by Marc Krulewitch

Doubt in the 2nd Degree
Title: Doubt in the 2nd Degree

Author: Marc Krulewitch

Stars: 4 out of 5

A book I really enjoyed. It had a main character who actually got beat up and bloodied unlike most books today. Jules Landau is a private investigator who takes a job but then goes that extra step to not only free his client but to resolve the two murders, for a Detective, who is not his number one fan.
I gave this book a four star rating and would recommend it to anyone looking for a modern day setting for a hard nosed PI mystery.
I received an ARC from Netgalley for my unbiased review.
Thank you Frank

In Chicago, some neighborhoods explode in gunfire and others in gentrification—but the real money built the skyline alongside sparkling blue Lake Michigan. In one such luxury high-rise, auto-parts heiress Jackie Whitney has been bludgeoned to death, her body found neatly wrapped and tucked away on a closet shelf. Jules Landau has been hired by the public defender to get her client off the hook. The police are convinced they’ve got their killer, but Jules isn’t so sure. The lawyer doesn’t care who killed Jackie Whitney. She just wants to stir up a reasonable doubt . . . but there’s nothing reasonable about this case.

While balancing a relationship with a sexy baker who keeps unholy hours—and dodging a crooked cop who wants to break his bones—Jules digs deeper into Jackie’s final days. Soon he unravels a web of friendships, affairs, and money, all connected to an unlikely site for a murderous conspiracy. How can a single building hide so many secrets? For Jules, justice isn’t only about the presumption of innocence. It’s about the truth, and stopping a killer who will no doubt strike again.

About The Author:
Marc Krulewitch
Marc Krulewitch’s Jules Landau mysteries take place in Chicago, where he was born and where his family has lived for generations. He now resides in Colorado.

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Late Posting. My 99 year Old Grandma Passed Away

Yesterday my dad sent a message telling me Gonnie my Grandmother passed away.
I have to admit I was a little happy to hear the news.  As crazy as it sounds.

She was 99 year old a few shorts months of making her 100th birthday.
She lost her twin sister several years ago who was the only person next to her sons she wanted to spend that day with.

I would love to say I have tons of amazing stories but being one of the younger grandchildren I didn't know her as well.  What I knew about her was she respected my husband and thought the world of him and she she only had maybe a few hours with him at my wedding.  To this day neither one of us know what he did to gain her respect.

She jumped from a tree on to a trampoline at 75. High Rope Challenge at 80, she made doll clothes for me every Christmas. She taught me her secret gravy recipe by pulling a jar out of the cupboard.  She hated money being wasted. Every Christmas she would send me money and tell me to spend it on myself than expect a thank you card with what I bought thanking her. She hated that I saved that money and never bought one thing.  A few years ago I wrote her a letter thanking her for my new black high heels.  She called me telling me than I had better buy a dress to go with those shoes because I spent all that money on shoes they had better be gold plated.

She was very serious and her twin sister was all about fun.  They were night and day.  The one thing I knew was my Gonnie loved me in her very own way. She came to visit to watch my sister, brother and I preform in a play.  She laughed as my brother gave her a big hug getting stage makeup all over her.
She talked when something needed to be said. She loved her in silence manner.

I am happy she is reunited with her twin sister whom she loved, adored and wanted to spend her 100th birthday with more than anyone else in the world.

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Blog Update I hope you are all paying attention.Giveaways; Gift Cards, Books and More

Normally it is Throwback Thursday  however I thought I would update you on a few changes that will be happening in the month of October.

I have readers my little ones love to read.  My 10 year old as if he could start reviewing books for the blog and if I could get him some books to review.  Once a month my 10 year old son will be reviewing books that he has read.  He loves everything from my husbands Organic Chem book, Dairy of a Wimpy kid and all things Minecraft.  I am introducing him to history stories like PT 109 about a very young John F. Kennedy.
PT 109

He is excited and so am on on this new adventure.
My daughter who is 7 years old and loves to read as well has just finished Charlotte Web, Judy Moody and Dork Diaries.  She is in 2nd grade and while I know she can read and finish Harry Potter series without thinking twice I want ready the more serious topics when she is able to emotionally handle them better.

Than last but not least is my little 5 year old who is reading as well. Simple first level 1 books but she wants to review the books just like her brother and sister are.
This blog went from Mommy, Daddy and friends reading and reviewing to a whole family reading reviewing blog with friends thrown in.

Now for another fun idea
I am planning some giveaway in October with some fun games as well.  Prizes will range from gift cards to books that have been reviewed on the site.

We are excited for our first giveaway since I have taken over the site.  Scared but excited so please join in on the fun.  I will post the giveaways on facebook as well as Twitter and Instagram. Please tell everyone one you know to follow the blog to get the updates.

Hope you all have a wonder week.

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Book Review The Modern Trophy Wife How to achieve life goals while thriving at home

The Modern Trophy Wife: How to Achieve Your Life Goals While Thriving at Home.
Title: Modern Trophy Wife

Authors: Dr. Dion Metzger and Dr. Ayo Gathing

Stars: 5 out of 5

I was sent an email requesting me to read this book.  At first I was offended by the title of the book Modern Trophy Wife. Seriously? I decided I would do the one thing I never do request a book so I could tear it apart.

I couldn't have been more wrong about this book if I tried.  The title is a little off putting for me personally but the book is filled with so many wonderful suggestions, ideas and quote I couldn't get enough of it and finished the book in a sitting.

Dr. Dion Metzger and Dr. Ayo Gathing know what they are talking about pick this book up if you are struggling in any part of your life.  It will not only give you ideas it will inspire you to be better YOU!

(Page 42 "Ladies you have to resit the labels and false messages that other attempt to impose on you.)

Background I am a blessed stay at home mom of 4 kids from 10-3 years old.  I get lost in the crazy life of homework, fights, tears and endless amount of love.  I forget who I am and what I want to accomplish to not only help me but my family and friends as well.  This book is a guide on how to archive a better you. While taking care of the needs of others around you.
(Page 90 "Being the best inspire individuals but being exemplary with humility inspire the masses. )
It give ideas on help to build a stronger marriage even with some of the "old fashion" ideas I found they worked in my life.

I think I highlighted so much of this book it is a rainbow of colors.  I feel inspired to become a better me and when that happens it help create a better family life at home as well as a closer and deeper connection with my husband.
(Page 124 "There is a saying that relationships have to be 50\50 but I argue that it takes each person giving 100% for a marriage to thrive)

Anyone in therapy has heard these same words spoken many times so it drives home many points I have already learned.
A lot of what was written I already do with my husband which tells me I am on the right track to be a better me.
(Page 131 "Conflicts are unavoidable but communication is the tool you use to navigate these difficult situations.")

This self help guide, book, or amazing quite book is one every stay at home mom, working mom or woman with friends needs to read.  I plan to buy and give this book away to several friends who will love the ideas and stories.
( Page 10 If you know you marriage is strong do not waste time looking for or causing cracks in the foundation." )

This book has helped guide me to become a happier, healthier friend, mother, wife and best part a better me.

Copy sent to me for my honest thoughts.

Filled with highly practical and medically sound guidance, The Modern Trophy Wife gives women the tools to strengthen, deepen or revitalize themselves and their relationships. Noted psychiatrists Dion Metzger, M.D. and Ayo Gathing M.D., are both renowned for their ability to speak with inspiring wisdom and humor on important matters of the heart, mind and spirit. 

Metzger and Gathing redefine what it means to be a trophy wife today and guide you on the path to becoming. They share key elements of psychology with practical and wise strategies to guide you towards deeper relationships, meaningful work, better life balance and happier homes.

About The Authors: 
Dr. Dion Metzger Board certified psychiatrist who is approachable demeanor and complying expertise in mental health issues have helped provide life changing techniques that transforms the lives of her patients.

Dr. Ayo Afejuku Gathing is a board certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist she is a humanitarian, wife loving family member ad friend to man. Dr. Gathing specialized in building halthy relationships and family innovate heath solutions and the treatment of mental health. 

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Book Review: The Most Extraordinary Pursuit

A Most Extraordinary Pursuit

Title: The Most Extraordinary Pursuit

Author: Juliana Gray

Stars: 4 out of 5

A remarkable novel written in a style which allows it to shift in time but also allows the reader to stay abreast of the plot. The two main characters are both strong willed and capable of achieving their goals. Lord Silverton easily brought to mind a very early 007 with his suave debonair attitude and manner. Miss Truelove cast forth a character which I can only describe as an Emma Peel in the making. I look forward to my next encounter with this daring duo of partners.
I have given this book a four star rating and would recommend it to anyone seeking a mystery with different plot from the normal fare.
I received an ARC from Netgalley for my unbiased review.
Thank you Frank for the Review 
Paperback, 416 pages
Expected publication: October 4th 2016 by Berkley

 As the personal secretary of the recently departed Duke of Olympia—and a woman of good character—Miss Emmeline Rose Truelove never expected to be steaming through the Mediterranean on a luxuriously appointed yacht under the watchful and jovial eye of one Lord Silverton. But here they are, as improper as it is, on a quest to find the duke’s heir, whereabouts unknown.

An expert on anachronisms, the adventurous Maximilian Haywood was last seen at an archaeological dig on the island of Crete. And when Truelove and Silverton disembark, they are met with incidents of a violent nature: a ransacked flat, a murdered government employee, an assassination attempt. And as they steam from port to port on Max’s trail, dodging danger at every turn, Truelove will discover the folly of her misconceptions—about the whims of the heart, the desires of men, and the nature of time itself.

About The Author: 
 Juliana Gray is the pen name of New York Times bestselling author Beatriz Williams. She lives near the Connecticut shore with her long-suffering husband, two scheming cats, a beagle of dubious origins, and four largely unsupervised children.

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Motherhood Monday Computer dies what do you do?

What do you do when your computer dies? Me?
Well I cried, developed a nice big cold sore and remembered I lived most of my life without a personal laptop no big deal right?

I forgot that my last child's life until age 3 is pretty much saved on the computer not to mention all the family history I had copied and saved. That is when the water works started.
My husband spent the weekend taking it apart and putting it back together.  I cried than he announced he could pull out the hard drive and save everything on it.  I was so happy.

I some how kill every computer and phone I touch in two years and I don't know why.

I would love to share some cute family moments but my brain is still processing the loss of my computer and having to use my phone, family computer (Kids computer) or my kindle to update the blog.

I have to say my little 3 year old has been a doll with lots of hugs and kisses or at least trying to kiss me this week.'

My brain is everywhere and no where at the same time. 

Here it to another week.

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What are you reading? What Should I read?

What are you reading? I would love to hear from everyone so that I can find some new authors to fall in love with.  I love reading everything so please send ideas.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Book Review: The Good Spy Dies Twice by Mark Hosack (Book 1: The Bullseye Series)‏

The Good Spy Dies Twice (The Bullseye, #1)
Title:The Good Spy Dies Twice  (Book 1: The Bullseye Series)‏

Author: Mark Hosack

Stars: 3.5 out of 5


I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning and looked forward to reading the entire book. Some parts were a little off-putting and seemed to drift away from the main plot but still followed along the same general path. I was not enthralled with the ending as it appeared, to me, to be a vague. But if I consider it from a conspiracy angle it does appear to have a motive and tie into the overall premise of the book.
I have rated this book 3.5 stars and would recommend it if you enjoy conspiracy theories.
I received an ARC from Netgalley for my unbiased review.


Jake Boxer, investigative journalist and host of the conspiratorial news show Bullseye, is in serious trouble. Not only is his soundman murdered by Russian intelligence agents while reporting on a secretive New World Order, but his network cancels his show, leaving Jake humiliated and spiraling into a deep dark depression.

Years later, a condemned murderer, who claims he was abandoned by the CIA, and who starred in an early episode of Bullseye, is finally executed for killing two supposed Soviet spies back in the 1970’s.

Jake Boxer, still trying to piece his life back together, is on his honeymoon in a posh ski resort in the Alaskan mountains when he gets word of the inmate’s execution . . . and the old killer’s final words: “The good spy dies twice.”

Those five words, seemingly meant for Jake, draw the ex-reporter from his forced retirement and into a complex and deadly global conspiracy involving his newlywed wife, the secretive New World Order, and the hotel’s hundred or so “guests.”

Everyone is a suspect.

Described as James Bond in a Stephen King novel, THE GOOD SPY DIES TWICE is the explosive first book in the Bullseye Series. Part spy thriller, part whodunit, this fast-paced novel introduces an exciting new hero, the intrepid, conspiratorial journalist, Jake Boxer.

About The Author: 
 Mark Hosack
Mark writes books and screenplays and lives in Los Angeles. His second book, THE GOOD SPY DIES TWICE, will be released 9/13/16. Book Reviewers and Bloggers can review the book now on NetGalley at It's also available for Pre-Order at:

This is Mark's second novel. His first, IDENTITY, is available everywhere now. His film credits include Pale Blue Moon and Give 'em Hell, Malone.

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ThrowBack Thursday Book Review - Visions of Glory - John Pontius

Monday, July 28, 2014

Book Review - Visions of Glory - John Pontius

Title:  Visions of Glory     
Review: I don’t know if I find the book truly as fascinating as the vast mix of reviews it is getting from everyone I know. I was told by a number of people that I “have to read it!” others have said “don’t bother” citing it’s a waste of time reading false doctrine. The sheer ambiguity created around the book was enough to get me to read it.
            I liked it. I didn’t like it in the “It changed my whole life and I’m going to pack my bags and follow this Pontius guy around the globe” kind of way. I did, however, find it fascinating. Do I think it’s real and based on true events? Maybe. Do I think it is for the whole of the LDS church to grasp as true doctrine? No. I believe that this guy did have his own out of body experiences, his own revelations, and his own spiritual experiences. I kind of took it as this is his learning experience for his own life and I get to look into it and take what I would like.
            I liked reading the beginning of the book about how our spirits are connected to our bodies, how everything around us is praising god. How we can interact as spirits, how and what it is like in heaven and it was neat to see how everything in his life was aligned so things would go the way God would like it to. Everything that happened, happened for a reason. I also learned what it is like to have your spirit go in and out of your body. It was pretty cool to think about.
            The latter part of the book, not so much. We get to learn more about evil and how the last days will play out….according to him. There are multiple discrepancies between the book and actual scripture and that bothers me. If the last days do in fact end as he claims they will, great. If not, great.
            All in all, without getting into the doctrine and/or writing my own novel on the truth of the book, I will say give it a read. I wouldn’t give it to someone to read who is questioning their faith or to someone new in the LDS Church. It is bound to confuse and maybe even scare some people. BUT, if you are someone like me who is secure in their faith, someone who can detach themselves from the book and take it at face value, then you may, in fact, find it as mysteriously thought-provoking as I did. I learned the same things I always learn. Trust in the Lord, follow the savior, be prepared, be a better person and love one another. It can’t be an evil book if that’s what you take from it. It just can’t. 

Heather, thank you for this review.
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
ISBN 9781462111183
Copyright:  2012
Pages:   268
Quick Review:  3 out of 5 stars
Where I got the book:    Given as a gift
Synopsis:  In this true account of near-death experiences, we learn about the miracles of the millennium, the return of the Ten Tribes, the building of the New Jerusalem and Temple, and many other astonishing events long prophesied in scripture but never before described in such vivid detail. Visions of Glory is a mesmerizing and fascinating read that you will not be able to put down.
 John M. Pontius
Author Information:  Ever since he was a little boy, all John ever desired was to serve the Lord in whatever capacity he was called. He served an LDS mission to South Africa and returned home to BYU where he married Kathy Ferguson. They had four beautiful children: Matt, Ben, Bonnie and Lisa. They later divorced. John loved living in Alaska for nearly 35 years. He married Terri Jeanne Muhlestein and sealed four more beautiful children into his eternal family: Alicia, Jason, Stephen and Jessica. He loves his precious family with a pure and abiding love. They are each his treasure.
John had the sweet and humbling gift of writing with the pen of angels. The Lord gave him an ability uniquely his to express the gospel of Jesus Christ in a simple yet magnificently beautiful way. Throughout his life, he has touched many thousands of lives through his published books, firesides and this blog.  John’s passions also included music, playing piano and organ masterfully since a young boy, oil painting, woodworking, conducting choral and orchestra (his favorite being the Mat-Su Alaska Community Messiah, which he did for many years), Christmas, and anything that captivated his mechanical and technical genius.
John’s books and lectures were his creations. They have been, and remain, reflections of a man who was always in good standing in the church, continuously held a temple recommend as well as significant callings in the Church, completely defended and celebrated the doctrines of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and policies of the Church, and always sustained Church leaders. To insinuate anything contrary is a gross mischaracterization (a lie) about a good man who has passed on.

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Book Review Shadow Falling Scorpius Syndrome #2

Shadow Falling (The Scorpius Syndrome, #2)

Title: Shadow Falling Scorpius Syndrome #2

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Stars: 4 out of 5

This is the first book I have read by Rebecca Zanetti and I wish I had read the first book in the series because they refer to that book and what happened in it a lot. I wasn't lost just missed out on some amazing action.
The men where a little took much Cavemen for me personally and it made them a little one sided. With that being said they did what I think most Alpha males would do when faced with the end of the world and trying to protect those around them.
The story flowed well, the writing is what you expect for this genre face pace, lot of spicy but I enjoyed the twist when it came to the disease they were fighting. Find of Zombie/Crazies.
The book held to the traditions of dystonia but the characters were memorable and full of fight.
The ending happened a little to fast as if the author was over her word count.

This book is action, hot sex and alpha males with feisty woman.  Also I love that she thinks she is going crazy all the time.
ARC from Netgalley


Before the Scorpius Syndrome tore through North America and nearly wiped out the population, Vivienne Wellington was the FBI’s best profiler. The bacteria got her anyway. But she survived. She recovered. And when she woke up from a drug-nightmare of captivity, her skills as a hunter of men had gone from merely brilliant to full-on uncanny. Her mysterious rescuer wants her to put them to the test. But no matter how tempting he is, with his angel’s eyes and devil’s tongue, Vinnie knows she shouldn’t trust him.

If the FBI were still around they would rate Raze Shadow as one of the bad guys. His military training can’t wipe out his association with the Mercenaries, the most feared gang in a thousand miles. His loyalties are compromised. He won’t even tell Vinnie his real name. But there’s no FBI in the new America of fear and firepower, only instinct and risk.

And the way his arms wrap around Vinnie tells its own story. Whatever else Raze is concealing, he can’t hide his desire .

About The Author:
 Rebecca Zanetti
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner - only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them. She writes dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and sexy contemporary romances.

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Book Review The Robbins Old Farts Gone Bad by Timothy Freriks‏

 The Robbins: Old Farts Gone Bad
Title: The Robbins Old Farts Gone Bad

Author: Timothy Freriks‏

 Stars: 4.5 out of 5

A compelling modern day crime story that will have you rooting for the underdogs who are the true victims in this story. At ever turn in the story I found myself wanting more justice to be meted out to the perpetrators. The finale is the icing on the cake, will come as a surprise, and give you a self satisfying feeling that yes there is justice in this world.
I have rated this book 4.5 stars and would recommend it to anyone seeking a light hearted mystery to enjoy.
I obtained this book from Amazon in Kindle format.
 Thank you Frank for the Review

The Robbins are determined to get their money back—and get even.
When an arrogant and selfish 26-year old, Ken Paulson, inherited a large national jewelry store chain, he probably shouldn’t have fired 72-year old Wayne Robbins, a brilliant engineer who helped Ken’s father build the company. And he certainly should not have stolen Robbins’ retirement funds, patents, and royalties.

But, he did.

The need to survive forces Wayne to develop a brilliant plan. Traveling the country in their motor coach, these sweet grandparents devise and execute perfect crimes. But they must overcome unexpected challenges, conspiracies, intrigue, and crossed loyalties. Finally, they must face and out-smart not only Ken Paulson but also the people they fear the most.

This may not end the way you think it will.

About The Author:
 Timothy Freriks
Mr. Freriks is the author of five fiction novels. Apocalypse Disrupted: time shift strategy is an alternative history/political thriller with some time travel and mysticism (wierd, I know, but it works). It is Book 1 of the Robert Curry series.

Roland: of pirates and patriots is an historical piece based in the early 19th century. It covers the fictional backstory behind one of the most critical--and little appreciated--war-time victories in American history, the Battle for Baltimore in 1814. It's also a coming-of-age story of a young man entrusted with a huge secret and mission.

Three Legs of the Caliphate is perhaps one of the scariest books you could read. It's a frightening story about cyber/financial manipulation, political corruption, and Islamic terror. Is it really happening? This is Book 2 of the Robert Curry series.

The Robbins: old farts gone bad is a crime novel about a lovable retired couple who travel the country in their RV and pull a series of perfect robberies, all in the name of 'getting even' with the employer who screwed them out of their retirement money.

Mrr: a post-apocalyptic race through time is a science-fiction adventure/thriller with a touch of love story and a lot of humor. 

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Please Tell me What you are reading

Just Two this weekend. Still trying to get back in real life after an amazing vacation.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Book Review: Jigsaw Black Raven Book 2

Jigsaw (Black Raven Book 2)
Title: Jigsaw Black Raven #2
Author: Stella Barcelona
Stars: 3 1\2 out of 5

I really enjoyed the first book in this series Shadow but just like the first this book has so much dialogue to the point you know what everyone is thinking and there isn't much of a surprise. When they figure out who the bad guys are it is all so rushed and I found it disappointing. The author made it such a secret as to who the bad guys where that when they reviled I was really disappointed.  Very anticlimax for all the build up.
This book has so much dialogue I would forget what the main story was about. In fact I forgot completely at one point why the female lead was in danger to began with.
Its not a bad story it just wasn't what I expected. Thank heaven the author didn't have the female lead do anything stupid and in fact followed her security advice 99% of the time.
For me this book doesn't stand out in the crowd of the over populated security\former military style books.  For me personally it felt like she wrote scenes and than created a story around those scenes and forgot to check to make sure it flowed or made since.

Foraging the cyber-world for puzzle pieces…

Zeus Hernandez, a Black Raven partner, is pulled away from a top-secret project to be the personal bodyguard to lawyer Samantha Fairfax. Terrorists have rendered the future frightening and uncertain, but Zeus and Samantha’s past makes two things crystal clear: she’ll be furious to see him and he can’t refuse the job.

Sorting pieces as stakes rise…

Danger surrounds the International Terrorism Tribunal, a court convened to combat terrorism. Samantha is thrust into the limelight when her mentor dies as the trial convenes in Paris, France. Her role requires steadfast focus and nerves of steel. She’s determined to do her job and move her life ahead, according to plan…without Zeus. He’s determined she’ll reconsider.

Completing the puzzle as their worlds collide…

As personal drama escalates behind closed doors, terrorists take aim at an Achilles’ heel that is capable of crippling Zeus, Samantha, and Black Raven. While forcing puzzle pieces to click into place, a personal reckoning looms for these two strong-willed people. There’s no denying they might be better off apart…but they fit together so well. 

About The Author:
 Stella Barcelona
Stella Barcelona, author of romantic suspense novels, has always had an active imagination, a tendency to daydream, and a passion for reading romance, mysteries, and thrillers. From her early days of reading, when she first escaped reality through the pages of a well-written novel, she knew that her daydreams needed an outlet, and she knew that her outlet would be writing.

In day to day life, Stella is a lawyer and works for a court in New Orleans, Louisiana. Currently, Stella lives minutes from the French Quarter, with her husband of sixteen years and two adorable papillons who believe that they are princesses. Stella loves to hear from readers on her Facebook page and can also be contacted through her website,, where there's information on appearances, her next release, and exciting contests that you won't want to miss! While she doesn't have a lot of free time with her legal and writing careers battling for her every minute, she does enjoy any chance she and her husband get to go out on their boat. In addition, she attends conferences, workshops, and retreats for writers. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Southern Louisiana Chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Book Review: Freedom of Religion by Sarah Carpenter-Vascik

 Freedom of Religion by Individual Choice: The Religious Beliefs and Convictions of Our Founding Fathers...
Title:  Freedom of Religion

Author: Sarah Carpenter-Vascik

Stars: 4 out of 5

Interesting book that tells the founding of the United States and the history behind the men that are considered the Founding Fathers.  She starts the book by describing the early pilgrims and puritans and the reasons for their looking for a new land where they could practice their religion unimpeded by the laws and rules of the English kings.  She tells the story of Roger Williams, John Winthrop, John Calvin plus the pilgrims, Quakers, the little known Jewish immigrants who settled in Rhode Island.  Sarah goes into a lot of the history of the Puritans, their reasons for leaving their homes and country to find a new land free from religious persecution but then turning around and doing the same thing to those who did not believe the way they felt was right.

She goes on to explain how the Founding Fathers were influenced by each of these groups and their English backgrounds.

"By the time of the founding fathers, many of them or their families having immigrated from England, began to recognize the need for a secular government, not because they had a problem with religion, indeed, many themselves admitted holding various religious beliefs......but because they witness first hand the immediate effect and long term aftermath of a state sponsored and supported church.  "

In referring to the writing of the constitution of the United States Sarah wants the reader to realize the difference between the constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  In the declaration God is mentioned,  in the formation of the government that is done with the constitution He is not.

In the chapter "A Christian Nation",  she tells the stories from early American history of religious " elitism" where one group tells the other group they are wrong and conform or else such as the hanging of the Quaker women because they would not denounce their beliefs.

Sarah also tells the life stories of some of the American hero's such as George Washington dispelling "myths" from their lives.  Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, John Madison, Alexander Hamilton very interesting histories on each of these men.

One criticism I do have of this book is the lack of foot notes.  I would liked to have seen the sources that she garnered her information from, are they original sources and where are they located so if the reader wants to see them they can with ease.  She does have copies of original letters at the back of the book that are most interesting to read but again does not tell us where she found them and to what source others may go to find them in their original format.   

All in all a good history of religion freedom from the Colonies to the modern day, But Foot Note Are Essential when writing a work of this nature.  Sarah has put extensive thought and time into this book and helps lead the reader to make their own conclusions as to whether America was intended to be a Christian nation with a secular government, meaning God is kept out of anything to do with public life, or is it a Christian nation under God.  I leave it to you the reader to decide!

I give this book four out of five stars removing one for LACK OF SOURCES!
Thank you Eileen for your review.

Lately, we hear more and more about how our Founding Fathers were all Christian, God-fearing men and America is a Christian country. Ministers across the nation proclaim this in sermons and political speeches and politicians continually proclaim it at rallies and events, but is our country really Christian? Was it intended to be? Did the men who founded America and drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights really set out to create a nation by and for Christians, or was our fledgling country meant for people of all faiths and beliefs equally? This book attempts to answer these questions by examining the history and events that surrounded the Founding Fathers, and how this affected them. Only by hearing their own words can we really know what they envisioned as they expressed their ideas and opinions about the impact of religion when it’s interwoven in politics and government. This work makes extensive use of letters and documents written by the Founding Fathers to reveal their personally expressed ideas and feelings about religion, ideas and feelings that may surprise you. 

About The Author:
I knew that I was not male from about age five, but I was raised in a conservative, Republican, Pre-Vatican II Catholic household. Both my parents were veterans of WW II and as such, there was little room for anyone who was not M or F. I was married in 1972 and have two children, both girls. My older daughter, aged 36, hasn’t talked to me in almost four years and I have no contact information for her. My younger daughter, aged 28, is closer to me than at any time in our lives. My spouse and I have been legally separated since 2005.

After a life-long struggle with my gender conflict, I started counseling in 2003, began hormone therapy in August of 2004, transitioned and began living full time as myself in June of 2005. I successfully transitioned at my principal job at the University of Vermont in Burlington, VT. in 2005 and also at a part time job I held from 2002 to 2009.

I retired from the university in February of 2012 after 33 years and retired to Cape Cod where I now live. I make earrings and pendants out of sea glass, also known as beach glass, I am an amateur photographer and I make a nuisance of myself by pestering all my elected officials to pass equal rights legislation for the trans community. I have and continue to speak at conferences and conventions, across the country, presenting gender identity / gender expression awareness training. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Book Review: The National Mall No Ordinary Place

The National Mall: No Ordinary Public Space

Title: The National Mall No Ordinary Place

Author: Lisa Benton-Short

Stars: 5 out of 5

Having been to the National Mall once as a kid and once again as an adult. I have always understood what this area represents to our nation but I had no idea the great planning that went into  during the birth of a national as well as what it takes to keep up now.
I can't imagine the endless research Lisa Benton-Short did to be able to put together an amazing book of history, the sadness of a national as we neglected the once place that repents all that we are as American's.
D.C. used the mall as a place to auction off slaves, protest for a better life and the traditional political show.
Lisa Benton-Short brings to light the things that will destroy the mall and all it represents to the people of the world as well as America. Her book is not only a beautiful history of what the mall is suppose to be but also what it could be. 
I found this book not only to be a beautiful history of the mall but also a discussion on what will happen if we do not nothing to protect our history.
This book is worth a place on any history buts shelf.  I plan to share this book with my kids as often as I can as well as with their history teachers.

"Who's Mall is it? The Mall has the potential to be a very inclusive, representative public realm and public space but its stewards have failed to value public participation and the public voice. The vitality of this space should be joint venture between public stewards and the American Public. To date this has not been a genuine partnership..... If the federal agencies don't transform their processes, it may be up to the American people to take back the mall."
 Received this Copy for my honest thoughts and opinions.

The National Mall in Washington, D.C. is one of the most important and highly visible urban public spaces in the U.S. It is considered by many Americans to be the nation s front yard. Yet few have written about the role of this public space in the twenty-first century.

In "The National Mall," Lisa Benton-Short explores the critical issues that are redefining and reshaping this extraordinary public space. Her work focuses on three contemporary and interrelated debates about public space: the management challenges faced by federal authorities, increased demands for access and security post 9/11, and the role of the public in the Mall s long-term planning and development plans. By taking a holistic view of the National Mall and analyzing the unique twenty-first century challenges it faces, Lisa Benton-Short provides a fluid, cohesive, and timely narrative that is as extraordinary as the Mall itself."

About The Author:


Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day

What is Labor Day you may ask?
Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.
 Image result for History Books on Labor Day
I would like to think it is also the celebration that I went into Labor 4 times have 4 amazing kid. I contributed to the straighten, prosperity and well-being of this country but have more humans who will one day rule the world with there amazing brains and knowledge. 

Happy Labor Day I hope that you are able to enjoy it with a book in your hand and fun fill day. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Book Review: The Cryptographer by Alice Wallis-Eton (Second Sons series Book 1)‏

 The Cryptographer (Second Sons Book 1)
Title: The Cryptographer (Second Sons series Book 1)‏

Author: Alice Wallis-Eton

Stars: 4 out of 5

I found this to be an intriguing look at a young working lady's life, in a time period,  when ladies were expected to be uneducated  and under the protection of a man. Our heroine is not only educated but also works in a career which was a male domain. During the course of the mystery, which has been set forth very well, she is seduced by the very masculine hero who had formed an attachment to her. The intrigue is satisfactorily resolved and both parties happy with the blissful results.
I have rated this book 4 stars and look forward to reading the remainder of the series.
I obtained this book from Amazon in Kindle format.
Thank you Frank for your amazing review.


Everybody has a secret, but some are harder to decipher...

England, 1813. Aster Tanner is alone in the world and keeps a roof over her head by working the one asset she has - her mind. She needs her job; she does not need a Scotsman underfoot, making her heart flutter with heated glances and impertinent questions.

Iain McIntyre, Captain in the Second Dragoons, has a confidential assignment: find a list rumoured to name traitors working against England. He is looking for anything unusual -- like a woman working as a secretary. He tells himself his fascination with the lass is because she holds a man's position, and nothing to do with his rising desire to know the sharp mind hidden behind her darkened glasses.

When Aster is targeted by those intent on recovering the list, she must decide who to trust. She has seven encrypted names. But whose? Meanwhile, Iain is on the trail of a double agent. Time is running out, and secrets must be decoded before lives and hearts are sacrificed.

About The Author:

Alice lives in New Zealand where she dreams about men wearing cravats and women riding sidesaddle. Sometimes she writes down their adventures.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Throwback Thursday Why You Should Laugh Three Times a Day - Kimberling Galeti Kennedy

Throwback Thursday

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Book Review - Why You Should Laugh Three Times a Day - Kimberling Galeti Kennedy

Why You Should Laugh Three Times a Day
Title:  Why you should laugh three times a day
Review:  This is a short little book of poems for children. The first poem is titled “Why you should laugh three times a day.”  There are poems about a best friend, flowers, a bakery, a dog, thunder, etc. I enjoyed the first poem, but I didn’t really like the rest of them as much as the first. I didn’t find the content all that amusing or entertaining and most of them lacked a rhythm that I would expect while reading a children’s book. To be honest, I was reading it aloud to three children and only one stuck around through the entire book. Maybe it would have gone better if I had read them one poem at a time. I don’t know. This one just didn’t do it for me.
Thanks Heather for this review.
Publisher: Tate publishing and enterprises Published August 2nd 2011
ISBN: 9781617770173
Copyright: 2011
Pages:  24
Quick Review: 2 out of 5 stars  
Why I Read It:   sent for Review
Where I Obtained the Book:  sent from publisher
Synopsis: Why You Should Laugh Three Times a Day always has a positive message included in each imaginative, inspiring, and rhythmic story it tells. Furthermore, it is sure to be a joyful and entertaining read for you and every beloved child in your life.
 Kimberling Kennedy, South Florida Expo Center
Author Biography: Ms. Kennedy has been writing short stories and children’s books for two decades. She became involved in her profession because of her flair for the artistic use of language and story-telling acumen. Ms. Kennedy attributes her many years of success as a writer to creativity and determination, and plans to continue writing for the foreseeable future.

Disclaimer for all reviews sent by the publisher, publicist or author for review.