Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Book Review: The Killer In Me by Max Manning

 Title: The Killer In Me

Author: Max Manning

Star: 5


Max Manning created a compelling story psychological thrillers that will stay with readers long after they put the book away. The characters are well developed, and reader will wonder if Liv Marsh is a psychopath as she researches her sister's death. 

Book lovers of psychological thrillers will want to put this at the top of there to be read file. 

Thank you to Netgalley for advance copy of Max Manning The Killer In Me. 


Everything changes when you find out what you really are.
Liv Marsh is still grieving the death of her sister, killed in a hit-and-run. The driver confessed and was convicted, but he’s going to be released from prison any day now.
Soon he’ll walk free while her sister is dead.
Liv is struggling with that knowledge when suddenly her world turns upside down.
Liv volunteers to take part in a study of the brains of violent criminals, as a control sample of a ‘normal’ brain. That’s when she learns she has all the classic abnormalities of a high-level psychopath.
Suddenly Liv’s head is crowded with possibilities. Dark thoughts. Twisted opportunities. Maybe it’s time to embrace her secret self.
Maybe finding out she’s a psychopath is the push she needs to exact revenge . . .

What would you do?

About The Author:

Max Manning is a former national newspaper journalist. He started his career as a news reporter on regional newspapers before moving on to Fleet Street. There he worked for several titles, including Today and the Daily Express. He later joined the staff of the Daily Telegraph where he worked for sixteen years as a news sub-editor. Now You See is his debut crime novel.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Book Review: The Emotionally Exhausted Woman: Why You’re Feeling Depleted and How to Get What You Need by Nancy Colier


Title: The Emotionally Exhausted Woman: Why You’re Feeling Depleted and How to Get What You Need

Author:  Nancy Colier

Star: 4


Nancy Colier as create a book for women to realize that all healing comes starts from the inside.  To become self-aware of your world and where you put your energy. 

  The author uses inspirational stories to teach different lesson though the book. This self-help book is willing to go into the darker side of womanhood and how to step back and figure out how to create a world for themselves and others that will prevent you or anyone from becoming Emotionally Exhausted.  

I am not a fan of self-help books because most do not seem to apply to my life.  That being said The Emotionally Exhausted Woman is a surprisingly good and worth investing into the change it can help women create. Thank you to netgalley for advance copy of Nancy Colier the Emotionally Exhausted Woman. 


Are you feeling emotionally exhausted? Do you worry about being likable (at all cost)? Are you trying to do it all and be it all—all the time?  This radically different self-care guide will help you find the courage needed to express your deepest needs, nurture self-awareness, and be yourself in a world that expects you to be everything to everyone.

About The Author:

Nancy Colier is a psychotherapist, thought leader, interfaith minister, author, and public speaker. She teaches mindfulness, meditation, and awareness practices, and writes a regular blog for Psychology Today and Huff Post. She is the author of the upcoming "The Emotionally Exhausted Woman" (New Harbinger, 2022), "Can't Stop Thinking" (New Harbinger, 2021), "The Power of Off" (Sounds True, 2016), "Inviting a Monkey to Tea," and "Getting Out of Your Own Way." Nancy spent 25 years as a top-ranked equestrian on the national horse show circuit and serves as a performance consultant to competitive athletes and professional artists.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Book Review: One Last Chance (Blood Ties: The Logans #3) Kat Martin


Title: One Last Chance (Blood Ties: The Logans #3) 

Author: Kat Martin

Star: 4 1\2


Kat Martin is an author who is able to write a series that can all be read as a stand-alone novel or read as a series. The author is able to bring her world to life with romance, characters who readers can fall in love with and of course an ending that everyone will love. 

One Last Chance has to character who have military background who are both strong, smart, and will do anything to help each other find a missing loved one. The romance, sexual tension is perfect a combination with the action pack moments in One Last Chance.  

One Last Chance is a perfect addition to Blood Ties Series and well worth diving into the series. 

Thank you to netgalley for advance copy of Kat Martin One Last Chance. 


Former Green Beret Edge Logan has made a new life for himself at Nighthawk Security in Denver, using his finely honed skills to neutralize threats of all kinds. When he overhears friend and fellow agent Skye Delaney discussing a new case involving her missing sister and a mysterious cult, he offers himself as backup. With her own military background, Skye is gutsy and more than capable, but a cult like Children of the Sun is too risky for anyone to investigate alone.

Skye is grateful for Edge’s experience, even though she is aware of the attraction simmering between them. Her battle scars make her reluctant to get involved with anyone, much less a coworker—even a warrior like Edge. But infiltrating the cult’s compound is more complicated than expected—and something much more sinister than worship is clearly going on behind its walls. As the pair works against the clock to unearth high-stakes secrets, the personal barriers between them begin to crumble. Together, can they unmask the face of evil before their time runs out?

About The Author:

Kathleen Kelly was born on 14 July 1947 in the Central Valley of California, USA. She obtained a degree in Anthropology and also studied History at the University of California in Santa Barbara. She was a real estate broker, when she met her future husband, Larry Jay Martin. A short time after the two became acquainted, Larry asked her to read an unpublished manuscript of an historical western he'd written. Kat fell in love with both the book and the author! Then, after doing some editing for him, she thought she'd try her own hand at writing. She moved on to become a full time writer.

Published since 1988, she singed her books with her married name, Kat Martin, but she also used two pseudonyms: Kathy Lawrence for a book in collaboration with her husband Larry Jay Martin, and Kasey Mars for her first contemporary romances. The New York Times bestselling writer, among her many awards, has won the prestigious RT Book Review Magazine Career Achievement Award. To date, Kat has over eleven million copies of her books in print. She has been published in seventeen foreign countries, including England, South Africa, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Bulgaria, China, and Korea.

Currently residing with her husband, a Western-writer and photographer, in Missoula, Montana, USA. But when they are not writing, they also enjoy skiing and traveling, particularly to Europe.

"I've always loved books. I was an avid reader, with any number of my own stories rolling around in my head. Writing them down seemed a logical step."

"I love anything old," Kat says. "I love to travel and especially like to visit the places where my books are set. My husband and I often stay in out-of-the-way inns and houses built in times past. It's fun and it gives a wonderful sense of a by-gone era."

Monday, November 21, 2022

Book Review: You Can Hide (Laurel Snow #2) by Rebecca Zanetti


Title: You Can Hide (Laurel Snow #2)

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Star: 5


First off, your need to start with book 1 in the Laurel Snow Series and trust me it will be worth it!

Rebecca Zanetti creates a story that will have reader finishing the book needing to know what is happening with Laurel and her new half-sister who might be a killer or who might have a killer after her.  

The author has the ability to create characters out of everything from an animal, people, the city and even the buildings that are found in the story. 

The characters are growing and developing along with a few surprises that readers will not be able to get enough of. Laurel and Huck are completely different from each other which create the best team.

The author is able to create a dark and gritty story that has just the right blend of light moments to keep readers from falling in the darkness. 

Hands down one of the best series by Rebecca Zanetti and seeing as the author as an amazing book list that is saying something big.

Thank you to Netgalley for advance copy of You Can Hide by Rebecca Zanetti


Calling Laurel Snow’s relationship with her newly discovered half-sister challenging is an understatement. Not only does Laurel suspect Abigail is behind the mysterious disappearance of their father, but her erratic behavior also makes life in Laurel’s small hometown interesting, to say the least. Still, when Abigail claims someone is now out to kill her, Laurel’s instinct to protect her sister goes into overdrive. Then things get even more dicey as dead bodies start turning up in the icy waters of the Sauk River and there’s only one connection among them: Abigail . . .

Having Fish and Wildlife Captain Huck Rivers bringing in those bodies with his dive team only complicates matters. Huck is as impulsive and fiery as Laurel is coolly analytical, which makes their alliance risky at best. But standing up to such a demonically brilliant killer is going to take all the help Laurel can get. Because Laurel’s attempt to save her troubled sister’s life might cost her own . . .

About The Author:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner - only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them. She writes dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and sexy contemporary romances.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Book Review: Flight Risk (The Booking Agent #2) by Cherie Priest


Title: Flight Risk (The Booking Agent #2) 

Author: Cherie Priest

Star: 3


I will say I didn't read the first book in the series.  The author does bring readers up to date quickly at the beginning of the story in kind of a book dump.  Quickly moves into the current story which is 100% beyond unrealistic which might be why lots of romance readers enjoy this author so much. 

The story is simple, easy to read, and nothing truly stand out.  The characters are odd and charming, and the story moves quickly and yet after putting it down.  I couldn't remember the book and what it was about. 

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of Flight Risk by Cherie Priest. 


When psychic travel agent Leda Foley is approached by a man searching for his sister, she quickly agrees to help. The missing woman disappeared with a vintage orange car, a fat sack of her employer’s cash, and a grudge against her philandering husband—a man who never even reported her missing.

Meanwhile, Seattle PD detective Grady Merritt has temporarily misplaced his dog. While he’s passing out bright pink “Lost” flyers at the Mount Rainier visitor’s center, the wayward pooch appears—with a human leg in his mouth.

Thanks to DNA matching, Grady learns that the leg has something to do with Leda’s new client, and soon the two cases are tangled.

About The Author:

Cherie Priest is the author of two dozen books and novellas, most recently The Toll, The Family Plot, The Agony House, and the Philip K. Dick Award nominee Maplecroft; but she is perhaps best known for the steampunk pulp adventures of the Clockwork Century, beginning with Boneshaker. Her works have been nominated for the Hugo and Nebula awards for science fiction, and have won the Locus Award (among others) – and over the years, they’ve been translated into nine languages in eleven countries. Cherie lives in Seattle, WA, with her husband and a menagerie of exceedingly photogenic pets.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Book Review: The Do-Over by Lynn Painter


Title: The Do-Over 

Author: Lynn Painter

Star: 3


Lynn Painter creates a very cute YA romance that young and old readers can enjoy.  The story is very much ground hogs' day where she is stuck in a time loop wishing the day would come to an end instead of waking up and living the worst day all over again. 

The Do-Over has a lot of pop culture conference that can work for the here and now.  In the end the book will not last the ages because of the pop culture references.  With that being said the The Do-Over is a quick easy read for those needing a little romance and humor for their day.

Thank you to netgalley for a copy of Lynn Painter The Do-Over


After living through a dumpster fire of a Valentine’s Day, Emilie Hornby escapes to her grandmother’s house for some comfort and a consolation pint of Ben & Jerry’s. She passes out on the couch, but when she wakes up, she’s back home in her own bed—and it’s Valentine’s Day all over again. And the next day? Another nightmare V-Day.

Emilie is stuck in some sort of time loop nightmare that she can’t wake up from as she re-watches her boyfriend, Josh, cheat on her day after day. In addition to Josh’s recurring infidelity, Emilie can’t get away from the enigmatic Nick, who she keeps running into—sometimes literally—in unfortunate ways.

How many days can one girl passively watch her life go up in flames? And when something good starts to come out of these terrible days, what happens when the universe stops doling out do-overs?

About The Author:

Lynn Painter is the USA Today Bestselling Author of BETTER THAN THE MOVIES and MR. WRONG NUMBER. She writes romantic comedies for teens and adults, and when she isn't reading or writing, she can usually be found binge-watching rom-coms or shotgunning energy drinks.


Monday, November 14, 2022

Book Review: Payback (Allegiance #4) by Edie Baylis


Title: Payback (Allegiance #4)

Author:  Edie Baylis

Star: 4


This is the first book in the Allegiance series as well as a first-time reading Edi Baylis. That being said I was a little lost as I started reading Payback and found I needed to get into the swing of things. 

The plot, characters, action, and romance work well in this story.  It doesn't stand out in the romantic suspense that I have read in the last year but it's not a back read either.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of Edie Baylis PayBack. 


With his once thriving casino business now in ruins, Seb Stoker is certain about two things: One – he will rebuild bigger and better than ever. And two – someone will pay for torching his club.

But until that day comes, Seb has bigger things to worry about and a business deal that could make or break them all…

Sam Reynold knows Seb is out for revenge, and she’ll do anything she can to help him. But Sam has her own enemies and battles to fight – ones much closer to home.

About The Author:

has met a lot of interesting people - several of whom have supplied ideas for some of the characters in her books! She has now settled back in central England with her partner and children, where she is pursuing her writing.

Edie writes gritty gangland fiction and is currently signed to Boldwood Books for a 5-book series set in Birmingham. The latest and third in the series is due to be released in September 22.

Edie's other series are the Retribution series, the Hunted series and the Downfall series - all trilogies.

When she isn’t writing, Edie enjoys reading and is a self-confessed book hoarder. She also enjoys crochet and music as well as loving anything quirky or unusual.

For all news and updates and to join Edie's mailing list, visit or follow Edie on Twitter @ediebaylis or Facebook

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Book REview: The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks by Shauna Robinson


Title: The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks 

Author: Shauna Robinson

Star: 3


Shauna Robinson writes a very quirky character with lots of humor in a small town.  The story is very predictable including the romance.  The story moves quickly, and readers will enjoy the story. All in all the story isn't something to write home about just another cute romance for readers needing to escape life.

Thank you to Netgalley for a Copy of The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks by Shauna Robinson


I, Maggie Banks, solemnly swear to uphold the rules of Cobblestone Books.

If only, I, Maggie Banks, believed in following the rules.

When Maggie Banks arrives in Bell River to run her best friend's struggling bookstore, she expects to sell bestsellers to her small-town clientele. But running a bookstore in a town with a famously bookish history isn't easy. Bell River's literary society insists on keeping the bookstore stuck in the past, and Maggie is banned from selling anything written this century. So, when a series of mishaps suddenly tip the bookstore toward ruin, Maggie will have to get creative to keep the shop afloat.

And in Maggie's world, book rules are made to be broken.

To help save the store, Maggie starts an underground book club, running a series of events celebrating the books readers actually love. But keeping the club quiet, selling forbidden books, and dodging the literary society is nearly impossible. Especially when Maggie unearths a town secret that could upend everything.

Maggie will have to decide what's more important: the books that formed a small town's history, or the stories poised to change it all.

About The Author:

Shauna Robinson writes contemporary fiction with humor and heart. Originally from San Diego, she now lives in Virginia with her husband and their sleepy greyhound. Shauna is an introvert at heart—she spends most of her time reading, baking, and figuring out the politest way to avoid social interaction.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Book Review: City of Night (Secrets and Sin #1) by Linsey Hall


Title: City of Night (Secrets and Sin #1)

Author: Linsey Hall

Stars: 4


Linsey Hall is a romantic supernatural writer who knows her audience as she writers her different series. City of the Night is a mystery, romantic supernatural that will have fans of Linsey excited for a new series as well as introduce new readers to this author.

The female lead isn't as likable at first but soon wears you down as she finds her tribe of supernatural's willing be friends with her prickle personality.  The male lead is what I would call typical supernatural hero/romantic lead.  The author creates a supernatural New Orleans that doesn't quite fit to the cities history and colorful style.  

The story moves quickly, and readers will be able to figure out who is the bad guy and what he wants quickly and with very little fanfare. City of the Night is a quickly fast read for those who need their Supernatural romance fix. 


When I inherit a haunted bookstore in New Orleans, I go from demon hunter to my dream job. Unfortunately, there’s a dark side to my beautiful new life—the gorgeous demon who seems to think he owns the place.

The attraction between us is insane, and we can’t keep our eyes off each other. But I don’t trust him one bit—especially not the way he uses his seductive charms to try to compel me to work for him.

When a young girl is kidnapped from right outside my house, he’s the first person on my mind. I just can’t figure out if he’s the culprit or my fiercest protector. But I do know he has answers. And I have to resist his dangerous allure, because to give in is to risk losing everything—including my life.

City of Night is the first in the Secrets & Sin trilogy. It's got enemies to lovers, fated mates, and a tortured hero who is absolutely obsessed with the heroine (but doesn't want to be).

About The Author:

Before becoming a writer, Linsey was an archaeologist who studied shipwrecks in all kinds of water, from the tropics to muddy rivers (and she has a distinct preference for one over the other). After a decade of tromping around in search of old bits of stuff, she settled down to start penning her own adventure novels and is freaking delighted that people seem to like them. Since life is better with a little (or a lot of) magic, she writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

Disclaimer for all reviews sent by the publisher, publicist or author for review.