Thursday, December 2, 2021

Book Review: The Hit (Team Zulu #1) by Julie Weaver


Title: The Hit (Team Zulu #1)

Author: Julie Weaver

Stars: 4 1\2 


The first book in the Team Zulu series just happens to set a high bar for Julie Weaver to keep bringing her A game when writing her Team Zulu series. 

The author writes a female lead who is strong without being mean and is able to take care of herself but accepting help and isn't the stupid I can do it than get caught female.  The male lead loves her and accepts her.  The story is what readers expect from Romantic Suspense series that seems to have all the bad guys that you can imagine.

The story flows well the characters are well developed with a well placed story. Thank you to Netgalley for a advance copy of The Hit By Julie Weaver.


Former member of Team Zulu, a clandestine black operations unit, Elias “Shep” Shepherd believes the only use he has nowadays is taking out human scum on home soil. After years of harrowing military deployments, the one place he finds peace is at his remote Appalachian Mountain cabin, far from civilians and the world he doesn’t fit in anymore.

When Shep accepts a Mafia contract, he doesn’t expect his mark to be a woman, or the sexiest thing in grease-stained overalls he’s ever laid eyes on. She stirs something inside Shep’s battle-hardened heart. Despite the risks, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if it means breaking his no visitors rule at the cabin.

Muscle car mechanic Cameron McKenzie only needs one look at the towering wall of muscle who’s abducted her to know he’s a killing machine. Too bad for him, she’s not going down without a fight. Hidden away in his isolated mountain home, Cameron is reluctant to admit Shep might not be the heartless beast she thought he was. And as their mutual trust builds, so too does an intense attraction for her unlikely savior.

If the Mafia discovers Cameron is still alive, Shep will need every one of his elite skills to keep them both safe. Although he’s no longer sure which is more dangerous—The Mob’s demand for merciless retribution, or the woman who makes him wish he was worthy of her love.

Expected publication: December 3rd 2021 by Epic Press 

About The Author:

Julie Weaver is a RWAus Emerald Award finalist and author of spicy, action-packed romantic suspense novels.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Book Review: The Hunted (Bane Island Trilogy #2) by Lisa Childs


Title: The Hunted (Bane Island Trilogy #2) 

Author: Lisa Childs 

Stars: 3 1\2 


I was hoping for something more thriller and mystery with a little romance. Instead it was a whole lot of romance with a little bit of mystery.  The author doesn't do the best job blending the first book information into the second book instead she gives it to you all at once which can be distracting and take readers out of the story. The author created the series so that one book follows the next making sure readers need to read the last book to discover all the answers.

Confession I skipped all the love scenes to get to the meat of the story.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of Lisa Childs The Hunted.


The pressures of fame and an obsessive stalker have driven pop star Olivia Smith to take shelter at Halcyon Hall, an exclusive spa on a remote island off the coast of Maine. Yet from the moment she arrives, there are rumors about women disappearing, and stories about the resort’s grisly past. Then a note arrives from her stalker, proving that nowhere is truly safe . . .

It’s been twenty-five years since Sheriff Deacon Howell discovered his first dead body on these grounds. Back then, Halcyon Hall was an asylum known as Bainesworth Manor. Others have perished here since, including Deacon’s wife. Many locals share his belief that her death wasn’t suicide. The difference is, they think Deacon killed her. But he has bigger problems than gossip, because another body has been found . . .

As Deacon investigates the increasing threats to the singer’s life, the danger becomes undeniable. Something evil lurks here—not just in the asylum’s grim history, but in the present. And there will be no rest at Halcyon Hall until every sin has been avenged . 

About The Author:

Born one dark and stormy Halloween night, Lisa Childs was predestined to write suspense novels. She loves spinning dark and twisty stories that keep readers awake because they’re either too busy turning pages or too scared to sleep. Lisa Childs is the prolific author of more than seventy published novels. In addition to romantic suspense, she also writes women’s fiction, paranormal and contemporary romance.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Book Review: An Unexpected Distraction (Richter #3) by Catherine Bybee


Title: An Unexpected Distraction (Richter #3)

Author: Catherine Bybee 

Stars: 4 1\2


An Unexpected Distraction starts off fast and than slows down as characters are introduced and Jax deals with her unfeeling family. Catherine Bybee writes from different points of view giving the readers the main characters reactions and thoughts though the entire book.  While readers can jump into book three of the series I would recommend readers start with book one just to have a better idea of what Richter did.

The story  is like so many other Catherine Bybee writes the romance at times takes over the story but when the action starts reader will never get enough of her strong women. 

Personal not this wasn't my favorite in the series it was a little slower than expected.

Thank you to Netgalley for advance copy of An Unexpected Distraction by Catherine Bybee 


Jacqueline “Jax” Simon knows how to expose secrets: she’s a skilled operative with MacBain Security and Solutions. When Jax hears her parents are divorcing, she races to London to find out why. She’s determined to learn the truth, especially when her investigation uncovers why her parents sent her to Richter, the German military school that made her a fighter.

Andrew Craig collects Jax at Heathrow Airport as a favor. He’s heard she’s a handful, but he didn’t know she’s dangerously gorgeous too. His instant attraction could change his life…or end it.

Jax doesn’t want to fall for Andrew, but soon he’s worming his way into her life. Together, they infiltrate Richter to discover if it has returned to its covert purpose: training children to be spies and assassins and blackmailing parents to look the other way. As the attraction between the two intensifies, so do the secrets exploding all around them. How deadly are those secrets—and who will survive?

Kindle Edition1st edition365 pages
Expected publication: November 30th 2021 by Montlake

About The Author:

atherine Bybee was raised in Washington State, but after graduating from high school, she moved to Southern California with hopes of becoming a movie star. After growing bored with waiting tables, she returned to school and became a registered nurse, spending most of her career in urban emergency rooms. She now writes full-time and has penned the International Bestselling

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Book Review: How World War II Changed America by Earl Ofari Hutchinson


Title: How World War II Changed America

Author: Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Stars: 3 1\2 


A thought provoking work that left me wondering if the original intent was, to gather new followers, or convince current followers of the author that he is correct. While I enjoyed his perspective of events I was not converted to his very apparent viewpoint. I feel that an individual gets out of life what he is willing to work for and achieve on his own merits. There is no free lunch without strings attached and if it sounds to good to be true it probably is not true.

I have rated this book 3 stars. I recommend it be read only to be informed of current thinking.
I received an ARC from Netgalley for my unbiased review.
Thank you Frank for your Review.


My father. Earl Hutchinson Sr. and my uncle, James Hutchinson, were World War II veterans,” says political and World War II History analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson. I grew up hearing the stories about my father’s wartime experiences and how those experiences changed and shaped his life. The war has always had special meaning for me.”

Earl Ofari Hutchinson's new book, How World War II Changed America, is scheduled for release on August 6, designated Hiroshima Day globally and months before commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the December 7. Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The attack propelled the U.S. into the war. The events continue to spark discussion, debate, and reflection on the lessons still to be learned from World War II.

How World War II Changed America pays tribute to the enduring changes the war brought to America and the men and women who made those changes. Says Hutchinson. “My father’s story and the story of others affected by the war I tell.” He further notes, “The one certainty about any new look at World War II is that if the U.S. had not entered the global fight, it would be a much different America today. And so would their story.”

Hutchinson presents a riveting look at the monumental changes that World War II produced in the U.S. How those changes transformed America. And how those changes shape the lives of Americans today and will continue through the 21st Century. The changes touch every aspect of American’s lives in technology, industry, politics, race, gender, the social movements for change, nuclear armaments, national security, and international relations.

About The Author:

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Book Review: Immortal's Honor (Dark Protectors #14) by Rebecca Zanetti


Title: Immortal's Honor (Dark Protectors #14)

Author:  Rebecca Zanetti 

Stars: 4 1\2


Dark Protector series keeps on going this time it is Sam Kyllwood time to become the over the top strong Alpha to protect the one woman he needs in this life. Honor is the same type of female lead that follow in the footsteps on the other Dark protectors romance series.  She is strong, feisty and fall in love with hot sexy time with Sam and his motorcycle. The story moves quickly with big bad guys trying to take another enhanced female to kill.  Honor won't stop until everyone is safe and protected.

Immortal Honor is fast pace and will keep readers happy.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of Immortal Honor.


When Vampire-Demon Sam Kyllwood discovers he’s the keeper of some mysterious circle, he laughs it off. When he finds out that his younger brother is supposed to fight to the death in said circle, he snaps right to furious. And that’s before he starts uncontrollably making things explode —it turns out it’s never too late to develop deadly new immortal abilities. But even those explosions are nothing compared to what happens when he tries to handle a very suspicious, brilliant and beyond sexy human female whose piercing eyes ignite a heat that rages deliciously outside even his unbreakable control…

Honor McDovall is one of the best interrogators Homeland Security has ever had. But no matter how well she appears to fit in, her mystical gifts are slowly driving her mad. She doesn't understand them, she doesn't want them, but for now, she'll use them to detect and defeat danger until she completely loses her mind. Unfortunately, her job brings her face to face with the deadliest man she's ever met—and she senses Sam is even more gifted than she is. Yet once they kiss, she realizes he's also more dangerous than the enemies suddenly coming from every direction. Good thing they both like to play with fire . 

About The Author:

Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner - only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them. She writes dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and sexy contemporary romances.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Book Review Stay Hidden by Julie Anne Lindsey


Title: Stay Hidden

Author: Julie Anne Lindsey

Stars: 4


Julie Anne Lindsey brings out the big gun in her Harlequin Intrigue series where the characters pop off the pages as they try protect those they love.  The characters are likable the romance is well balanced in the story as readers are trying to protect and keep each other. 

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of Stay safe.


He’s determined not to let her Expectant mother Gina Ricci needs an exit plan—pronto! Her ex is out of control, and private investigator Cruz Winchester insists justice—not hiding—is the only way to keep her baby safe. But even as Cruz and his law enforcement family unite in her defense, Gina’s attraction to her handsome protector grows undeniable. Unstoppable. Then her family is targeted and the stakes couldn't be higher

About The Author:

Julie Anne Lindsey is an award-winning and bestselling author of cozy mystery and romantic suspense. She’s published more than forty novels since her debut in 2013 and currently writes series as herself, as well as under the pen names, Bree Baker, Jacqueline Frost & Julie Chase, for various publishers, including Kensington, Harlequin, Sourcebooks and Crooked Lane Books. When she's not writing the stories that keep her up at night, Julie stays busy in Kent, Ohio with her patient husband, enabling friends, and three amazing kids. Today she hopes to make someone smile. One day she plans to change the world. Julie is represented by Jill Marsal at the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency and is a member of the International Thriller Writers, Sisters in Crime and Romance Writers of America

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Book Review: Bewitch the Darkness (Guardians of Eternity #18) by Alexandra Ivy


Title: Bewitch the Darkness (Guardians of Eternity #18)

Author:  Alexandra Ivy 

Stars: 4 1\2


I have enjoyed Alexandra Ivy romantic suspense series and thought I would read one more of the author Guardians Of Eternity series.  The story is told from different prospective giving readers a deeper look into the minds of the lead characters and the world the author created.

The banter between the two lead lead characters is entertaining and well paced though the story. The balance of romance, fighting and movement in the story keeps readers wanting more from this series.

Bewitch The Darkness has a feisty, fun, strong, sweet female lead and a grumpy male lead who doesn't realize what he wants until he tries to kill her.

Thank you for netgalley for a copy of Bewitch The Darkness.


Only one drastic mission can tempt Kyi away from the peaceful woodland where the dryads raised her: killing her mother. Xuria’s beauty masks a bone-deep evil that has enslaved fey for centuries with the help of a powerful stone. A hundred years ago, Kyi almost succeeded—until one meddlesome vampire destroyed her chance. With rumors that Xuria has emerged from her secret realm, Kyi’s determined to try again—despite the vampire who is now focused on destroying her.

Locke has been waiting over a century to avenge what he believes was Xuria’s death. Discovering the sorceress’s raven-haired fey daughter was the assassin is a surprise—until her story of Xuria’s treachery begins to ring true. Working with Kyi is one solution—and the relentless heat simmering between them is a hint that they may be fated as mates. But even a destined love will have to wait as they now struggle to defeat Kyi’s twin sister, who has a chilling plan of her own .

About The Author:

Years later (no, I'm not admitting how many) I'm still an avid reader, and my tastes are still as varied as they were in my youth, which I suppose helps to explain why I enjoy writing regency historicals under the name of Deborah Raleigh, as well as my contemporary paranormals as Alexandra Ivy. For now that is enough to keep me busy, but who knows what the future might hold!

I do have a few other loves in my life besides reading and writing, the most important being my unbelievably patient husband, David, and my two sons, Chance and Alexander.

Book Review: The Last Goodnight (Blood Ties #1) by Kat Martin


Title: The Last Goodnight (Blood Ties #1)

Author:  Kat Martin

Stars: 4 1\2


Kat Martin usually is able to pull off a balance of romance, action and story building without one story line taking over the other,

The last goodnight realized heavy in the hot and spicy moments and less on the story that readers are trying to understand. This is book 1 in a new book series by Kat Martin so there is a lot of introductions to different characters readers will get to know as the series moves forward. The characters are likeable and with the intraromance readers who need that will enjoy this book.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of The Last Goodnight.


When Kade Logan said goodbye to his estranged wife eight years ago, he never thought it would be the last time he saw her alive. Now her car has been hauled out of a nearby lake and Kade is determined to track down the man who murdered her. Enter Eleanor Bowman, a talented private investigator who’s about to stir up a hornet’s nest on his Colorado ranch.

With old scandals still buzzing about his late wife’s many affairs and new violence erupting, Kade is faced with the discovery of another beautiful woman’s body. Are the two killings linked? Who is the man who seduced, then murdered both victims? Ellie believes they are dangerously close to the truth.

From corporate Denver high-rises to posh Vail mansions, Kade and Ellie sense the killer is closing in again, and this time Ellie is the target. Kade must risk everything to save the woman he’s coming to love—before she becomes the next one to die . . .

About The Author:

Kathleen Kelly was born on 14 July 1947 in the Central Valley of California, USA. She obtained a degree in Anthropology and also studied History at the University of California in Santa Barbara. She was a real estate broker, when she met her future husband, Larry Jay Martin. A short time after the two became acquainted, Larry asked her to read an unpublished manuscript of an historical western he'd written. Kat fell in love with both the book and the author! Then, after doing some editing for him, she thought she'd try her own hand at writing. She moved on to become a full time writer.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Book Review: Silent Protector (Verona Bay #3) by Katie Reus


Title:  Silent Protector (Verona Bay #3)

Author: Katie Reus 

Stars: 5


Katie Reus created loveable characters with past and futures they want but are not sure they can have.  Adeline and Mac are cute, readers will love them right off the bat. The author created wonderful dialogue that will have readers hooked as Adeline and Mac survive flooding, murder and mystery.  The secondary characters are fun and will have reader wanting more.

Thank you to Netgalley and the author for a advance copy of Silent Protector.


Adeline Rodriguez left her violent past behind, buried her secrets and started over in Verona Bay. Now a successful co-owner in a local pet grooming business, she’s made a life for herself in this idyllic community, and has real friends. Thanks to her past, the only thing she hasn’t mastered yet is a real relationship. And when circumstances lead her to finally let her guard down with sexy Mac Collins, he completely ghosts her. Her first instinct is to close herself off again, but she decides to confront him instead—and that fateful decision puts her directly in the crosshairs of a killer.

Others can destroy you…

Mac has wanted Adeline since the moment they met, but she made it clear that she didn’t want a relationship. So he kept his distance. When they’re trapped together in a remote cabin, things change between them. But Mac’s past has come back to haunt him, so he pushes her away to protect her. Unfortunately, it’s already too late. Adeline is now a target too. To save her, Mac has no choice except to end the threat. Only then can he try to win over the woman he can’t live without. But winning over the feisty Adeline might prove to be harder than stopping a killer.

About The Author:

Katie Reus is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Red Stone Security series, the Redemption Harbor series and the Deadly Ops series. She fell in love with romance at a young age thanks to books she pilfered from her mom's stash. Years later she loves reading romance almost as much as she loves writing it. However, she didn't always know she wanted to be a writer. 

Monday, November 15, 2021

Book Review: The Lost Bones (Widow's Island #8) by Kendra Elliot


Title: The Lost Bones (Widow's Island #8)

Author: Kendra Elliot

Stars: 5


Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh are writing a series of novella that bring the world of Widow Island to life with mystery surrounding every part of the small island.

Each Character comes to life in such a few short pages that will have reader hooked until the very last word is printed. Each person in the island are intertwined to the point readers will feel like everyone is family or a killer. The Novella is short fast pace and will keep readers wanting more.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of The Lost Bones.


When former FBI agent Cate Wilde moves back to Widow’s Island, she envisions a simpler life than the one she had in law enforcement. But Cate’s past has a habit of catching up with her. When she receives a mysterious package containing a child’s mandible, she finds herself thrust back into action.

The mandible leads Cate to an unsolved case she worked seven years ago—the kidnapping of a three-year-old girl. At the time, Cate suspected the girl was kidnapped by her overprotective father. But after they both vanished, the case went cold.

At the urging of the girl’s mother, Cate dives back into the case and learns her prime suspect may still be a threat. Armed with new clues and a fresh perspective, Cate must confront the possibility that the kidnapper is poised to strike again. But can she save his new child from the same fate before it’s too late?

About The Author:

She grew up in the lush Pacific Northwest and still lives there with her family and three cats. She's fascinated with forensics, refuses to eat anything green, and dreams of living every day in flip flops. UPDATE: She now lives in flip flops and watches the sun rise over the ocean every day.

Book Review: Game On: Tempting Twenty-Eight (Stephanie Plum #28) by Janet Evanovich


Title: Game On: Tempting Twenty-Eight (Stephanie Plum #28)

Author:  Janet Evanovich

Stars: 3 1\2


I think it might be time Janet Evanovich puts away Stephanie Plum series.  The story falls flat using the same old story lines with the same romance and a story that doesn't bring anything new into the series. 

Reader will be excited to find Diesel in the story but it isn't until half way though the book.  Once he arrives Diesel isn't the one readers have come to know and love. 

Game On isn't a new story it is the only stories thrown together making a half attempt to keep the Stephanie Plum series moving to the next book.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of Game on Tempting Twenty Eight.


When Stephanie Plum is woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of footsteps in her apartment, she wishes she didn’t keep her gun in the cookie jar in her kitchen. And when she finds out the intruder is fellow apprehension agent Diesel, six feet of hard muscle and bad attitude who she hasn’t seen in more than two years, she still thinks the gun might come in handy.

Turns out Diesel and Stephanie are on the trail of the same fugitive: Oswald Wednesday, an international computer hacker as brilliant as he is ruthless. Stephanie may not be the most technologically savvy sleuth, but she more than makes up for that with her dogged determination, her understanding of human nature, and her willingness to do just about anything to bring a fugitive to justice. Unsure if Diesel is her partner or her competition in this case, she’ll need to watch her back every step of the way as she sets the stage to draw Wednesday out from behind his computer and into the real world.

About The Author:

Janet Evanovich is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series, the Lizzy and Diesel series, twelve romance novels, the Alexandra Barnaby novels and Trouble Maker graphic novel, and How I Write: Secrets of a Bestselling Author, as well as the Fox and O'Hare series with co-author Lee Goldberg

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Book Review: Buried Bones (Widow's Island #7) By Melinda Leigh

 Title:  Buried Bones (Widow's Island #7)

Author: Melinda Leigh

Stars: 5 


Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot are writing a series of novella called Widows Island .  Melinda Leigh characters are Tessa Black deputy of Widow island.  The characters comes to life in each story of murder and mystery. 

The author is able to pack a punch in so few pages.  Each story builds on each other the characters grow and the community the author's create become real and walk right off the pages.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of Buried Bones.


All communities have their secrets…but on Widow’s Island, there’s a skeleton in every closet, as Deputy Tessa Black knows all too well. When Tessa stumbles upon a half-buried body in the woods, a peaceful morning hike suddenly turns into a race to catch a killer.

Tessa identifies the skeletal corpse as Aurora Franklin, a young college student and aspiring actor. She’d come to Widow’s Island for a summer job, only to be strangled and discarded. Aurora has been dead for over a month—and not a single islander has reported her missing.

The investigation reveals a dangerous predator hiding in the Widow’s Island community. With her fiancĂ©, park ranger Logan Wilde, by her side, Tessa must find Aurora’s murderer before they strike again.

About The Author:

 Melinda’s debut novel, SHE CAN RUN, was nominated for Best First Novel by the International Thriller Writers. Since then, she has garnered numerous writing accolades, including two RITA® Award nominations and an induction into the NJ Romance Writers Hall of Fame. Her novels have sold more than 10 million copies across the world. Melinda loves martial arts, rescue dogs, and sea turtles.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Book Reviews are coming I promise.

Recently my family lost a loved one. My 23 years old nephew died recently due to suicide.  My seven siblings, spouses and grandchildren came together to suppose my brother and his family as we said good bye to their book reading son. 
I flew home to Minnesota where I was there to love, support and listen to the stories, cry and laugh together.

As time flew by I found myself home once again trying to get costumes ready for Halloween.  Before I knew it we were celebrating my husbands birthday and another round of head colds.  

Times gets away from everyone and I hope authors, readers and everyone who interacts with my blog can forgive me.

Reviews are coming!

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Adventure in Life!

What more can I say the Title says it ALL!!  Fall break as started and for my crew of 4 it is 2  1\2 weeks long which is always a blast because when everyone else is in school we are on break.  We can take a vacation that is a little less crowded.  Only this year a member o my husband sale staff quite over a 2$ pay raise that the owner hadn't decided on.  That leaves my husband and one other full time sales member to take care of the job of four people.  That means break is all mommy.

Most of the time I would be excited.,  In fact we have done a lot of fun things already before my Husband turned into 4 man job.  We went to LA for 48 hours Went to The Getty(The Art and Culture side of the trip) Griffith Observatory(Science and Knowledge portion), and Universal studies.( For Fun Times)

Unless you are me with a rare autoimmune disease who's body dislike everything unless it is slow movement.  Once again I learned a Wheelchair is my bestfriend and I shouldn't have ignored that constantly noise my body was making from walking up and down stairs, shaking of rides and the endless hours sitting in a car in the smallest area to give me kids lot of space in the car.

FYI Mommie can get lost at Universal Studios when you give you child your bag to hold and they follow Dad. No phone, No wallet, Nothing but a smile on my face and I enjoyed life outside 4 walls and seeing everyone's amazing eyes and covered faces

This week we have been trying out hand at arts and crafts with UV Resin and Epoxy Resin.  Lets just say its fun if you are not trying to make anything perfect!!

With that all said we have had doctors appointments for all the kids, I have been puts on a different medication again here hoping Enbrel doesn't make me sick like Humira.  Acid Reflux and Nausea are not fun when they hit out of no where and over and over again.  The other medication is more of a Extra boost vitamin for my Raynards that is crazy BAD! 

I would love to post pictures of our amazing trip but so far my Surface is very angry with me because the glass broke so it doesn't want to be helpful today.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Book Review: A Reckless Match (Ruthless Rivals #1) by Kate Bateman


Title:  Reckless Match (Ruthless Rivals #1)

Author: Kate Bateman

Stars: 3.5 


An engaging historical romance story set in 1815 on the border between England and Wales. Two families, who have had a dispute spanning generations, have the opportunity to lay it to rest. Can a mutual attraction between two of the involved parties be the solution that has eluded them for years? It is a delightful chase with a mutually satisfying outcome.

I enjoyed the story and have rated it 3.5 stars. It reminded me of the Hatfield and McCoy feud, without the violence, that took place in the vicinity of where I was raised as a youngster.

I received an ARC from Netgalley for my unbiased review.


Maddie Montgomery's family is in debt, and her hope rests on the rival Davies clan missing their yearly “pledge of goodwill,” ceding the land that separates their estates. With Maddie's teenage nemesis, Gryffud “Gryff” Davies, Earl of Powys, away, hope is in reach.

But then, Gryff shows up and is stunned that the tomboy he once teased is now a woman. When Gryff and Maddie discover contraband on their land, they realize it can benefit both families. But they've also uncovered a dangerous plot, and they need to work together to get out alive. Soon, their hatred for each other starts to feel more like attraction.

Kate Bateman brings crackling banter, steamy romance, and a dash of adventure into the first book in the Ruthless Rivals series.

Mass Market Paperback336 pages
Expected publication: September 28th 2021 by St. Martin's Press

About The Author:

Also writes as K.C. Bateman

Kate Bateman (also writing as K. C. Bateman) wrote her first historical romance in response to a $1 bet with her husband who rashly claimed she'd 'never finish the thing.' She gleefully proved him wrong. Her Regency and Renaissance-era romances all feature her trademark feisty, intelligent heroines, wickedly inappropriate banter, and heroes you want to both strangle and kiss.

When not traveling to exotic locations 'for research,' Kate leads a double life as a fine art appraiser and on-screen antiques expert for several TV shows in the UK, each of which has up to 2.5 million viewers. She splits her time between Illinois and her native England and writes despite three inexhaustible children and a number-loving husband who still owes her that dollar.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Book Review: From Britain With Love: Hilarious Comedy Adventures by Robert A. Webster


Title: From Britain With Love: Hilarious Comedy Adventures 

Author: Robert A. Webster 

Stars: 4


An engaging tale of a group of old men residing in a residential care home. They are all musicians and start to perform together and have a surprise success. The humor is British and must be understood to appreciate it fully. They retreat to parts of Asia and sample the seamier side of life while escaping from the publicity which will reveal their true identities and age.

I have rated this book 4 stars and consider it to be a good example of British humor at its best.

I received an ARC from Netgalley for my unbiased review.

Thank you Frank for your review.


Proof that getting old doesn't mean you can't have fun. It just means you know how to get away with it!

Fossdyke Retirement Home has seen its fair share of quirky characters, but it’s never seen the likes of these four geriatric rockers!
To outsiders, they are sweet, funny, if not a tad bit ornery. To those in the know, they are meddlesome, rebellious, and in way over their heads. When chaos erupts, they’re not far behind.

What begin as ordinary days, where others their age would spend their time chatting up a friend or family member, these four spend their days and nights making music, performing for their legion of fans, globetrotting to exciting destinations, and of course, getting mixed up in perilous situations. Between outrunning the press and persistent record companies, coming face-to-face with ISIS rebels, and the occasional death or two, it’s all they can do to keep their wits about them and escape injury.
Follow the madcap adventures of Britain’s most irreverently lovable elderly rockers as they trip, stumble, and fall into one situation after another and have a few laughs along the way in From Britain with Love, a hilarious action-packed series!

About The Author:

Robert A. Webster is a multi-genre author based in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Originally from Cleethorpes, UK, he embodies both hearty wit and adventurous vigor, making his prose insanely memorable and incessantly enjoyable. His unique brand of snarky humour and imaginative storytelling breathe vivid life into his work, which combines comical British characters with exotic Southeast Asian settings. The result is "brilliant" and "unpredictable," as Dinorah Blackman of Readers' Favorite says.

His first novel Siam Storm received rave reviews in the expat community in southeast Asia. Its sequels, Chalice and Bimat, were similarly acclaimed. Protector, the fourth book of the Siam Storm series, continues the journey of the lovable scallywags who have a penchant for mischief. The books document high-octane escapades and colourful, fantastical narratives that don't stop.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Book Review: Among Thieves by M. J. Kuhn

Title: Among Thieves

Author:   M. J. Kuhn

Stars: 4


M.J. Kuhn creates a band of crazy criminals that are trying hard to keep to their personal code. The author creates compelling characters with a well written story line that will pull readers into the story.  The story is well paced keeping the story moving forward with character development that has readers taking sides and wondering who is the good guys and who are the bad guys.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of Among Thieves. 


In just over a year’s time, Ryia Cautella has already earned herself a reputation as the quickest, deadliest blade in the dockside city of Carrowwick—not to mention the sharpest tongue. But Ryia Cautella is not her real name.

For the past six years, a deadly secret has kept her in hiding, running from town to town, doing whatever it takes to stay one step ahead of the formidable Guildmaster—the sovereign ruler of the five kingdoms of Thamorr. No matter how far or fast she travels, his servants never fail to track her down...but even the most powerful men can be defeated.

Ryia’s path now leads directly into the heart of the Guildmaster’s stronghold, and against every instinct she has, it’s not a path she can walk alone. Forced to team up with a crew of assorted miscreants, smugglers, and thieves, Ryia must plan her next moves very carefully. If she succeeds, her freedom is won once and for all…but unfortunately for Ryia, her new allies are nearly as selfish as she is, and they all have plans of their own.

Hardcover352 pages
Published September 7th 2021 by Gallery / Saga Press

About The Author:

M.J. Kuhn is a fantasy writer by night and a mild-mannered university employee by day. She lives in the metro Detroit area with her husband Ryan, a dog named Wrex, and the very spoiled cat Thorin Oakenshield. You can find more information about M.J. online at

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Book Review: Crossing Lines: A Spellbinding CIA Romantic Suspense Thriller by Adrienne Giordano


Title: Crossing Lines

Author: Adrienne Giordano

Stars: 5


Adrienne Giordano is a wonderful author who is able to pull readers in from the first sentence to the last page. The dialogue between characters is fast pace and will keep readers needing more between Shane and Liz.  The story moves quickly that will make it impossible to put down the book as readers wonder what the characters are getting into as the book is closed. 

Readers will be kept on the edge of their seats as they finish Crossing Lines.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of Crossing Lines.


While protecting a dangerously attractive ex-agent, a former CIA operative must decide which asset is more important to him: his identity or his heart.
She's running out of friends—and out of time.
CIA operative Elizabeth Aiken is on her own. After a rescue operation in Venezuela goes south and her cover is blown, Elizabeth barely escapes the country with her life. Set adrift by the agency and with a price on her head, she seeks out the only person who can help her disappear.
Unfortunately, the devastatingly attractive former operative wants nothing to do with her or the cartel-backed Venezuelan president who wants her dead. Worse still, if Elizabeth's not careful, she'll end up losing her heart instead of watching her back...and there's no room for mistakes with assassins hot on her trail.
Helping her could destroy everything he's worked for.
Former Marine-turned-CIA operative.
Current bar owner.
All-around badass.
Shane "Viper" Quinn has spent years constructing the perfect cover, and he's not about to sacrifice it for a woman he barely knows. Even if she is strong and beautiful and makes him long for sultry nights that could destroy his carefully crafted life.
Still, Shane is forced to fight his growing attraction to the fearsome ex-agent while keeping her in one piece. Elizabeth's enemies are now his enemies—and they aren't going to stop until everyone who stands against them is eliminated. Will having the deadly Viper by her side be enough to save her?

About The Author:

Adrienne Giordano is a USA Today bestselling author of over thirty romantic suspense and mystery novels. She is a Jersey girl at heart, but now lives in the Midwest with her ultimate supporter of a husband, sports-obsessed son and Elliot, a snuggle-happy rescue. Having grown up near the ocean, Adrienne enjoys paddleboarding, a nice float in a kayak and lounging on the beach with a good book.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Book Review: Right Behind Her (Bree Taggert #4) by Melinda Leigh


Title: Right Behind Her (Bree Taggert #4)

Author: Melinda Leigh

Stars; 5


 Book 4 in the Bree Taggert series is a painful revisit to Bree.  The story pushes readers into finding the heart and soul of a dark story.  Bree faces more heart along with painful memories that will keep readers hooked and ready for book in this can't miss series.

Melinda Leigh is able to bring to life the characters that live in her head.  The characters become part of a family that readers didn't know they wanted but can't live without knowing what will happen next.

Melinda Leigh is able to wrap romance, suspense, family, life and death into a perfect series that readers will never get enough of.

Thank you to publisher for the advance copy of Right Behind Her!


Twenty-seven years ago, Sheriff Bree Taggert’s father killed her mother, then himself. Now Bree and her younger brother, Adam, find human bones on the grounds of their abandoned family farm. The remains are those of a man and a woman, both murdered in the same horrible way.

When the investigation determines the murders occurred thirty years ago, Bree’s dead father becomes a suspect, forcing Bree to revisit the brutal night she’s spent most of her life trying to forget. The only other suspect is an unlikely squatter on the Taggert farm who claims to know secrets about Bree’s past. When he mysteriously disappears and Bree’s niece is kidnapped, the cold case heats up.

Bree has stoked the rage of a murderer who’ll do anything to keep his identity—and motives—a secret. To protect everyone she loves, Bree must confront a killer.

About The Author:

Melinda Leigh is a fully recovered banker who learned that writing books is way more fun than analyzing financial statements. Melinda’s debut novel, SHE CAN RUN, was nominated for Best First Novel by the International Thriller Writers. Since then, she has garnered numerous writing accolades, including two RITA® Award nominations and an induction into the NJ Romance Writers Hall of Fame. Her novels have sold more than 10 million copies across the world. Melinda loves martial arts, rescue dogs, and sea turtles

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Book Review Stronger Than You Know (McKenzies of Ridge Trail #2) by Lori Foster


Title:  Stronger Than You Know (McKenzies of Ridge Trail #2) 

Author: Lori Foster 

Stars: 4 1\2


Lori Foster is a talents romance writer.  Her ability to write two flawed characters who will pull at readers heart strings.  Kennedy does everything she can to control her life so others do not see what she struggles with.  Kennedy is very human with her desires that readers could see themselves friends with her.

The McKenzie's Ridge Trail is a must read series and your in luck it is only book 2!  Start this series now!


Kennedy Brooks has spent years learning how to protect herself, and empowering other women to do the same. Still, there are some hazards that can’t be predicted. That includes Reyes McKenzie, who owns her local gym. Strong, capable, and watchful, he seems like the one man who might understand her past. For once, Kennedy is tempted to let her guard down—something she’s vowed never to do.

The moment petite, fiercely determined Kennedy walked into his gym, Reyes knew that she carried secrets. What he didn’t expect was that she could tell the same about him. When trouble tracks her down, she turns to Reyes, unleashing a maelstrom of protective instinct and mutual desire. But will her need for him end when the danger does, or will they take the ultimate risk—on each other?

ebook384 pages
Published August 24th 2021 by HQN Books

About The Author:

Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St. Martin’s, Harlequin, Silhouette, Samhain, and Berkley/Jove. She is currently published with HQN.

Lori hosts a very special annual “Reader & Author” event in West Chester, Ohio. Proceeds from the event have benefited many worthy causes, including the Hamilton County YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation, The Conductive Learning Center for children with spina bifida and cerebral palsy, and The One Way Farm, Children’s Home.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Book Review: Rogue Wolf (SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #12) by Paige Tyler


Title: Rogue Wolf (SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #12)

Author: Paige Tyler

Stars: 4


Paige Tyler SWAT Wolf series she gives reader hot romance, Alpha males with heart and soul, Mysterious characters and females who are strong and able to handle things that comes their way.

This story will not disappoint Paige Tyler fans who have been waiting for Trey and Samantha story.  The characters are well balanced, the romance is a slow simmer that gives readers everything they want and more.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of Rouge Wolf


There's been a wicked attraction between SWAT werewolf Trey Duncan and medical examiner Samantha Mills since the two met, but Trey's never worked up the nerve to ask her out. So when Samantha says she wants to cash in the favor Trey owes her for a date, it seems like the perfect time to confess his true feelings. But the trouble with wolves is that they're never far from danger, and this time Trey is going up against a monster the likes of which his Dallas SWAT team has never seen... This time it's going to take everything Trey and Samantha have to crack the case and protect each other.

About The Author:

Paige Tyler is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy, romantic suspense and paranormal romance. She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby (also known as their dog). Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kick-butt heroines who fall in love with them.

Represented by Courtney Miller-Callihan of Handspun Literary

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Book Review: One Last Kiss (Blood Ties #0.5) by Kat Martin


Title: One Last Kiss (Blood Ties #0.5)

Author:  Kat Martin 

Stars: 5


This is the beginning of a new series by Kat Martin that will have readers excited or book 1. 

The characters jump off the pages as Libby is trying to figure out her new world with an inheritance hanging over her head.  Spending her life in the city coming to a ranch isn't what she expected.

Sam Bridger is you rancher who can't stop from falling in love with Libby but when things take a quick deadly twist readers will figure it out but love every second as Sam and Libby get to know each other in this short Novella.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of One Last Kiss by Kat Martin.


Colorado rancher Sam Bridger will do anything for a friend, even if it means babysitting a rich city girl who knows more about high fashion than horses. Blond, beautiful Liberty Hale looks like a model—and acts like a spoiled brat—but Sam senses another side to the young woman who has lost so much of her family, and he can’t deny the heat just one look at her ignites.

Libby is determined to get through her time on the ranch—her inheritance depends on her putting in a solid month’s work. She hadn’t imagined her boss would be a sexy, straightforward cowboy—and she’s surprised to discover just how much she wants him. As life in the Colorado sunshine begins to burn away her grief, Libby and Sam’s attraction to each other starts to sizzle.

A three-day pack trip into the mountains will test them both—especially when one of the ranch’s guests takes a sinister interest in Libby. Suddenly their unexpected chance at love is overshadowed by the terrifying possibility that their very lives are at risk .

About The Author:

Kathleen Kelly was born on 14 July 1947 in the Central Valley of California, USA. She obtained a degree in Anthropology and also studied History at the University of California in Santa Barbara. She was a real estate broker, when she met her future husband, Larry Jay Martin. A short time after the two became acquainted, Larry asked her to read an unpublished manuscript of an historical western he'd written. Kat fell in love with both the book and the author! Then, after doing some editing for him, she thought she'd try her own hand at writing. She moved on to become a full time writer.

Published since 1988, she singed her books with her married name, Kat Martin, but she also used two pseudonyms: Kathy Lawrence for a book in collaboration with her husband Larry Jay Martin, and Kasey Mars for her first contemporary romances. The New York Times bestselling writer, among her many awards, has won the prestigious RT Book Review Magazine Career Achievement Award. To date, Kat has over eleven million copies of her books in print. She has been published in seventeen foreign countries, including England, South Africa, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Bulgaria, China, and Korea.

Currently residing with her husband, a Western-writer and photographer, in Missoula, Montana, USA. But when they are not writing, they also enjoy skiing and traveling, particularly to Europe.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Book Review: Faceless (Pike, Wisconsin #2) by Alexandra Ivy


Title: Faceless (Pike, Wisconsin #2)

Author: Alexandra Ivy

Star: 5


Alexandra Ivy romantic suspense series pull at readers into her creative world keeping readers hooked to ever written word. Wynter Moore and Noah Hunter are two friends that can never be more.  The worked together figure out who or what is after Wynter.  

The author writes two characters who have great bond that keeps the story moving forward even as readers figure out who or what is trying to hurt Wynter and her future.

The Pike Wisconsin series are a have to read for romantic suspense readers.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of Alexandra Ivy Faceless. 


A masked robber, a gunshot, an endless nightmare left in its wake. Wynter Moore was just four years-old when she witnessed the murder of her mother. For twenty-five years she’s tried to blunt the trauma with ambition. Yet each year, she shuts down her popular Iowa restaurant to return to her small hometown of Pike, Wisconsin, to grieve. Only this time, her visit will be marked by new danger and shocking discoveries about the past—and about her mother.

Why kill her? That’s what scrawled on the picture Pike’s recently deceased sheriff left behind for Wynter. Pulledfrom surveillance tape, it shows the fatal hold-up—and raises unnerving questions. Soon, Wynter is opening a Pandora’s box of dark revelations and suspects. When frightening incidents and threats start coming, it’s clear that Wynter is a target herself. Enemies seem to abound—except for one man . . .

Game warden Noah Hunter has tried to convince himself that Wynter is just a friend ever since they met in grief counseling as teenagers. But now that she’s in danger, that denial is over. Traveling to her side, he helps Wynter retrace the treacherous steps of her complex mother’s life—before she loses her own. Because someone wants—needs—Wynter gone, forever.

About The Author:

I'm not exactly sure when I fell in love with books. Probably on my mother's knee listening to her read Dr. Seuss to me. I do remember that I was barely old enough to cross the street by myself when I discovered the delights of the local library. Could anything be more wonderful than spending summer days surrounded by stacks of Nancy Drew mysteries? Over the years I fell in love with Victoria Holt, Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, and J.R.R. Tolkien just to name a few. I read poetry, essays, biographies, and plays. In fact, I read anything I could get my hands on.

Years later (no, I'm not admitting how many) I'm still an avid reader, and my tastes are still as varied as they were in my youth, which I suppose helps to explain why I enjoy writing regency historicals under the name of Deborah Raleigh, as well as my contemporary paranormals as Alexandra Ivy. For now that is enough to keep me busy, but who knows what the future might hold!

I do have a few other loves in my life besides reading and writing, the most important being my unbelievably patient husband, David, and my two sons, Chance and Alexander. Without their constant support and belief in me, I never could have been able to follow my dreams. They are truly my heroes.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Book Review: Ice and Stone (Sharon McCone #34) by Marcia Muller


Title: Ice and Stone (Sharon McCone #34)

Author: Marcia Muller

Stars: 4


Marcia Muller has written 34 book in the Sharon McCone series. I have only read maybe one other but Ice and Stone has be wanting to fix that.  The story is pure mystery that shows what it is like for people in the outside of the Native American government and American government try to solve a murder together.

The story moves quickly keeping readers guessing who and what will happen next.  The author pulls readers into her world showing another side to a world most never know about.

Thank you to Netgalley for a review of Ice and Stone.


When the bodies of two Indigenous women are found in the wilderness of northern California, it is only the latest horrific development in a string of similar crimes in the area. Despite all evidence to the contrary, officials rule the deaths isolated incidents, which soon join the ranks of countless other unsolved cases quickly dismissed by law enforcement.
In a town where too many injustices are tolerated or brushed under the rug, only a few people remain who refuse to let a killer walk free. But Private Investigator Sharon McCone is one of those few. She is hired by an organization called Crimes against Indigenous Sisters to go undercover in Meruk County—a community rife with secrets, lies, and corruption—to expose the truth.
In an isolated cabin in the freezing, treacherous woods, McCone must work quickly to unravel a mystery that is rooted in profound evil—before she becomes the killer’s next target.

About The Author:

A native of the Detroit area, Marcia Muller grew up in a house full of books and self-published three copies of her first novel at age twelve, a tale about her dog complete with primitive illustrations. The "reviews" were generally positive.

Disclaimer for all reviews sent by the publisher, publicist or author for review.