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Book Review: Mindfulness for Insomnia: A Four-Week Guided Program to Relax Your Body, Calm Your Mind, and Get the Sleep You Need by Catherine Polan Orzech, William H. Moorcroft

Mindfulness for Insomnia: A Four-Week Guided Program to Relax Your Body, Calm Your Mind, and Get the Sleep You Need
Title:  Mindfulness for Insomnia: A Four-Week Guided Program to Relax Your Body, Calm Your Mind, and Get the Sleep You Need 

Author: Catherine Polan Orzech,  William H. Moorcroft

Stars: 3 1\2 

As someone who struggles with Insomnia I am always looking for natural ways to find peace in sleeping though the night.  The information isn't anything new for someone who struggles with Insomnia on a daily or month basis.  This information is helpful for those who struggle with loss of sleep once every couples of years but for those who struggle monthly this is might be the book that puts you to sleep and less the method they suggest.  I didn't find it as helpful as I had hopped as well as something new.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher New Harbinger Publications for the advance copy of Catherine Polan Orzech,  William H. Moorcroft Mindfulness for Insomnia

Sleep plays a crucial role in our waking lives. While we sleep, our bodies are recharging with energy, damaged tissue is repaired, and our memories are stored. When we don't get enough sleep, we are tired, less positive, less motivated, less focused, and more likely to feel depressed. We may even experience more intense cravings for high-fat, sugar-rich foods. And yet, despite the myriad advantages of getting a good night's sleep, countless people suffer from chronic insomnia. If you’re one of them, this book can help.

In this guide, a trained mindfulness expert teams up with a behavioral sleep specialist to offer evidence-based meditations and an innovative four-week protocol to address the emotional stresses and anxieties that lie at the root of sleep issues. You’ll learn practices grounded in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), mindful self-compassion (MSC), and guided mindfulness and acceptance for insomnia (GMATI) to alleviate the mental, emotional, and physical suffering caused by insomnia. You’ll also learn to identify both internal and external factors that may be compromising your sleep, and develop a plan to address these issues.

There is nothing we can do to “make” ourselves fall asleep. In many ways, this is why insomnia can be so maddening. But what we can do is help create the conditions necessary for healthy slumber. The mindfulness tools in this book will help you do exactly that.

Paperback224 pages
Expected publication: July 1st 2019 by New Harbinger Publications

About The Author:

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Book Review: Against the Wall (Maverick Montana #1) by Rebecca Zanetti

Against the Wall (Maverick Montana, #1)
Title: Against the Wall (Maverick Montana #1) 

Author: Rebecca Zanetti 

Stars: 4 stars

Rebecca Zanetti is a romance author who twist a interesting story into around sex fueled desires between Sophie and Jake.  The story starts off with a chance encounter as the story moves forward Sophie's dreams are guiding her which creates some humors moments in the story.  Rebecca Zanetti writes some very streamy romance novels with chracters who have heart and soul.
Thank you Netgalley and Entangled: Brazen publisher for a copy of Rebecca Zanetti Against the Wall

Surveying the proposed site for a high-end golf course should have been a breeze for spunky landscape architect Sophie Smith. But when this born-and-bred city girl is literally swept off her feet by a sexy cowboy on horseback, she realizes country life has some serious (and seriously steamy) possibilities. That is, until she finds out exactly who her smoking hot wrangler really is.

Tribal lawyer Jake Lodge is desperately trying to block the development. And if that means playing hardball, so be it. But Sophie is a distraction he didn’t expect. A distraction that makes his blood burn. Two different worlds. Two opposing sides. And when they finally give into temptation, the consequences will shake the foundations of both of their lives

Kindle Edition230 pages
Published March 25th 2013 by Entangled: Brazen

About The Author:
Rebecca Zanetti
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner - only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them. She writes dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and sexy contemporary romances.

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Book Review: Coding for Kids: Python: Learn to Code with 50 Awesome Games and Activities by Adrienne B. Tacke

Coding for Kids: Python: Learn to Code with 50 Awesome Games and Activities
Title: Coding for Kids: Python: Learn to Code with 50 Awesome Games and Activities 

Author: Adrienne B. Tacke

Stars: 5

The perfect summer activity for kids who are into and wanting to learn more about coding.  My daughters are 10 and 8 and this book had them hooked and excited to go back to school to join the coding club.  The book takes kids and helps parents too learn about coding and how to create.
My oldest found some of it a little to easy while my 8 and 6 year old enjoyed the learning and creating.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the copy of Adrienne B. Tacke Coding For Kids.


Learning to code is just like playing a new sport or practicing an instrument—just get started! From the basic building blocks of programming to creating your very own games, this book teaches essential Python skills to kids ages 10 and up with 50 fun and engaging activities.
Master fundamental functions, create code blocks, and draw and move shapes with the turtle module—these interactive lessons offer step-by-step guidance to make computer programming entertaining to future coders. You can even see the results of your coding in real time! With helpful hacks and screenshots for guidance, the only question that Coding for Kids: Python leaves unanswered is: what will you build next?
Coding for Kids: Python includes:
  • Game-based learning—Kids study coding concepts by putting them into practice with 50 innovative exercises.
  • Creative projects— Coding for Kids: Python encourages kids to think independently, modify code, and express their creativity with every lesson.
  • Easy-to-follow guidance—Straightforward directions and tips keep coders engaged every step of the way.
Give the technologists of tomorrow the gift of fluently coding while having tons of fun with Coding for Kids: Python.

About The Author:

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Book Review: Stealing Vengeance (Vengeance #1) by Kaylea Cross

Stealing Vengeance (Vengeance, #1)
Title: Stealing Vengeance (Vengeance #1) 

Author:  Kaylea Cross

Stars: 3 1\2 

Fans of the Author Kaylea Cross might fall in love this the start to this new series I am not one of them.  Recently I have read many books that use the term Valkyrie as part of a A-team of Women special forces.  
The story works but it blends with the other romantic suspense author are creating their own A-Team of women who kick ass and it starts to become a blur.
Kaylea Cross is able to put a whole lot of information is short book keeping readers wanting more while other wonder if series will be worth the cost.
If you love Kaylea Cross you will love the Vengeance series.
Thank you the author and Netgalley for a copy of Kaylea Cross Stealing Vengeance.

She’s an expert at getting into places she doesn’t belong. 

The government created Megan, transforming her into a Valkyrie—a deadly operative only whispered about in certain circles. They took everything from her and made her into a weapon. Now someone is leaking secret information about her sisters-in-arms, betraying them for money. Loyal Unto Death is the Valkyrie motto. So when Megan is recruited to find who leaked the files, she takes the high-risk assignment. Even if it means working with the man who betrayed her trust long ago. Even if it means giving her life. Because she’ll do whatever it takes to find justice. 

But this is one situation she can’t escape from on her own. 

Tyler Bergstrom never forgot the resourceful woman who escaped during the toughest phase of SERE school. So when he learns the stunning truth about her and his unwitting part in her past, he volunteers to work alongside Megan for a chance at redemption. Except she doesn’t want a partner. Doesn’t want to let anyone into her life, including him—hell, especially him. Yet whether she likes it or not, for this mission they’re partners. Now it’s a race against the clock to bring down the shadowy figure targeting Valkyries. But the threat goes deeper than they ever imagined. No one is safe. And if they can’t overcome the past and learn to trust each other, they’re both dead. 

About The Author:
Kaylea Cross
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Kaylea Cross writes edge-of-your-seat military romantic suspense. Her work has won many awards and has been nominated for both the Daphne du Maurier and the National Readers’ Choice Awards. A Registered Massage Therapist by trade, Kaylea is also an avid gardener, artist, Civil War buff, Special Ops aficionado, belly dance enthusiast and former nationally-carded softball pitcher. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and family.

Kaylea loves to hear from readers, so please feel free to drop me a line and say hello

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Book Review: Alpha's Promise (Dark Protectors #10) by Rebecca Zanetti

Alpha's Promise (Dark Protectors #10)
Title: Alpha's Promise (Dark Protectors #10) 

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Stars: 4

 Rebecca Zanetti  Books are full of Alpha males who won't take No for an answer which can sometimes comes across almost a little to sexual assault at times. Promise is cute character who talks to herself with endless funny comments of about having a head injury because it couldn't be real. The characters from the beginning of the series to know are in the book keeping readers of the series happy seeing how their favorite characters are changing and growing.
There is lots of sexual scenes so readers be wear if you are haven't head anything by Rebecca Zanetti.
This isn't a story you can read as a stand alone but you can start with book 8 or 9 and it catches you up quickly.
 The books is a fast read that will have readers blushing while sitting on the beach. Just make sure your little ones over you shoulder.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher Lyrical for the Advance Copy of Rebecca Zanetti Alpha's Promise

Though he has vampire, demon, and Viking blood rushing through his veins, Ivar Kjeidsen’s soul-crushing trip to hell broke him in ways he can barely fathom.  One vow keeps the deadly immortal standing: To rescue the vampire brother who had sacrificed freedom for him.  To do that, Ivar needs the help of a brilliant physicist with wary brown eyes, fierce brilliance, and skin that's way too soft.

Dr. Promise Williams understands the underpinnings of the universe but has never figured out the human beings inhabiting it.   Her function is to think—and not feel—until she’s touched by a vampire who’s nowhere near human. The primal hunger in his eyes awakens feelings in her that defy calculation. As she shows him the way to step between worlds, he brands her with a pleasure that could last more than a lifetime . 

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: June 25th 2019 by Lyrical Press

About The Author:
Rebecca Zanetti
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner - only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them. She writes dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and sexy 

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Book Review Rogue Most Wanted (The Cavensham Heiresses #5) by Janna MacGregor

Rogue Most Wanted (The Cavensham Heiresses #5)
Title: Rogue Most Wanted (The Cavensham Heiresses #5) 

Author: Janna MacGregor 

Stars: 4

A love story that brings a cynical second son together with a delightful Countess who has to defend her right to the title. He had been deeply hurt during his early quest for a bride and she has never had a season as she was caring for her ailing grandfather. Can necessity bring these two "misfits" together before all is lost. This is a story that will make you feel better and give you hope that good will always prevail.

I have rated this book 4 stars and recommend it those that enjoy a good historical romance without violence.

I received an ARC from Netgalley and voluntarily read, and reviewed, this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own based on my unbiased review.

Thank you Frank for your Review!!

Lady Theodora Worth needs to marry fast in order to keep her estate. It’s been her heart and home for years, and she’ll not lose it to anyone. There’s just one problem—as a woman who was raised in isolation by her grandfather, she’s completely incapable of pouring a cup of tea, never mind wooing a man. She’ll need a little matchmaking help from her sprightly next-door neighbor in order to find a convenient husband…

Lord William Cavensham’s heart was broken years ago, and since that day he vowed to never love again. But his spirited Great Aunt Stella is determined he’ll marry or not inherit a single penny from her. And she’s got just the woman in mind—her beautiful and completely hapless next-door neighbor, Thea…

Thea and Will agree there’s no sense in marrying each other. Will wholeheartedly believes he’s incapable of love, and Thea refuses to marry the first man she’s practically met. But Will may be the rogue Thea wants the most after all…

Mass Market Paperback384 pages
Expected publication: June 25th 2019 by St. Martin's Press

About The Author:
Janna MacGregor
Janna MacGregor was born and raised in the bootheel of Missouri. She credits her darling mom for introducing her to the happily-ever-after world of romance novels. Janna writes stories where compelling and powerful heroines meet and fall in love with their equally matched heroes. She is the mother of triplets and lives in Kansas City with her very own dashing rogue, and two smug, but not surprisingly, perfect pugs. She loves to hear from readers. 

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Book Review: Wolf Instinct (SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #9) by Paige Tyler

Wolf Instinct (SWAT #9)
Title: Wolf Instinct (SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #9)

Author: Paige Tyler 

Star: 5

I haven't read that many Paige Tyler books and in the grene of paranormal romance I will have to admit this is an interesting series. The characters are well thought out they have back stories that create who they are today.  The Author gives the readers a different look at how werewolf's are created and how not everyone can be one.  The series has the insta love story that works because of the fact it is paranormal romance with action pack shoot outs, fights and strong background.
 This can be read as a stand alone novel which makes the book easy summer read.  The romance is hot, the battles and fights are perfectly written balancing out the story.
The moment when Zane and the other realize they are not alone in the oddly paranormal world. Alyssa is a great female character with her X-flies background.  Readers will start to see how this series will change and develop as FBI/X-Flies office are not apart of their group.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca for the advance copy of Paige Tyler Wolf Instinct.

SWAT werewolf Zane Kendrick will do whatever it takes to take down the man who attacked his pack. His search takes him to Los Angeles, but when he meets Alyssa, the smart, sexy agent who comes to his aid, he's immediately interested in pursuing more than just the next lead. All his wolf instincts tell him that she's The One.

FBI agent Alyssa Carson has investigated some weird stuff lately, and finding missing people drained of their blood definitely falls into that category. When following a clue leads her to Zane, she agrees to work with him and his team. She's attracted to the gorgeous Brit, but she doesn't have time for anything but finding answers.

When Zane and Alyssa discover the sinister truth, it'll take everything they have to make it out of this mission with their lives―and hearts―intact.

Paperback352 pages
Expected publication: June 25th 2019 by Sourcebooks Casablanca

About The Author:
Paige Tyler is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy, romantic suspense and paranormal romance. She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby (also known as their dog). Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kick-butt heroines who fall in love with them.

Represented by Courtney Miller-Callihan of Handspun Literary 

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Book Review: Steel Resolve by B.J. Daniels

Steel Resolve
Title: Steel Resolve

Author: B.J. Daniels 


The story is a predictable Harlequin Suspense romance. The villains are given to readers right away. Motive, reason everything is present with very little question what will happen and how the story will end.  When this happens the romance and characters interactions keep readers hooked.  The author isn't able to pull that off and the story falls flat.  

This story feels as if readers are thrown into the middle of a story.  The author fills in the background but instead bring the story up to date is slows down the progression leaving readers not caring what happens to any of the characters.

If the ending is tied up in a bow but readers will already know who, what, where, when and how.  Instead of giving something new to readers it ends up filling in pages not needed.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of B.J. Daniels Steel Resolve.

This story lack suspense, lack romance, lacks mystery and lacks characters readers would like.  In a nut shell a boring read.

Mary Cardwell Savage never meant to send that letter to her ex, 
Chase Steele. How could she know her words would bring the gorgeous cowboy back to Big Sky, Montana—with an unstable and dangerous stalker following close behind? Now Chase wants to prove that their love deserves a second chance. And this time, nothing will keep him from his heart’s desire…not even a killer.

ebook256 pages
Expected publication: June 18th 2019 by Harlequin Intrigue

About The Author:
B.J. Daniels
B.J. Daniels' life dream was to be a policewoman. After a career as an award-winning newspaper journalist, she wrote and sold 37 short stories before she finally wrote her first book. Since then she has won numerous awards including a career achievement award last year for romantic suspense.

She lives in Montana with her husband, Parker, two Springer Spaniels, Jem and Spot, and a temperamental tomcat named Jeff. When she isn't writing, she snowboards, camps, boats and plays tennis.

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Book Review: Loving Someone with an Eating Disorder: Understanding, Supporting, and Connecting with Your Partner by Dana Harron

Loving Someone with an Eating Disorder: Understanding, Supporting, and Connecting with Your Partner
Title:  Loving Someone with an Eating Disorder: Understanding, Supporting, and Connecting with Your Partner

Author: Dana Harron

Star: 4

Dana Harron is opening the door and hoping people realize that eating disorders are not a teenage issue an in fact it can be the source of great misunderstanding in all types of relationships from young to someone in their 70's
This is a short self help book but covers the topic well from teenagers to married couples who struggle with their communication.  This is a great start to finding and understanding those around you and how you talk to, behave around someone with a Eating Disorder.  Whether it is over eating or Under eating.  
The author spend a little too much time covering topics that really didn't needed to be covered or she should have made the book longer.

This book will help start a dialogue with the people who are struggling with a eating disorder and for the readers to best understand how to support them not assume what a eating disorder is or is not.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of Sana Harron Loving someone with an eating disorder 

(I have been struggling with a Eating Disorder sine I was 12 years old.)

If your loved one is one of millions of Americans who suffers from an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia, you may feel alone, without guidance or understanding. As a romantic partner, you need to know how to navigate issues such as parenting, sex and intimacy, and running a household. This book provides that help by addressing your uniquely complex and difficult situation, and provides much-needed support for growth and healing.

In Loving Someone With an Eating Disorder, you’ll find valuable information about eating disorders, diagnostic categories, and common misconceptions. You’ll also learn about the importance of self-care and boundaries for yourself, and find writing and perspective-taking exercises to help you gain a greater understanding of your partner’s struggle. You’ll also learn skills to help you address specific problems, such as managing groceries and meals together, sex and intimacy issues, and concerns about parenting.

Finally, you’ll find a practical discussion about treatment and recovery from disordered eating—making it clear that both you and your partner need healing—as well as information about seeking further support.

Paperback176 pages

Expected publication: July 1st 2019 by New Harbinger Publications

About The Author:
Dana Harron
Dr. Dana Harron is a practicing psychologist in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC. She is the founder and director of Monarch Wellness & Psychotherapy, a boutique practice that specializes in mind/body problems such as eating disorders, anxiety, trauma, fertility issues and depression. 

Dr. Harron enjoys working with couples and helping partners individually to understand eating disorders, find healthy boundaries and clarify communications (among other things). 

Dr. Harron completed her doctorate at Widener University’s Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, where she was also the honored recipient of the Neubauer community service scholarship and the Empathy and Caring Award. 

She completed internships at the Renfrew Center and the Belmont Center, both in Philadelphia. 
Since then she has engaged in a wide variety of professional activities ranging from co-leadership of a unit at the state hospital of Delaware to college counseling and eventually to private practice. 

She is currently dividing her time between writing, speaking, clinical supervision and direct client work. Dr. Harron has lectured at facilities such as Temple and George Washington University (where she is also serving as associate clinical faculty). She lives in Virginia with her husband and daughter where she is an an avid knitter and hiker, but never at the same time.

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Book Review: Beyond the Limit (Valkyrie Ops #1) by Cindy Dees

Beyond the Limit (Valkyrie Ops, #1)
Title: Beyond the Limit (Valkyrie Ops #1)

Author: Cindy Dees

Stars: 3

The authors background in the military helped this slow paced story, average romantic suspense novel limp along.  If she didn't have the background readers would assume she researched documentaries about Seal Training.   The training in the story was interesting enough to pull this story from a 2 to a 3.
Sherri Tate is a decent character as long as the male lead isn't anywhere in the story.  Griffin is more or less a jerk one second and lusting after Sherri Tate hoping to get her thrown out of the "Seal Program."  Beauty Queen wanting to be more than her looks.

The Villain doesn't make much since to be honest let alone the ending of the story aka the twist. Beyond The Limit is selling as a romance but the romance slows down the story and takes away the interesting side of Sherri Tate and Women playing a bigger roll in the Special Forces.

Beyond Limit falls flat from the first few pages with drunks at a wedding to the romance and finally the ending Valkyrie book one.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of Cindy Dee Beyond The Limit.

Skylar Tate, former Miss Congeniality, is a media officer for the Navy, but she itches to get on the field—and she can prove she has what it takes. But convincing others that she can become one of the first ever female Navy SEALs? That might be tougher than the agonizingly brutal training.

Griffin Caldwell and his teammates in his Navy SEAL platoon, the Reapers, are tasked to secretly train women candidates to become the first female SEALs. But when he meets Skylar Tate, it's friction—and lust—at first sight. Griffin can't believe the former pageant queen has what it takes, and Skylar can't believe his arrogance. But when one deadly mission goes wrong, it's up to Skylar and Griffin and their unprecedented bond to save the day.

Mass Market Paperback384 pages
Expected publication: June 25th 2019 by Sourcebooks Casablanca

About The Author:
Cindy DeesCind
Cindy Dees started flying airplanes while sitting in her dad’s lap at the age of three and got a pilot’s license before she got a driver’s license. At age fifteen, she dropped out of high school and left the horse farm in Michigan where she grew up to attend the University of Michigan.

After earning a degree in Russian and East European studies, she joined the U.S. Air Force and became the youngest female pilot in the history of the Air Force. She flew supersonic jets, VIP airlift and the “C-5” Galaxy, the world’s largest airplane. She also worked part-time gathering intelligence. During her military career, she traveled to forty countries on five continents, was detained by the KGB and East German secret police, she got shot at, flew in the first Gulf War, met her husband and amassed a lifetime’s worth of war stories.

Her hobbies include professional Middle Eastern dancing, Japanese gardening and medieval reenacting. She started writing on a one-dollar bet with her mother and was thrilled to win that bet with the publication of her first book in 2001.

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Book Review: A Merciful Promise (Mercy Kilpatrick #6) by Kendra Elliot

A Merciful Promise (Mercy Kilpatrick, #6)
Title: A Merciful Promise (Mercy Kilpatrick #6) 

Author: Kendra Elliot


If you are starting the Mercy Kilpatrick I highly recomended you start with book one to better understand the cast of characters that will be flowing in and out of the story. Kendra Elliot never disappoints with her amazing ability to twist tense story lines, emotions that are found in and outside of books, and a cast of characters that will show you what life can be even though it wasn't what they ever expected.

A merciful Promise is the last in the series and I want to scream no.  I feel like readers have still only seen a small piece of Mercy and who she is what whom she will become. Truman awesome male lead who  isn't the traditional alpha male but the perfect blend to help Mercy survive the worst days of her life.

A Merciful Promise is a pulse pounding, adventure that will have readers biting their lips just as Mercy has to bite hers.
Cast of characters from all of the Mercy novels will find there way into this book thought secondary story line along with moments of peace and fear.
The author has the ability to pull readers into her world and never lets you go until the last word is printed on the paper.
Thank you to Netgalley the publisher and the author for the advance copy of Kendra Elliot A Merciful Promise.

The job: infiltrate a militia amassing illegal firearms in an isolated forest community. FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick is the ideal candidate. She knows Oregon. She’s near the compound. And having been raised among survivalists, Mercy understands the mind-set of fanatics. Lay low, follow rules, do nothing to sound an alarm, and relinquish all contact with the outside world. She’s ready to blend in.

As Mercy disappears into the winter hills, something just as foreboding emerges. Mercy’s fiancĂ©, Eagle’s Nest police chief Truman Daly, is faced with a puzzling series of murders—three men dumped in random locations after execution-style shootings.

Now, for Mercy, trapped in a culture where suspicion is second nature, and betrayal is punishable to the extreme, there is no way out. No way to call for help. And as plans for a catastrophic terrorist event escalate, there may be no way to stop them. Even if Mercy dies trying.

Kindle Edition359 pages
Expected publication: June 18th 2019 by Montlake Romance

About The Author:

An Amazon #1 selling author, Kendra Elliot has sold over 6 million books. Get a free insider's guide to Kendra's books at

She grew up in the lush Pacific Northwest and still lives there with her family and three cats. She's fascinated with forensics, refuses to eat anything green, and dreams of living every day in flip flops. 


The CALLAHAN & McLANE novels are a spin-off of the Bone Secrets books. VANISHED, BRIDGED, SPIRALED, and TARGETED.


She also writes the Widow's Island and Rogue River novellas with author Melinda Leigh. 

An eight-time Wall Street Journal best selling author, 2014 International Thriller Writers finalist, a three time Daphne Du Maurier winner, and a Roman
tic Times Reviewers Choice finalist. 

Monday, June 17, 2019

Book Review: The Rumor by Lesley Kara

The Rumor
Title: The Rumor 

Author: Lesley Kara

Stars: 4

Lesley Kara debut novel The Rumor is a story is like the game we all played as kids Telephone. The story works well enough as the rumor of someone around them is a killer.  It is easy to figure out if you are a mystery reader.  The author will try to throw readers off with her mildly interesting twist and red haring. 
The story is ok paced but slows down from time to time than picks right back up.  The story is ok and if you are not a fan of mystery novels this would be a great start.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher Ballantine for the advance copy of Lesley Kara The Rumor.

Joanna is desperate to ingratiate herself with a popular clique of mothers at her son's new school. But when she tries to impress them by repeating a rumor she overheard at the school gates, there's no going back. . . .

Rumor has it that a notorious killer, a woman who has been released from prison years after her brutal crime, is living under a new identity in Joanna's seaside town. So who is the supposedly reformed murderer now living in their neighborhood? Suspicion falls on everyone.

Joanna becomes obsessed with the case, pawing through decades-old records in an attempt to name the killer. But her curiosity not only ostracizes her from the community, but exposes her son and his father to a heartless psychopath who has killed--and may kill again.

How dangerous can one rumor become? And how far will Joanna go to protect those she loves from harm, when she realizes what she's unleashed?

Joanna is going to regret the day she ever said a word..

Kindle Edition336 pages
Expected publication: July 9th 2019 by Ballantine Books

About The Author:
Lesley Kara

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Book Review: Calculated Risk (A Bree and Tanner Thriller #1) by Janie Crouch

Calculated Risk (A Bree and Tanner Thriller #1)
Title: Calculated Risk (A Bree and Tanner Thriller #1) 

Author: Janie Crouch 

Star: 4

With all Harlequin Intrigue series the stories are fast paced, backgrounds have to be filled in though out the story.  Bree background is interesting and while the author had only so many words to fill in her background I wish she had more space to fill in Bree and her Moms life.  Sometimes Bree's actions fit the story line and other times it feels like something is missing.
Tanner is a protector and wants to help while romancing a woman he find to be trouble.  He is your typical Harlequin Alpha male.
I loved the company that is able to find anyone using a smart phone and what their plans are for the future.  The ending is fast pace and ends. Leaving readers either wishing there were more pages or future stories of Bree and Tanner. 
The new mom part of the story is true including the sleepless lights and falling asleep anywhere and everywhere.  The supporting characters are will written each with a purpose and a reason for being in the story.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher Harlequin Intrigue for the advance copy Janie Crouch Calculated Risk. 
(Summer is here and so are my kids. I can't find a place to hid and write review without them finding and talking my ear off. Please forgive the grammar and spelling errors.  If they are bad let me know.)

She thought she was finally safe, But her past won’t let her go.

Sheriff’s deputy Tanner Dempsey is just doing his job when he stops a shoplifter trying to steal diapers and formula. But something about this frightened young woman makes him want to do more. Bree Daniels is grateful for Tanner’s help, but there’s so much she can never tell him… The truth is dangerous to everyone she lets into her life—and could be lethal to Tanner.

Kindle Edition256 pages

Expected publication: July 1st 2019 by Harlequin Intrigue

About The Author:
Janie Crouch
USA TODAY bestselling author Janie Crouch writes what she loves to read: passionate romantic suspense. She is a winner and/or finalist of multiple romance literary awards including the Golden Quill Award for Best Romantic Suspense, the National Reader’s Choice Award, and the coveted RITA© Award by the Romance Writers of America.

Janie recently relocated with her husband and their four teenagers to Germany (due to her husband's job as support for the U.S. Military), after living in Virginia for nearly 20 years. When she's not listening to the voices in her head (and even when she is), she enjoys engaging in all sorts of crazy adventures (200-mile relay races; Ironman Triathlons, treks to Mt. Everest Base Camp) traveling, and movies of all kinds. 

Her favorite quote: "Life is a daring adventure or nothing." ~ Helen Keller.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Book Review: Wrath of the Goddess (Goddess with a Blade #5) by Lauren Dane

Wrath of the Goddess
Title: Wrath of the Goddess (Goddess with a Blade #5)

Author:  Lauren Dane


Starting at book 5 in a sires is never a good idea and I knew that when I requested Wrath of the Goddess.  Lauren Dane is able to bring reads up to date quickly and while I was lost it has nothing to do with the book or the authors ability to bring a wonderful story and cast of characters to life.  It has everything to do with a reader starting out of order.
Paranormal Romance isn't something I read often but when I read about a author who not only creates memorable characters as well as a balanced story of romance, action, emotions. I couldn't help but grab a copy the second I found one on Netgalley.
The story is fast paced, readers will connect with the passion Rowan has to protect those she loves.  The author creates a world where once again Vampires, Hunters and more are all trying to find a way to have peace.  Rowan carries the weight of the world on her shoulders and readers are able to feel her pain, strength and passions.  
I plan to buy books 1-4 so I can really enjoy this series and everything to come.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of Lauren Dane Wrath of the Goddess

(PS forgive me for errors in spelling and grammar my kids are home for the summer and live next to me talking my ear off. NO matter where I hide to write reviews they always find me.)

A wedding day should be one you remember fondly, but for Rowan Summerwaite, the fond memories are swept aside by the brutal murder of one of her dearest friends. She heads back to Las Vegas to track down those responsible for the death and finds there's so much more than a killing. A multilayered conspiracy involving multiple groups of paranormals begins to show itself, and Rowan is on the hunt with her wrath burning from within like holy fire. 

About The Author:
Lauren Dane
Lauren Dane has been writing stories since she was able to use a pencil, and before that she used to tell them to people. Of course, she still talks nonstop, and through wonderful fate and good fortune, she’s now able to share what she writes with others. It’s a wonderful life!

The basics: Lauren is a mom, a partner, a best friend and a daughter. Living in the rainy but beautiful Pacific Northwest, she spends her late evenings writing like a fiend when she finally wrestles all of her kids to bed.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Book Review: Special Forces: The Spy (Mission Medusa) by Cindy Dees

Special Forces: The Spy (Mission Medusa)
Title: Special Forces: The Spy (Mission Medusa) 

Author: Cindy Dees

Stars: 3 1\2 

Cindy Dee writes a decent romantic suspense story for the summers.  Readers can start with this book and know what will happen from beginning to end.  The author has a fake rap scene but the female characters still feels the same emotions.  The author creates a likable female lead woman can bound with.  The Zane the male lead is strong but weak as well which creates a blend of two decently written characters. 
The story moves quickly and finished with what readers have come to expect with Harlequin Suspense books.
The story is a easy fast read but also easily forgettable unless you are a fan of Cindy Dee.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher Harlequin Suspense for the advance copy of Cindy Dee Special Forces: The Spy

The Mission Medusa series continues…

To maintain his cover, spy Zane Cosworth kidnaps Medusa member Piper Ford. She might be trained to endure a hostage situation, but when one of her kidnappers continues to protect her from harm, she finds herself losing her heart. They flee for their lives, and the lines between enemy and lover begin to blur. But will they survive long enough to explore this new passion?

Kindle Edition288 pages
Expected publication: June 1st 2019 by Harlequin Romantic Suspense

About The Author:
Cindy Dees
indy Dees started flying airplanes while sitting in her dad’s lap at the age of three and got a pilot’s license before she got a driver’s license. At age fifteen, she dropped out of high school and left the horse farm in Michigan where she grew up to attend the University of Michigan.

After earning a degree in Russian and East European studies, she joined the U.S. Air Force and became the youngest female pilot in the history of the Air Force. She flew supersonic jets, VIP airlift and the “C-5” Galaxy, the world’s largest airplane. She also worked part-time gathering intelligence. During her military career, she traveled to forty countries on five continents, was detained by the KGB and East German secret police, she got shot at, flew in the first Gulf War, met her husband and amassed a lifetime’s worth of war stories.

Her hobbies include professional Middle Eastern dancing, Japanese gardening and medieval reenacting. She started writing on a one-dollar bet with her mother and was thrilled to win that bet with the publication of her first book in 2001.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Book Review: Texas Trouble (Lone Star #2) by Gerry Bartlett

Texas Trouble (Lone Star #2)
Title: Texas Trouble (Lone Star #2)

Author: Gerry Bartlett 

Star: 3 1\2 

Texas Trouble is a little bit of a confusing book a the Lone Star series. First off I didn't read book 1 but the author does catch readers up though out the book about what happened in book one.
The story jumps between Scarlett and her drama and Ethan and his drama.  They create a romance over their looks and than get to know each other.  Texas trouble has two stories going on at the same time with unless characters and lack of back bone from Ethan.  The suspense was odd at times and didn't make any since.  
I would recommend reading book one as it should have reader understand what happened to Scarlett Hall at least I hope so.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher Lyrical Liaison for the advance copy of Gerry Bartlett Texas Trouble.

Scarlett Hall followed a job and a friend to Texas, but that cost her more than she’d bargained for. Now, wounded but determined to get past one of the worst days of her life, she decides she has to pull herself together. First step: cover up the physical scars left from her ordeal. That’s easy. But the emotional scars are proving harder to handle . . .
Then she meets Ethan Calhoun. This bad boy seems ready to make his own changes and might be just what she needs to start a new chapter in her life. When he offers her a job as manager of his new bar, she decides to go for it. A change of pace and a hot guy who makes her forget her troubles while she’s in his arms are a great cure. But it soon becomes clear that danger will be in Scarlett’s life no matter how many changes she makes. As Scarlett comes face to face with her worst nightmare, it seems happiness was just an illusion. Maybe Texas is just too much trouble . 

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: June 4th 2019 by Lyrical Liaison

About The Author:
Gerry Bartlett
Eternity or Mexican food? Tough call.

Gerry’s a native Texan and lives halfway between Houston and Galveston with her rescue whippet, Jet. Pictured with her is her late wonder dog, a Bedlington Terrier named Belle.

When she started writing, she was still teaching and used the pseudonym Lynn McKay. You can probably still find her historical and two romantic suspense books for a penny on-line. Now that she’s no longer in the classroom and discovered the fun of writing about vampires, she uses her real name. Too bad some people think Gerry is a boy's name or short for Geraldine. No, it's not. Really.

She's still writing her Real Vampires series but is back to romantic suspense and contemporaries writing for Kensington. Her Texas Heat series starts in Houston, her home town. Then watch for Texas Lightning, the first in her Lone Star Suspense series set in Austin where she went to the University of Texas. She loves the hill country there and brought some of her favorite characters from the Texas Heat series to Austin for the fast-paced suspense in the three books in that series. 

You can check out Gerry’s website at to find her blog and articles for writers. Her Perils of Publishing gives the scoop on what happens once "the call" comes. Oh, did you think it would be all roses and champagne? Well, of course it is. 

When Gerry's not writing, she's treasure hunting for her antiques business in Galveston. Her favorite finds? Vintage purses and jewelry. It's a struggle not to keep it all. You can find out when she works there on one of her two Facebook pages.

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