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Throwback Thursday Book Feature - My Enemy's Tears: The Witch of Northampton - Karen Vorbeck Williams

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Book Feature - My Enemy's Tears: The Witch of Northampton - Karen Vorbeck Williams

My Enemy's Tears: The Witch of Northampton
Title: My Enemy’s Tears

Author: Karen Vorbeck Williams

After 20 years of research and writing, Karen put her family history into novel form. My Enemy’s Tears: The Witch of Northampton is based on the historical record of her 11th great-grandmother Mary Bliss Parsons and Mary’s arch enemy Sarah Lyman Bridgeman. Their lives trace the journey of not only the English Separatists to the New World and the growth of the first settlements along the Connecticut River from Hartford and Springfield to Northampton, but the lives of women in 17th century New England as well.

The Puritans in Hartford find the wilderness a terrifying place full of warring natives, pestilences and floods, blazing comets, earthquakes and hurricanes—all portents of God’s anger - or a witch’s meddling curse.

The two women spend their married lives in the villages of Springfield and Northampton, where a youthful disagreement festers into a reason to hate and then fear each other. In a time when a woman’s worth and a man’s wealth were counted in sons, Sarah’s sons died in infancy as Mary gave birth to six sons, one after another. Sarah believed that since Mary was a witch, she made a trade-off with the Devil – her living children for Sarah’s dead children. As the years pass, Sarah accuses Mary of murder by witchcraft, prompting a trial before the Court of Assistants in Boston in 1675—17 years before the Salem witch trials.

My Enemy’s Tears looks at two lives—one blessed and one cursed—and the transcendent power of forgiveness.

Praise:   "Beautifully written, well researched, riveting."
—Patricia  Cumming, poet, founding member of Alice James Books

Other reviews:

Publisher:  Published October 15th 2011 by Wheatmark (first published January 1st 2011)
ISBN:  9781604946284
Pages: 450

Synopsis: In the 1630s two young girls fresh from England settle with their families in the Connecticut River Valley. There, on the frontier of a terrifying wilderness surrounded by warring natives, they must face the rigors of life among the Puritans -- a people steeped in superstition and piety. Based on the lives of Mary Bliss Parsons and Sarah Lyman Bridgeman and the men they loved, this fictional account of a true story transports us to a land founded on a dream, where life was uncertain, and where fear and jealousy would lead to ruin.

Author Biography:  KAREN VORBECK WILLIAMS has lived more than thirty-five years in New England where she found the inspiration, settings, and spirit for "My Enemy's Tears: The Witch of Northampton," historical fiction based on the life of her ancestor Mary Bliss Parsons. This is her first novel. She's been an editor for fourteen years and is a prize-winning photographer.

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This week as gotten away from me. Thank you for your support

I am so sorry this week got away from me and I had saved all the reviewers instead of publishing them.  Next several weeks are packed with reviews not to mention Giveaways.  Watch for the giveaways on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram.
The Month Of October is a busy one for this mommy with a 14 days break from school, Storybook Pumpkin decorating contest at school and getting ready for the greatest day in Candy history Halloween.

SHHHH I swear all my kinds candy stays in their pillow cases.  Yup started them out young with the pillow case begging for candy in my neighborhood.  Most everyone here gives away pencils, chip bags and goldfish.  Last year I found Mustard, ketchup and salt packets from McDonald in the kids pillow cases.  We had a few good laughs as mom and dad than we searched carefully though each bag to make sure we didn't find anything else crazy.

14 days just me and the 4 tiny army I created while dad works long hours. Hiking is planned, camp outs, horse back riding and yes a few trips to museums and the zoo.  Why you might ask because I am crazy like that.

Next week Reviews, giveaways and since no one came up with ideas you will just have to be surprised at what I throw at you.

Thank you for your support and listening to my crazy reviews and ideas on what I like to read.


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Bookr Review: Doubt in the 2nd Degree by Marc Krulewitch

Doubt in the 2nd Degree
Title: Doubt in the 2nd Degree

Author: Marc Krulewitch

Stars: 4 out of 5

A book I really enjoyed. It had a main character who actually got beat up and bloodied unlike most books today. Jules Landau is a private investigator who takes a job but then goes that extra step to not only free his client but to resolve the two murders, for a Detective, who is not his number one fan.
I gave this book a four star rating and would recommend it to anyone looking for a modern day setting for a hard nosed PI mystery.
I received an ARC from Netgalley for my unbiased review.
Thank you Frank

In Chicago, some neighborhoods explode in gunfire and others in gentrification—but the real money built the skyline alongside sparkling blue Lake Michigan. In one such luxury high-rise, auto-parts heiress Jackie Whitney has been bludgeoned to death, her body found neatly wrapped and tucked away on a closet shelf. Jules Landau has been hired by the public defender to get her client off the hook. The police are convinced they’ve got their killer, but Jules isn’t so sure. The lawyer doesn’t care who killed Jackie Whitney. She just wants to stir up a reasonable doubt . . . but there’s nothing reasonable about this case.

While balancing a relationship with a sexy baker who keeps unholy hours—and dodging a crooked cop who wants to break his bones—Jules digs deeper into Jackie’s final days. Soon he unravels a web of friendships, affairs, and money, all connected to an unlikely site for a murderous conspiracy. How can a single building hide so many secrets? For Jules, justice isn’t only about the presumption of innocence. It’s about the truth, and stopping a killer who will no doubt strike again.

About The Author:
Marc Krulewitch
Marc Krulewitch’s Jules Landau mysteries take place in Chicago, where he was born and where his family has lived for generations. He now resides in Colorado.

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Late Posting. My 99 year Old Grandma Passed Away

Yesterday my dad sent a message telling me Gonnie my Grandmother passed away.
I have to admit I was a little happy to hear the news.  As crazy as it sounds.

She was 99 year old a few shorts months of making her 100th birthday.
She lost her twin sister several years ago who was the only person next to her sons she wanted to spend that day with.

I would love to say I have tons of amazing stories but being one of the younger grandchildren I didn't know her as well.  What I knew about her was she respected my husband and thought the world of him and she she only had maybe a few hours with him at my wedding.  To this day neither one of us know what he did to gain her respect.

She jumped from a tree on to a trampoline at 75. High Rope Challenge at 80, she made doll clothes for me every Christmas. She taught me her secret gravy recipe by pulling a jar out of the cupboard.  She hated money being wasted. Every Christmas she would send me money and tell me to spend it on myself than expect a thank you card with what I bought thanking her. She hated that I saved that money and never bought one thing.  A few years ago I wrote her a letter thanking her for my new black high heels.  She called me telling me than I had better buy a dress to go with those shoes because I spent all that money on shoes they had better be gold plated.

She was very serious and her twin sister was all about fun.  They were night and day.  The one thing I knew was my Gonnie loved me in her very own way. She came to visit to watch my sister, brother and I preform in a play.  She laughed as my brother gave her a big hug getting stage makeup all over her.
She talked when something needed to be said. She loved her in silence manner.

I am happy she is reunited with her twin sister whom she loved, adored and wanted to spend her 100th birthday with more than anyone else in the world.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Blog Update I hope you are all paying attention.Giveaways; Gift Cards, Books and More

Normally it is Throwback Thursday  however I thought I would update you on a few changes that will be happening in the month of October.

I have readers my little ones love to read.  My 10 year old as if he could start reviewing books for the blog and if I could get him some books to review.  Once a month my 10 year old son will be reviewing books that he has read.  He loves everything from my husbands Organic Chem book, Dairy of a Wimpy kid and all things Minecraft.  I am introducing him to history stories like PT 109 about a very young John F. Kennedy.
PT 109

He is excited and so am on on this new adventure.
My daughter who is 7 years old and loves to read as well has just finished Charlotte Web, Judy Moody and Dork Diaries.  She is in 2nd grade and while I know she can read and finish Harry Potter series without thinking twice I want ready the more serious topics when she is able to emotionally handle them better.

Than last but not least is my little 5 year old who is reading as well. Simple first level 1 books but she wants to review the books just like her brother and sister are.
This blog went from Mommy, Daddy and friends reading and reviewing to a whole family reading reviewing blog with friends thrown in.

Now for another fun idea
I am planning some giveaway in October with some fun games as well.  Prizes will range from gift cards to books that have been reviewed on the site.

We are excited for our first giveaway since I have taken over the site.  Scared but excited so please join in on the fun.  I will post the giveaways on facebook as well as Twitter and Instagram. Please tell everyone one you know to follow the blog to get the updates.

Hope you all have a wonder week.

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