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Book Review: The Sweetheart Mystery (Brash & Brazen #4) by Cheryl Ann Smith

The Sweetheart Mystery by Cheryl Ann Smith
Title: The Sweetheart Mystery (Brash & Brazen #4

Author: Cheryl Ann Smith

Stars: 4 stars out of 5

I jumped into the middle of the series and while most readers can start at book 4 after finishing this book I can't wait to start reading the first in the series.
The Sweetheart Mystery is laugh out loud fun that will have readers smiling. The author descriptions of the different characters is cute and fun which will bring a smile to readers.
The story is a cute blend of mystery and romance which will have readers falling in love with Cheryl Ann Smith Characters wanting to read more. 
The Sweetheart Mystery is a laugh-out loud funny romantic mystery that will bring a smile to readers.

Thank you to Netgalley and Lyrical Shine Publishing for the advance copy

Sure, Harper made a few unsavory threats against her team’s manager—she’d had a few drinks and she despised the skimpy uniform he expected her to wear. That didn’t mean she wanted him dead.  But when the sleazy dude is found murdered in his tighty whiteys, Harper is the number one suspect—and former FBI agent Noah Slade is the one man who can help. Too bad she once told Noah she never wanted to see him again . . .

Noah may have done a number on Harper’s heart all those years ago, but he’s determined to do right by her now. Yet the fiery beauty isn’t the only demon from his past, which makes hunting down a murderer by her side . . . complicated—never mind the powerful attraction still pulsing between them.  Good thing he’s willing to do just about anything to keep from losing Harper again. And an old love just might bring her a new career—assuming she can stay out of jail . .

Kindle Edition1st edition228 pages
Published November 14th 2017 by Lyrical Shine

About The Author:
Cheryl Ann Smith
A fan of historical romance fiction, author Cheryl Ann Smith combines a love of history and all things English to create stories that link both passions.

She lives in Michigan with her family, two cats and a very hairy dog. She enjoys outdoor adventures and traveling, when she has the time, and hopes to make her first visit to England in the very near future.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Book Review:Up for Heir (Westerly Billionaire #2) by Ruth Cardello

Up for Heir (Westerly Billionaire #2)
Title: Up for Heir (Westerly Billionaire #2)

Author: Ruth Cardello 

Stars: 3 1\2 out of 5

Second Chance romance series with some what likable characters and a grandmother trying to fix what is broken.
The story 234 pages but it seems to feel a lot longer as the author gives readers way to much of Haliey's inner thoughts. Many times readers will reread the same thought over and over again which as Ruth Cardello gives readers a glimps into the past.  Most of the past isn't needed since she covers it in current time.
Spencer is a jerk who grows a little too quickly in live with this first love. The Grandmother is pretty entertaining as she meddles in her Grandchildren lives.
Readers will be able to jump into book 2 without needing to read book 1 and i have a feeling that is how the entire series will be as each of the different children will fall in love or fall back in low.
Thank you to Netgalley and Publisher  Montlake Romance for the advance copy 

Spencer Westerly is his own man. He didn’t need his father’s money to build his wildly successful tech company—and he doesn’t want to deal with the fallout from old family secrets. But as much as Spencer wants to avoid Westerly drama, his grandmother—the family matriarch—is determined to pull him back into the fold. And she’s discovered the perfect lure: his college sweetheart, Hailey.

Although she broke his heart, Hailey is still the only woman he’s ever loved. Now that she’s back and looking as desirable as ever, Spencer is determined to get a second chance.

A lot has changed for Hailey Tiverton. The only thing that hasn’t? The inexplicable pull she feels toward Spencer. When they were younger, his work was his priority. Now, he’d better be willing to prove that, this time, love comes first

Kindle Edition234 pages
Published November 14th 2017 by Montlake Romance

About The Author:

Ruth Cardello hit the NYTs and USA Today for the first time back in 2012. Millions of sales are evidence that her books are akin to potato chips, addictive from the first one. She has created a multi-series billionaire world with a combination of escapism and realism that has gained her a faithful following of readers.
Ruth Cardello was born the youngest of 11 children in a small city in northern Rhode Island. She spent her young adult years moving as far away as she could from her large extended family. She lived in Boston, Paris, Orlando, New York--then came full circle and moved back to New England. She now happily lives one town over from the one she was born in. For her, family trumped the warmer weather and international scene. 

She was an educator for 20 years, the last 11 as a kindergarten teacher. When her school district began cutting jobs, Ruth turned a serious eye toward her second love- writing and has never been happier. When she's not writing, you can find her chasing her children around her small farm or connecting with her readers online.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Book Review Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home by Julie Carlson

Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home
Title: Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home

Author: Julie Carlson

Stars: 3 stars out of 5

I had high hopes for this book but it fell short for those who live on a very tight budge and want to make the dollar go a very long way and still make there home look stunning.
The photos are beautiful and undeniable amazing to look though even in a PDF file I was in awe of the amazing photos.  At one point I found myself laughing when it mention a 300 sqf bedroom as small. My first apartment was 300 spf. I found quickly that this wasn't a book for my budget at all. Instead it was for the dream home we all know we want but will never have.
I loved the paint colors but nothing was taken into accountable a mother with 4 young children or grandparents who want to have there grand children enjoy there home.

While it is beautiful this book and ideas a not idealist for those on budgets with families.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher Artisan for the advance copy.

Synopsis: is the go-to, undisputed authority for home design enthusiasts, remodelers, architects, and designers with disposable income. The antithesis to sites that cater to all tastes, Remodelista has a singular and clearly defined aesthetic: classic pieces trump designs that are trendy and transient, and well-edited spaces take precedence over cluttered environments. High and low mix seamlessly here, and getting the look need not be expensive (think Design Within Reach meets Ikea). Remodelista decodes the secrets to achieving this aesthetic, with in-depth tours and lessons from 12 enviable homes; a recipe-like breakdown of the hardest-working kitchens and baths; dozens of do-it-yourself projects; The Remodelista 100, a guide to the best everyday household objects; and an in-depth look at the ins and outs of the remodeling process. In a world of design confusion, Remodelista takes the guesswork out of the process.

About The Author:
Julie Carlson
Julie Carlson is the author of Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home and cofounder of inspirational home site Previously, she worked at the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies in New York before joining the editorial staff of The New Yorker. A graduate of Brown University, Julie lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Book Review:Twisted Truths (Blood Brothers #3) by Rebecca Zanetti

Twisted Truths (Blood Brothers, #3)
Title: Twisted Truths (Blood Brothers #3)

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Stars: 4 1\2 out of 5

I was beyond excited to receive an advance copy of Twisted Truth by Rebecca Zanetti. I had rest the first two in the blood brother series and each book had readers needing more of the three blood brothers.
The story is a second chance romance of Denver who left the woman he cared for back in Alaska because he didn't want to bring her into his violent work.
There is just too much in this book and while it is the last in the series the author threw everything at readers including bring characters in from another series.
The story follows the same as the others a woman in need. The Man can't back down but the past is breathing down on him and he feels the need to protect everyone. That is right Denver is the Lone Wolf. Which become tiresome half way though the book. There are two stories going on at once just like the other two books which the author was able to intertwine but keep a good pace. Twisted Truth story lines were took much to have in one story.  I think Rebecca Zanetti could have found another way to bring the long lost lovers together without the extra story line that seem make seem to kill more people in one day than any other book I have read by her.  I'm sorry is there are 1-800 Henchmen? Because after a while you almost want to laugh at how many gang members or henchmen are killed.
The evil characters go from evil to cartoonist in this story. Even with the final show down and the wrap of of everyone lives the story takes to long.

I wanted to love this book but instead found myself tried from all the over the top non stop action that took away from the enjoyment of the other two books in the Blood brother series.
Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher Forever for the advance copy, 

How many sex can two people have when they are running for their lives? A lot!!
If you have not read the first in this series do not pick up this copy trust me you will be lost. 

Noni is desperate. Her infant niece has been kidnapped, and the only person who can save her is a private detective with too many secrets to count--and more enemies than he can name. A man who walked away from Noni without any warning a year ago, a man who broke her heart. But with Talia's life on the line, Noni needs his help now more than ever--and this time, she won't take no for an answer . . .

The moment Denver Jones sees Noni, the memories come rushing back. The fire in her eyes. The determination in her voice. The danger of having her in his life. Denver had to push her away once, but now with vicious criminals threatening Noni and her niece, he'll do whatever it takes to protect them. But enemies from his past are circling, and they'll use anything--and anyone--to get to Denver.

With twists and turns that will blow you away, TWISTED TRUTHS is sexy, action-packed suspense at its very best from New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti.

Kindle Edition432 pages
Expected publication: November 14th 2017 by Forever

About The Author:
Rebecca Zanetti
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner - only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them. She writes dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and sexy contemporary romances

Monday, November 13, 2017

Book Review Highland Ruse (Mercenary Maidens Book 2) by Madeline Martin

Highland Ruse (The Mercenary Maidens, #2)
Title: Highland Ruse (Mercenary Maidens Book 2)

Author:  Madeline Martin

Stars: 4 out of 5 stars

An interesting tale set in the early 1600s. Although it starts at the Royal Court in London the action is really set in Scotland. The story is credible and easy to follow. The heroine l falls for the hero whom she is suppose to capture. After a particularly hard battle to seat the correct Laird of the opposing clan both heroine and her are able to have a fairy tale ending.

Although this story is not set in a timeline that I would normally read I found it both interesting and enjoyable. I have rated this book 4 stars.

I obtained an ARC from Netgalley for my unbiased review.
Thank you Frank for your Reviews.

Kaid MacLeod couldn’t protect his clan from an unimaginable slaughter that killed his father and many of his people. He knows retaliation will only bring more death to his people, but if he does nothing, the massacres will continue. His clan is growing angry and all seems lost…until Kaid discovers his nemesis’s betrothed will be traveling through Scotland. Abducting her will give him the leverage he desperately needs to end the slaughter and bring peace to his clan.

Delilah Canterbury is not the highborn daughter of a noble, nor is she by any means wealthy, she’s merely pretending to be a Scottish laird’s betrothed as a means of bringing justice to the man rumored to seek vengeance. Beautifully dressed and ready to succeed on her first mission alone, Delilah is more than she seems…she’s a trap.

Matters get complicated as the truth behind their intentions come to light, especially when a sizzling attraction blossoms between them. With so many lives on the line, and loyalties pledged, will Kaid be able to save his people? And can their love survive the lies and ultimate betrayal?

Paperback300 pages
Expected publication: November 14th 2017 by Diversion Books

About The Author: 
Madeline  Martin
Madeline Martin is a USA TODAY Bestselling author of Scottish set historical romance. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her two daughters (AKA OldestMinion and YoungestMinion) and Mr. Awesome. All shenanigans are detailed regularly on Twitter.
Her hobbies include rock climbing, running, doing crazy races (like Mud Runs and Color Runs) and just about anything exciting she can do without getting nauseous. She's also a history fan (really more of a full on history dork) and loves to blog about random curiosities from her research.
After living in Europe for over a decade, Madeline enjoys traveling overseas whenever she can. Her favorite place to visit thus far: Scotland.
Writing has been a passion of hers since she was a child and now she finally gets to see her lifelong dream come true

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