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Book Review: Frostbitten (Deep Ops #6) by Rebecca Zanetti


Title: Frostbitten (Deep Ops #6)

Author:  Rebecca Zanetti

Stars: 5


If you haven't read the Deep Ops series, you might want to read at least the first book, so you know the different characters. 

I love this series and Frostbitten is a perfect addition to this series that readers are falling in love with.  The characters are so over the top fun. Millicent and Scott are the leads and while they are apart of Deep Ops they are almost secondary characters in most of the books.  

The character development blending with action and steamy romance will keep readers wanting more even after they know who the bad guys are. The community that Milli grew up in will have readers laughing so hard.  Who threaten to hurt a cat? You know they are evil. 

Rebecca Zanetti has the ability to pull readers into her books with feisty women and steamy sexy scenes. 

Thank you to netgalley for advance copy of Rebecca Zanetti Frostbitten. 

If you haven't picked up a single book of Deep Ops I highly recommend you take the chance.  Fun Romantic suspense series with lots of laughs. 


With a wildly gifted mind, and an untamed head of hair to match, petite powerhouse Millicent Frost is brilliant when it comes to gadgets and electronics—less so with people. After an attempt to bust a bank scam goes awry, Millie is in hot water with Homeland Security and targeted by lethal enemies. In the midst of the trouble, she heads home to help out with the family hunting and fishing business. But when their rival competitor and Millie’s ex is murdered, she’s the number one suspect . . .
Former Marine turned lawyer Scott Terentson devotes himself to getting his clients out of tricky binds. A loner, the last thing he wants is to belong to any team, yet the Deep Ops group considers him one of their own—and he pays the price by getting shot at by their enemies. Now Millie is seeking his help—just as he’s dealing with a brutal fail regarding a recent trial. Both are a headache, yet he’s drawn to Millie in spite of himself. They’re opposites, but maybe the old adage is true . . .
Working together, Millie and Scott soon have more on their hands than they bargained for as the danger escalates—along with the sizzling heat between them. And when a disappearance is thrown into the mix, all bets are off 

About The Author:

New York Times, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti has published more than seventy novels and novellas, which have been translated into several languages, with millions of copies sold world-wide. Her books have received Publisher’s Weekly and Kirkus starred reviews, favorable Washington Post and New York Times Book Reviews, and been included in Amazon best books of the year.

Rebecca has ridden in a locked Chevy trunk, has asked the unfortunate delivery guy to release her from a set of handcuffs, and has discovered the best silver mine shafts in which to bury a body…all in the name of research. Honest.

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