Thursday, November 30, 2023

Book Reviews Starting up again!

 I will admit Bookhimdanno hasn't been my priority lately mainly due to life getting in the way.  My family of 6 came down with a head cold that has taken two weeks for everyone to get over expect me it's been 3 weeks.  I am lucky like that!

While I have been sick and really unable to think more than where are the nose tissues, I have been reading some of my favorite authors and going back rereading several books.  Which is crazy I hate rereading books I already knows what is going to happen. 

That being said I loved getting a chance to review the amazing stories.  One author who I loved and adored died this year along with her husband in a house fire.  I find myself going back to her stories wishing she was still here so I could tell her how I loved her stories. 

Ritter Ames sent me many of her stories before they went to the publisher and often times when I would comment on a story line or secondary plot, and she would tell me she had felt the same way, but the editor felt it wasn't needed or it needed to change.  As time went on Ritter and I soon became friends talking about life, her pup and mine.  I was even able to meet her in person when she came to Phoenix for a convention which she snuck me into.  She sent my kids fun items for her book release. 

Losing her I lost not just a friend but an author who embraced me with all my spelling errors and grammar issues. Ritter Ames saw my love of reading even though I struggle due to my learning disabilities. I miss one of my favorite authors but most of all I miss the friendship I had developed with her over the years. 

Thank you for allowing me to tell you about Ritter Ames. 

I will tell you all the books on my "to review list" are all set for 2024 a few at the beginning of the years.  Those will start to be posted starting December. 

I am hoping to keep reviewing stories as well as finding new authors to fall in love with.  That bring said my family and my health are the most important part of my life so while I will still review there will be times and months where the reviews might not be as new as I hoped for.

Thank you to the author who have entrusted me with their amazing tales and stories.  I can't tell you how honored I have been and will continue to be. 

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