Thursday, January 3, 2019

Book Review: Crave the Heat (The Smokejumpers #2) by Marnee Blake

Crave the Heat (The Smokejumpers #2)
Title: Crave the Heat (The Smokejumpers #2)

Author:  Marnee Blake

Stars: 3 1/2 Stars

While Crave The Heat starts out very slow taking its time to build the story but takes away the tension needed to drive this type of story forward.  Once the story picks up the romance does as well taking away the reason Heidi Sinclair is on the tribal reservation to begin with.
The mystery arsonist and the reason why is interesting but not enough for this reader to read book 1 or continue this series.
Thank you to netgalley and the publisher Lyrical Liason for the advance copy of Marnee Blake Crave The Heat.

Smokejumper Dak Parrish has come home to Oregon to fight fires—and to mend fences with his family. He left the Warm Springs Tribal Reservation after feuding with his father. Now, with tribal lands threatened by an arsonist, Dak gets a chance to make amends by acting as a liaison between the reservation and the forest service criminal investigator—a woman who sparks a surprising and hungry flame in him.
After a trauma on the east coast, Heidi Sinclair left DC to start fresh as a criminal investigator in Oregon. But her first serious investigation provides one stubborn obstacle after another—including an arrogant firefighter she suspects knows more than he's saying. Though she tries to battle her attraction to Dak, it’s too late. As they track down the arsonist, someone will do whatever it takes to keep old secrets buried, even if it turns everything Heidi and Dak have fought for to ashes . 

Kindle Edition183 pages
Expected publication: January 15th 2019 by Lyrical Liaison

About The Author:
Marnee Blake
Award-winning author and RITA® finalist Marnee Blake used to teach high school students but these days she only has to wrangle her own children. Originally from a small town in western Pennsylvania, she now battles traffic in southern New Jersey where she lives with her hero husband and their happily-ever-after: two very energetic boys. When she isn't writing, she can be found refereeing disputes between her children, cooking up something sweet, or hiding from encroaching dust bunnies with a book.

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