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Book Review The Mission Begins: At the Edge and Edge of Surrender (Alpha Crew #1-2) By Laura Griffin

The Mission Begins: At the Edge and Edge of Surrender (Alpha Crew, #1-2)
Title: The Mission Begins: At the Edge and Edge of Surrender (Alpha Crew #1-2

Author: Laura Griffin

Stars: 3  out of 5

I have been trying to find the words to help me explain the only sentence I can give this book.
                                                                It is what it is.
The story has lots of action readers come to expect from military style romantic suspense stories as well as sex.  What I found lacking in this story was the character development. Over half way though the story and I still didn't understand why Ryan and Emma were together. In fact at one point she asked the same question.  I get why he was helping her it what anyone in the military does they help when help is needed.  They had sex and more sex as the bad guys were chasing Emma down.
As a reader the sex was nothing more than filler when instead Laura Griffin could have been building the characters helping readers connect with Ryans team mates.  I struggled to connect with Emma she was suppose to be a strong female character instead she made stupid decisions.  
As a reader I want to connect with the characters instead I found them flat and the story is another one of the many hot alpha male story built around sex and action. When everything dies down I am pretty sure theses two characters will end up leaving each other.  Even though the author leaves ready with a happy ending.  
This story is what is. Nothing special. Nothing memorable and a quick sexy beach read for those who do not need substance. 
Edge of Surrender lacks story and writing I have enjoyed by Laura Griffin in the past.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the advance copy.


When Emma Wright’s government plane goes down over the Philippine jungle, she’s forced to survive alone until an ultra-elite SEAL team goes in after her. As the leader of Alpha Crew, Ryan Owen is no stranger to challenges, but he’s never tackled anything quite like this sexy, smart, and resourceful woman. The mission is to get Emma home safely, but danger is everywhere, and Ryan’s unexpected desire for Emma could be a deadly distraction.

Back home in California, Ryan’s mission is over—but Emma’s has just begun. She knows her plane crash was no accident, and she’s determined to uncover the truth about what happened—even if her quest for answers puts her at risk. Torn between duty and desire, Ryan searches for a way win Emma’s heart while protecting her from an invisible enemy who wants her dead.


Ryan had one job: keep Emma safe at all costs. But after a night of passion, Emma takes off and Ryan soon realizes he’s not the only one looking for her. Can he figure out who’s after the beautiful government aide, and why, before she falls into the wrong hands…if she hasn’t already?

Emma’s fighting to get justice for her fallen comrades, but she can’t do it alone. She needs Ryan’s help, but that means trusting him—and dealing with the out-of-control desire blazing between them. Can there be any future for a marked woman and a man trained to kill? She hopes they live long enough to find out

ebook272 pages
Expected publication: August 7th 2017 by Pocket Star

About The Author:
Laura Griffin
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Laura Griffin started her career in journalism before venturing into the world of writing romantic suspense. Her books have won numerous awards, including two RITA Awards (for Scorched and Whisper of Warning) and a Daphne du Maurier Award (Untraceable). Laura currently lives in Austin where she is working on her next book.

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