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Book Review - Security Squad - Nicolette Pierce


Title:  Security Squad

Author:  Nicolette Pierce

Review:  Security Squad is the 3rd book in the Mars Cannon series. The book leaves off where book two had ended with Mars dealing with her heart by working nonstop at a biker bar she refused to give up on.

This book had me laughing between the little old ladies aka Security Squad and the endless trouble they find themselves in from fighting over uniform colors to working security at the local arcade earning tokens instead of money. Mrs. Janowski Mars’s nosey neighbor will have you laughing so many times thought out the book. I love how she takes her job protecting the local arcade from the crime wave hitting the city.  You will feel for T and everything he deals with when it comes to the Security Squad and the endless stress they put him thought.

My personal favorite laughs belong to the Mac and Bob the big A bikers and their endless signs to promote the dive biker bar.  The slogans had me laughing out loud “Bikers Rule and Have Big Tools or This Place Smell Like Farts But We’ve Got Darts.” I couldn’t stop laughing and even though Mac and Bob were secondary characters they stole the show and I loved reading every chapter with them in it.  The Author did a wonderful job of flushing out minor characters while staying true to Mars, Evan, Brett, and the little old ladies.
Mars does make her choice in this book and I was glad to have some closure but have a feeling that isn’t the end of either one of the men when it comes to Mars.  I love that Nicolette Pierce has a mystery that hasn’t quite ended yet and it will keep the reader excited for the next book in the Mars Cannon Series even if we have to wait an entire year.

This is a great easy read that you can read in one sitting or over a period of time. This book takes a lighter tone then the last one but it still has its eww moments.

Thanks to Heidi for this review

Published:  Published October 18th 2014 by Smashwords Edition
Page Count: ebook
Quick Review: 5 out of 5 stars
Why I Read this Title:  ARC sent by Netgallery

Synopsis:   The ladies are at it again. They’ve switched gears and designed uniforms to become Madison’s Security Squad. The uniforms? Hideous. The job? An arcade that pays in tokens. Figuring that it’s a low-key job, Mars hopes that the ladies will stay out of trouble.


So very wrong.

When the arcade wall is vandalized repeatedly, Mrs. Janowski calls the squad for immediate action. With Aaron’s help, they decode the message on the wall, leading them to a seedy bar where danger lurks. The bar’s parking lot is full, but where are the customers?

Mars has her own problems to work through. Evan and Brett . . . and the envelope. Mars discovers a secret that Evan’s been keeping, threatening their new relationship. And Brett . . . God, she ddoesn'tknow what to do about him. But she’ll have to figure it out, and soon.
Nicolette Pierce

Author Information:   It's amazing that words come to my fingertips when I write my books . . . maybe not all the time :), but when it comes to writing a biography, I'm lost. To put it simply, I never thought I would write a book, let alone start a series. In fact, I've had to relearn grammar . . . okay, I might have been daydreaming through English in school to begin with. My report card always came back with "Good student but daydreams too much".

My day job is accounting and mommy duties. I guess I never thought I would be an accountant either when I finished my degree in TV & Video production. Life continues to amaze me as it twists and turns unexpectedly. My nights are free to wander into a world of my creation. I love to laugh and to find humor in daily life, so I hope my books have a few chuckles for you.

I value reviews and posts either here or on other sites. If it's a site that allows responses, I try to respond by the next day.

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